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What is the  QUANTEC® , and how can you take advantage of this quantum therapy to have more fluency in all areas of your life?


A very high-tech German system (hardware and software) that has been developed for over 30 years and is fully consolidated in Europe as one of the most advanced therapies today, having received millions of euros in investment to reach the current version, known as QUANTEC® PRO.

It has no link with mysticism: it is instrumental bio communication supported by several scientific researches and empirical experiments , having even been the target of an important recent scientific research in Brazil that proved the effectiveness of the equipment for health, research published in the scientific journal COGNITIONIS (See the publication in English, here ).

Furthermore,  the QUANTEC® won the Gold Medal for best innovation in the progress of industry to health by trials in patients in Moscow and Odessa, whose evaluation clearly documented the potential of QUANTEC® in the progress of health. In addition, it has been tested (and approved) at Princeton University in the United States, in addition to being field tested by the University of Freiburg, Germany.


D esenvolvido by German researcher Peter Raphael Von Buengner the QUANTEC®  uses the white noise diode and highly intelligent software for comparative analysis of customer information with a database of various types of bioinformational treatments.

The white noise diode has the function of accessing information from the client's unconscious and performing an analysis of frequencies that are out of balance in the  physical, behavioral, environmental, emotional and spiritual aspects.

A treatment with QUANTEC® has no link with easy promises and even less guarantees of miraculous cures: it is a serious treatment, which requires a lot of conscious commitment of the assisted person in the behavioral sense and the willingness to act in a manner consistent with what the treatment claims for particular and individual way. As a principle of honesty, it is essential to make it clear that there are cases that present excellent results, and others that do not.

O  QUANTEC® is able to program the scan of your photograph, identify disharmonies in your field, select the matching features you need, and disciplinedly emanate/wave from a distance, day and night, all the resources necessary for complete well-being : human beings, animals, land, real estate, plantations and business organizations.

QUANTEC® is a  an ally that helps to resolve problems from the causes, at a much deeper level than the usual treatments that only combat the symptoms.  


It deals with physical (psychosomatic causes of illness), psychic and energetic issues, even helping to reconfigure the intertwining of the assisted field to help attract the manifestation of better realities , but all with coherence,  without miraculous promises and without any relation to fulfilling the ego's desires (see our clients' testimonials here ).  


Harmonize people, relationships, beloved pets, businesses, real estate sales, projects, crops, places, events and much more.  


There are 110 thousand therapeutic resources with more than 230 thousand combinations for personalized treatments according to what each person needs in the highest degree of specificity.  

Basically, QUANTEC® has 3 fronts, which work together day and night:

1) It puts new information in the assisted subconscious;

2) Eliminates antimatter (negativities) accumulated over the life of the assisted person;

3) Reorganizes the intertwining of the assisted field, allowing the attraction of new, more profitable opportunities and the removal of those that can be harmful - as long as they are not part of the being's original plan of life (what a person has to go through, she will pass, but much can be mitigated in this regard. As for what can be avoided, QUANTEC® is an interesting ally to help in this movement .

In addition, when you undergo treatment with the BR QUANTEC ® PRO Nucleus, you have access to the DCR module, which reveals precious existential information for guidance so that you can understand points such as:


- what is your life mission,

- to which destination you should point your personal compass,

- what is the motivation in which you should create expectations,

- any karmic commitments and how to solve them realistically and objectively,

- which challenges are part of your co-creation plan that is being lived in this lifetime,

- your talents to be developed

- and even indicative indication of which professions can provide more satisfaction, if that is your search.


The DCR module reveals a compendium of relevant, personalized (only valid for you) and highly impactful information, with general instructions about life that, if taken seriously by the assisted, provide a much greater fluency in the trajectory of existence.


- Intelligent and harmonizing intervention in the subtle fields of the target;

- Scan of the morphic field of the target through photo and data;

- Issuance and adjustment of inharmonious bioinformation for the scenario found 24 hours a day (each delivery plan is personal and individual);

- Maintenance of the physical (psychosome), psychic, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual field of the patient or target.


