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Do you want to sell that house or office that has been in real estate for a long time, buy or harmonize real estate? Quantec can assist in the process



QUANTEC® can help you to encourage the sale of a property that has been standing for a long time, for sale, without buyers.

It can also help you to raise funds for the purchase of that property you want, be it a residential or business property.

It also harmonises your home, eliminating harmful effects that you may not even know exist.

In this aspect, we perform not only the diagnosis of buildings, but also the domotherapy, concepts of dowsing that, once applied to QUANTEC®, can accelerate the process of harmonizing that location.

Often a potential buyer sees your property and loses interest in buying it because he is ill. In practice, we assess each property to identify whether it has geopathies, shape waves, electromagnetic pollution, negative spirituality or destructive magic, impregnated memories that are causing discomfort, construction materials that may compromise the well-being of people, as well as the water quality, air quality, humility, climate situation, noise pollution or radionic gas are affecting the emotions of people linked to that place, or potential buyers.  

We identify with the property plan, the physical origin of the precise location where the problems are, we measure the types of geopathies potentially existing in the place, we check for harmful waves, we detect if there is influence of shape waves, harmful electromagnetic radiation from artificial sources , and several other aspects, setting up a domotherapy plan (property therapy) fully adhering to what he needs.  

Once the plan has been created, QUANTEC® carries out corrective emanations towards the property, releasing or neutralizing it from harmful loads that may be causing obstacles in various directions.

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