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Do you have the latent desire to be a mother? Treatment with Quantec can actively assist in the process


On a spiritual level, the basic condition for this desire to be fulfilled is that there is a reincarnating being available and willing to be born through its womb.


But why can there not be a being willing to enter the world through your womb? For many reasons, including limiting beliefs that can transform that mother or that father, in beings that can obstruct the progress of that being interested in living specific experiences in the world.


The way of thinking, acting, the predictions of the future and the way that parents understand to be the best way to raise a child, may not correspond to what the future needs to experience in the sphere of human struggles.

For example: if parents tend to be overprotective with the future child they yearn to receive, and at that point in life the reincarnating beings available in their ecosphere of sympathies need parents who adopt less protective behavior, more freedom of action, pregnancy will not happen, as the sperm is only magnetized when there is full congruence of evolutionary interests between the reincarnating being and what the possible future parents can offer.

Thus, QUANTEC® can better equalize the parents' subconscious so that, by changing the understanding of what the future potential motherhood represents, they become closer in psychic terms than what the reincarnating being needs to experience.

Naturally, every pregnancy process must obey the biological and medical ascendants of the context, so that under no circumstances should traditional medicine resources be given up, but QUANTEC® can indeed represent an important support point for the fulfillment of the wish. of having children, as long as, obviously, there is coherence between desire and possibility.

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