- Project affirmations to your subconscious;

- Project books, music or movies to your subconscious;

- Projects new information that combats limiting beliefs;

- Design archetypes, symbols and merkabas for your frequencial field;

- Project hundreds of types of bioinformation therapies for your field, as if you had gone there and done the therapeutic interventions in practice, but without you actually needing to do them in person;

- Waves any and all known harmonizing wave, according to the needs of the assisted person;

- Captures memories of a happy moment recorded in a video with your cell phone and re-projects them to your subconscious;

- Projects stories, positive aspects of personalities and places for the assisted;

- Waves in a personalized way, "anti limiting beliefs" to help deconstruct barriers that are preventing any progress;

- Automatically scans a person's entire morphic field and determines what the person actually needs for that moment or circumstance in life, without guesswork or guesswork;

- Accepts statements that the patient constructs himself, and works as an ally to accomplish what these statements describe;

- Allows the frequencial projection of anything constructive (without limitations of "whatever" to the patient's field;

- It even allows the recording of various healing bioinformation in a floral vehicle for the patient to take if desired (resource available only in person, or by remote consultation).


- The prevention and combat of physical, emotional and mental illnesses (treating the psychosomatic cause of illness, not the symptoms - these must be treated by traditional medicine);

- Combat the psychosomatic causes of physical illnesses;

- Correction of psychosomatic causes of disorders such as blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, blood glucose;

- Contributes effectively with dental treatments, attacking the psychosomatic cause that gave rise to them;

- Treats the most varied spinal problems in all possibilities, as long as they have a psychosomatic cause;

- Acts as an emergency in any situation or critical case in which the person needs help, as an ally;

- Prevents and combats psychosomatic illnesses in animals of all sizes;

- Prevents and combats pests in plantations;

- Harmonizes home and business environments for more harmonious flows of energy and prosperity;

- Acts as a therapy to combat altitude sickness, cancer, and other diseases;

- Provides well-being to the human being;

- Interferes with physical, mental, emotional, professional, family issues, in addition to helping with projects, travel, business prosperity, increasing the chances of success in competitions, exams, goals, personal goals and adjusting life in general to make things happen have more fluidity.


Equipment based on instrumental bio-communication uses the principle of morphic information, identifying the informational field of each environment or person. In QUANTEC®, an electronic component of quantum technology is responsible for making this reading. Called White Noise Diode , this element is particularly studied in robotics for its ability to serve as an interface between the machine and other forms of consciousness. the noise diode  White talks to the target's individual or collective subconscious.


After scanning the patient, the analysis is processed and interpreted by a modern, state-of-the-art computerized system that compares the results with a database with values corresponding to the “normality” pattern. Identifying the difference between these patterns and their origin, a treatment consisting of sending specific bio-information is proposed.  to the cells, organs, systems or emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual fields, so that they return to the level of healthy information.


The treatment acts on the most diverse types of human imbalances and is also effective in pets, plantations , companies and even children and babies who do not yet express themselves verbally, because the interface is through the White Noise Diode does not result from direct communication with the conscious, and yes, with the subconscious, as we see in the experiments carried out by the French researcher René Peoc'h in the sleep laboratory (see here) . René's doctoral thesis in French can be accessed here .


The greatest contribution of instrumental bio-communication therapy is precisely the possibility of treating the individual by directly attacking the cause of their problems, with the advantage of being a safe and effective process even at a distance (for radionicism, there are no distances) and not limited to just body balance and vitality. He is able to go much deeper, managing to perpetrate even past life issues, limiting beliefs, or intense spiritual situations.


QUANTEC® is even capable of anticipating the solution even before a problem arises, being able to predict certain trends and work to avoid that issue.  


The result? We gain a powerful ally to amplify our mental, emotional and even spiritual vitality, preventing the free radicals of human ailments from becoming serious barriers that compromise our well-being, in addition to achieving more success and satisfaction by aligning ourselves with what is rightfully ours divine.



Never. QUANTEC® is not intended to replace traditional medicine and treatments. The radionic instrumental bio-information therapy must be seen as a complementary therapeutic tool that acts on the energetic disturbances that trigger the symptoms, whether they are related to our thoughts, feelings or even our spiritual situation. Naturally, when the cause is resolved, the result tends to be reflected in the physical or practical life of the being, as in its projects, goals or existential goals of life. But it should never be considered as a treatment that should replace traditional medicine in all respects. QUANTEC® is a radionic device approved by the Brazilian Association of Radiesthesia and Radionics (ABRAD) and is not intended to replace traditional medicine, but to play the role of an electronic radionic emanator in a disciplined and regular way, without the dependence on human intervention for each emanation.

At the BR QUANTEC® Nucleus, however, you have the guarantee that our therapists accredited directly with the manufacturer's representative, keep daily monitoring of all treatments through the "butler" resource (Butler), which constantly monitors whether the client needs it or not of any bioinformational alteration, enabling a more constant fine adjustment in each emanation package, always within what QUANTEC® recommends as appropriate.

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