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Find out how QUANTEC PRO can help your crop reduce losses and increase productivity


We are specialized in treatments aimed at Agriculture and Livestock. Our customized and robust working dynamic with QUANTEC® is geared towards farmers who want to replace:

  • Low and stagnant productivity and increasing sustainable productivity;

  • Growing increase in production costs due to a constant increase in profitability per area;

  • Increased incidence of pests and diseases due to increased resistance and plant health;

  • Need for complex administration of face- to- face interventions through distance work without increasing on-site workload

the work of the  QUANTEC® consists of making a complete scan of the entire cultivation context (seeds, soil, people involved, fertilizers, herbicides, places, machinery, plants, pests, etc.), and after this scanning, determining the harmonization resources that will be emanated 24 hours a day, aiming to interfere in the collective subconscious of the crop and thus enhance its best performance, its best natural defenses and its highest level of performance. The work involves a thorough, highly efficient protocol and constant rigorous monitoring, where, in some cases, we employ more than one QUANTEC® in the process.  

In addition, our differential is the performance of evaluations, measurements, radiesthetic probes, morphic scans and eventual presence of the professional on site (if necessary), for the personalized fine adjustment to expand the plant's vitality, ward off pests, identify and treat any nodes magnetic, fractured rocks in the subsoil, east-west fractures, groundwater, geological faults, shape waves, electromagnetic pollution, spirituality/magic, eventual impregnated memory or interference of constructive material in storage sheds, barns and the like, as well as other factors biological products within the whole universe of possibilities, always with the focus of promoting a treatment with the highest level of quality .

Optional Extra Service:   

For areas over 20 thousand Hectares , we also have the option of offering the full service of  Specialized Advice on Implementation of Productive Models of Organic Agriculture in Large Crops , for those who also need or wish to carry out local physical interventions that aim to replace:

  • Ostensible use of harmful chemicals by minimal use based on rational decision;

  • Lifeless soils with low fertility due to restoration of soil biological activity;

  • Inefficiency of control chemicals for more effectiveness of biological and homeopathic products;

  • Risks to human health and the environment from low or no risk inputs.

In this modality, we offer a highly professional service, which involves:

Results-oriented management: Strategic advice for the implementation of large-scale organic farming, including:


  • Reorganization of information flows;

  • Adequacy of operational processes and monitoring indicators;

  • Employee engagement;

  • Change of organizational culture;

  • Integrated communication program;

  • Articulation with specialized partners.

Sustainable use of nutrients: Solutions to restore the mineral base and soil fertility through:

  • Optimization of the use of agrominerals;

  • Optimization of the use of soluble sources;

  • Replacement of organic matter and essential primary minerals;

  • Promoting, in a natural and continuous way, increased water retention, biological activity and nutrient cycling.

Biological inputs: Implementation and management of an “on farm” unit for the production of beneficial microorganisms with personalized recommendations for the control of pests and diseases of plants and soil, increasing the efficiency of cycling and the use of nutrients.

Agrohomeopathy: Technical guidance for the adoption of systemic and specific physical homeopathic preparations (together with QUANTEC), which would appear as more intensive activators of the immune systems of plants and repellents of pathogens, resulting in a faster increase in the resistance of crops to diseases and pests and more intensive improvements in production performance.

Extra Possibilities:  Optional on demand to provide the best in loss reduction and increased productivity, namely:

  • Technical studies and recommendations;

  • People and process management;

  • managerial technical support;

  • Operational technical support;

  • Team training;

  • Agronomic validation;

  • Possibility of a consultant (Agricultural Engineer) spending a whole week per month, every month, on the farm;

  • Implementation and management of laboratory and biofactory of biological inputs;

  • Selection of input suppliers with agronomic criteria and synergy with the proposal of regenerative agriculture.

All of the above items are covered by the  QUANTEC® for better work efficiency.  

In this modality, the availability of individual personal treatment is provided for each of the farmer's employees (all labor), and not just the area, soil, seeds, machinery, chemistry, fertilizers and so on. The entire context involving planting, directly or indirectly, would be ensured by the day and night emanations of QUANTEC® , in a personalized process that can exceed hundreds of specific schedules/adequate treatment for each person/target object - as long as there is agreement with that extra dynamic.


We are also available to send Agronomist Engineers specializing in regenerative culture for a prior global assessment of the farmer's scenario, in order to provide a more adequate survey of local physical needs, in a work that, together with QUANTEC®, aims to promote a deeper impact . The visit has a cost (daily + displacement) and is only eligible for planting areas greater than 20,000 hectares.

Here are some success stories of the  QUANTEC®.  To request a customized quote for your plantation, fill out and submit the form below:

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