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Do you have a pet and want to keep it well, healthy, strong and happy?


Veterinarians are using QUANTEC® to keep their animals healthy, helping to treat illnesses, correct biophysical disharmonies in the animal, and prevent undesirable behavior. All through a photo of the animal that is scanned, resulting in the identification of energetic disharmonies present or that may be manifested in the future, with the frequent emanation of healing to the points found, all at a distance.  

Obviously, when it comes to preventing future disharmonies, we are referring to what may be registered in the animal's morphic field as a risk of diseases that may develop and compromise the normality of its life, but we are not referring here to natural diseases of age , therefore, do not rely on this resource if the expectation is to prevent the nature of situations relevant to an animal's natural aging from manifesting itself. There must be consistency in the expectation of an energy treatment, understanding that it is not a treatment that automatically extends the life of an animal or is comparable to a doctor: it is a distance treatment whose only final result is the greatest well-being of the animal within the possible conditions.

It is also important to make it clear that, if the animal already has a disease, it is essential that we be informed precisely what the disease is, official diagnosis of the veterinarian, exact name of the disease or anomaly resulting from examinations and other information that may be requested, as everything needs to be taken into account in a correct resource configuration process to combat some existing symptom, and nothing should be taken lightly.


In relation to behavioral issues, the process is not about shaping the animal's behavior as the owner wishes, but about correcting behavioral anomalies outside the morphic nature of the breed. For example: it is not coherent to expect that animals that already have an aggressive nature, behave as docile animals, that is, Quantec does not change natural traits of an animal personality, because natural traits cannot be considered anomalies. But if that breed has a pattern of behavior and the animal behaves based on a different pattern, then there are real possibilities of correcting that anomaly, as it may have originated in some disharmonization process. We can mention the difference in the degree of aggressiveness between the black-legged wildcat and the Persian cat. One has an extreme aggressive nature, and the other has an extreme docile nature. Quantec will not make the black-legged wildcat (felis nigripes) docile, nor will it make the Persian cat become aggressive, because that is part of what is natural in the personality of these cats. In summary: the role of Quantec in behavioral terms is solely to combat those behaviors that are not natural to the breed, or that are not part of the information of the original morphic field of the animal, as in the cases of animals that have always behaved in a way natural to the race and for obscure reasons began to behave in different ways. It is also important to make it clear that already old animals, which have a specific habit throughout their lives, will hardly stop having this habit as the many years may have already encrusted patterns of slow dissolution, so, ideally, unwanted behaviors should be treated still in the first years of life.   

It is essential to make it clear that the objective of QUANTEC® is not to replace veterinary medicine, but to work together with it, so don't expect QUANTEC® to play the role of the veterinarian, who must always be consulted in cases of illness already manifest. If this is done and the official diagnosis identified by the veterinarian and any prescribed remedies are informed to QUANTEC®, it will act as an ally in order to enhance the medical treatment, in addition to working on the psychic, spiritual or energetic causes that gave rise to them, always with the sole purpose of providing greater well-being to pets.


It should be clear, however, that the role of QUANTEC® is to work on the psychosomatic causes of illness, and not directly on the symptoms. In the psychosoma's view, the illness originates in the animal's subconscious and once treated, the physical body seems to "copy" that harmonization, but only if, and only if, the issue has not yet irreversibly compromised the physical body. In very serious cases where the animal's physical field is already classified by veterinary medicine as incurable, QUANTEC® should be counted on as an ally to the animal's well-being as far as possible, and not as a method of miraculous cure. The case is that in extreme cases of very overt and aggressive diseases, the animal's own physical body may not offer conditions to reverse a disease. If there are, however, even small chances, QUANTEC® makes the most of them as much as possible and within what the physical body still manages to copy from the psychosoma harmonized by the therapy. In summary: although the physical body of the animal is not always able to copy the "cure" worked in the psychosoma, such as some tumors or for example an aggressive cancer already in metastasis, QUANTEC® will always work as an ally in the process, helping as intensively as possible.  

QUANTEC® has also been used to positively influence the behavior of animals, as well as to adjust dysfunctions or degenerative habits that are disturbing the harmony of the home where the pet lives.

QUANTEC® has harmonizing features for dogs, cats and horses. However, the BR QUANTEC® team has also developed treatments for rabbits, ramsters, chinchillas, turtles, iguanas, birds, other pets and farm animals in general.

QUANTEC® also helps in cases where an animal is lost. In conjunction with investigative dowsing, we performed a quadrant scan of a map where the animal was lost, to determine the percentage of possibilities that the animal is still in that quadrant and from there, emanate resources that help in the process of searching and locating the animal lost.

Many pets can also exhibit undesirable behavior due to their owners' behavior. In this sense, QUANTEC® can work with the whole family, from the owner, through the residents, to the animals that live in that home, to provide a better identification with the positive behavioral side.

Finally, QUANTEC® can also help non-domesticated animals, such as cattle, pigs and any others that need care, support, affection and protection.

The harmonizing resources of QUANTEC® can be directed towards all who matter to us, including animals, soul friends, children of the heart who sustain our vitality and defend us in the subtler planes of life.

Attention: we only do treatments for pets whose owners are also in treatment with us. We implemented this protocol due to the many cases of problems in pets, which actually has its origin in energy issues of the owners. We know that pets defend their owners and that, on a spiritual level, they can often interpose themselves as shields from charges emanating from the owner, which can trigger a series of illnesses on a psychosomatic level that soon transfer to the animal's body. Thus, the treatment of only the pet would not result if the essential cause of the matter had its origin in the owner. If you do not agree with this premise, there is no reason for any embarrassment, and you can choose another therapeutic center that does not adopt this protocol. If you agree with this protocol and wish to request treatment, click here

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