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Written Testimonials:

Attention: The testimonies shown here are exclusive to BR QUANTEC PRO customers. Copying or reproduction is prohibited without prior authorization with all rights reserved through registration in the Brazilian National Library. We are affiliated with SABIN.

I had a severe boil on my left buttock. I took all the necessary medical measures but decided to do a Quantec to help treat the issue. What was my surprise to see in my report that this physical problem was related to a psychosomatic cause of guilt. This moved me so much that there really was an episode where I was feeling really guilty. This made me understand the origin of the problem and even more to solve that question of guilt, encouraging me to get into a movement to ask for forgiveness from those involved in the personal matter and that's it, not only did the boil healed quickly and without much inconvenience, but I mainly spent to feel lighter after the situation was all clarified and resolved. I thought everything was great.

Overall, the treatment met my expectations very well and in some points even exceeded them. What I highlight the most here, however, is the quality of your service, the depth of the reports and this availability to clarify doubts in such a complete way, even without having service by phone. I am very grateful to have met them on the walk of life. Namaste!

Although things took a long time for me to happen, after the most recent surprising events I had to give my arm and come here to thank you for all this long path that taught me and restored me in so many ways. And how this is so clear today! It was all there in my reports all along. Making an analysis of everything I went through, it was in this therapy that I found a comfort of soul and now at the end of the year, confirmations and certainties came that really everything cooperated in my favor. Thank you so much for all your patience and affection for me and my family.

Hello girls! I want to record here my satisfaction with your work in every way. Very interesting things have happened and I can't help but attribute this to my treatment, which has affected me a lot in a very positive way. Thank you for your patience and for everything you have done for me.

I always had a sore throat, like, 4 times a year at least. And when it came, there was chaos. I got knocked down. Until a friend of mine told me about Quantec and I stayed with me. One fine day I woke up and started to feel my throat scratching, I already knew that another infection was coming. That's when I asked for this single-goal treatment, just for the sore throat. What was my surprise in many ways: you answered me quickly, the emanation started at the end of that day (my throat was already that ball that made it difficult to swallow, the fever was already coming) but I slept relatively well that night, I woke up with the throat still sore but unbelievably it's as if the Quantec has stopped the infection process. It was only in that scratch and the ball was decreasing, the fever receded, and on the fifth day it's as if nothing had happened. After this objective practical experience, I decided to ask for the complete individual personal treatment and then I was even more surprised by what I read in my report. The experience has been fantastic. Almost finishing the first cycle and I'm going to renew.
The interesting thing about the process is that it's all very subtle, but when you stop to assess it, you realize it's really flowing. Of the 3 things I asked: the health one solved in the first 3 months, the other one from Dad's inventory surprised me by solving it in a way that I didn't even expect to be so good in the ninth month, and last week, with 11 months of therapy, the ******* asked forgiveness for everything he did to me and asked for one more chance. Then I felt comfortable giving this testimony. It really works.

I am very satisfied with the treatment. Every day, week, month, a new discovery about myself. I asked for spiritual evolution, and many things were added to me when I understood my true reason for being in this world and acted in a coherent way with it. Today, I live in a constant state of methanoia. Gratitude to you and all the love that emanates from your hearts.

My daughter, then 2 years and 2 months old, didn't sleep, cried all the time, was insecure, afraid of everything and everyone. We started treatment in September 2020. Today, at the age of 2 and a half, he wakes up only once a night to breastfeed, he is much more confident, he began to show a subtle sympathy with people, something I thought was impossible, and he even passed to eat better. Very happy with the results.

I asked for prosperity. I thought the money would come from unexpected sources. When I read my report, especially the DCR module, I saw that most of my beliefs about money and lifestyle habits were simply the greatest degree of prosperity sabotage I could imagine. So I started a process of change that was hard, difficult, tiring and that gave me a lot of work, but I followed the recommendations to the letter. I won't go into the details too much, but the result after 2 years and 3 months: I paid all my debts, I opened a business, I opened a branch of this business, I have 6 employees, I found a person in my number, I got engaged, I did an international trip with my fiance, i consider myself financially independent and today i have an ideology about work that i never imagined being able to have. The magic bag of money didn't fall into my lap, but opportunities arose and I took them all exactly as my treatment recommended.

I was a call girl. It was everything I knew and wanted to do in life, despite justifying to myself that it was just to pay for college. But it wasn't. I was supposed to have money for what I wanted. Drugs, expensive clothes, car of the year, ephemera. But inside, I was a living dead. Just lived in the moment. One day, the woman who rented me the apartment, knowing who I was and what I was doing, introduced me to Quantec. I found it interesting, and I did. Right off the bat, I took a shot at my conscience reading my report. Nothing aggressive, but morally I felt naked. I only made one wish: to get out of that life as long as it wasn't to be in need. I never asked for anything else. One fine day, about 1 year after starting everything and seeing very subtle results (still a call girl), a client calls me, I did the service one, two, three, on the tenth time he invites me to travel and I don't know in which moment we both found ourselves in love. The thing was happening little by little. Even on early dates, there were times when "the shows" were long conversations about life and metaphysical things. I told him about Quantec, he was enchanted, he decided to do it, and his life advanced in many points. After he started his Quantec, I never did programs again. At some point, I understood and accepted that my body is a temple. In the books I read, recommended by Quantec, I occasionally read something that good is even used by evil to rescue people. I was being an example of that. Lots of good things happened. It felt like the flow of life was perfect. And I didn't have material faults. We got married. I had twins 4 months ago. Finally, I experienced this quantum entanglement in practice. I'm 32 years old and when I started this whole Quantec process at 28, I honestly didn't believe I could evolve so much and change my life so much. I can only be grateful to you for everything.

At the beginning of the treatment I was very nervous, restless, anxious, almost desperate. I wanted everything to happen yesterday. It came together with catharsis, paradigm shift, change of mindset, and there were days when I thought I was the most unhappy person in the world. But I persisted in the treatment and subtly things were shaping up to what I wanted, and in my case, I didn't make much effort. It was happening. I was in that paranoia of asking everyone how their treatments were going, but I understood that there is no way to compare, that each one has a rhythm and with each one it happens in a different way. The part of the family constellation asking me to forgive my dad then was the most challenging, which I never imagined would stop my whole life. But it was the only thing I really committed myself to. And gradually everything rolled. Change of position, salary, boss, city, boyfriend, house, standard of living, almost zero stress level, fear of robbery disappeared, in short, it was the most productive 18 months of my life!
It took 3 years of treatment. Many requests, several different goals that I hired as things went along, many things happened exactly as I wanted, others happened within that "equivalent" scheme and they were good too, but I think the most important of all was my change internal. I can say that today, I am a different person, but aware, smarter, more emotionally stable, less troublesome, less unhappy, less melancholy, I have friends, head occupied with useful things, that inner confidence that I didn't even know could exist. And if we attracted more of who we are, it made perfect sense to me, because I was a person who only attracted disastrous situations at all times because internally I was a disaster, and today, recovering my divine essence, my true self, maturing so much In these 3 years and 28 days, I see that I have only attracted good opportunities, good people, good situations, good deals, good customers, good outcomes. Of course there are things that are not yet as I understand it to be "the best", but these are goals for other treatment focuses that I will ask for.

What I found most interesting during my treatment time was that a series of "good coincidences" happened, things without explanation, things I didn't expect, things that were a bit unreasonable, that we couldn't even imagine would happen . I asked for more peace and harmony in life, and suddenly someone came here, someone there, an invitation there, an offer, a book, a conversation in the passport queue, and it was like a series of pieces of the puzzle were being mounted, and things opened up too much for me.
I started with the goal of restoring my broken marriage. My husband left home. I wanted him to come back. After 18 months of treatment, a lot of internal change, opening my mind to things I didn't even imagine before that made a difference, understanding that a lot of my frustration came from not accepting my father, understanding that life was stuck due to totally wrong beliefs I had, a lot of catharsis, a lot of effort, a lot of discipline, I can say that today I am a completely different person than I was at the beginning of this process, and specifically yesterday, my ex-husband asked to come back. This was my goal from the beginning of the treatment, but it was only by harmonizing with myself and my father that the force started to vibrate in my life, if it has ever vibrated in this way and at this level. What I do know is that I end these 18 months without any regrets, quite the contrary, I would do it all over again and I don't even know how I didn't discover this therapy before, because I spent many years blaming others for things that I evidently understood to be my responsibilities and behaviors. my. I changed, and everything around me changed too, to the point where the man who said he was disgusted with me and my stupid way of being declared himself as a deep admirer of my new way of being. This DCR made me leave the victim view of life and I came to understand that if I am always my best version, I will always be the mistress of my destiny. Very grateful for your amazing work.

Our company got much better results after annual treatment. We followed to the letter all the recommendations of the business advisory module, we implemented the entire strategic plan recommended by Quantec, we did the physical cleaning in the  sectors as recommended, and let the fumes do the rest. In the last 6 years, we have never had a result as good as in 2020, even with a pandemic, even with a crisis, even with all the restrictions of the economy. This year we didn't fire a single person, we even hired more. And the curious thing is that we tried in different ways in previous years to make the company prosper, but somehow the whole thing stopped when we were going to reap the rewards. It was a very big difficulty to achieve. I thank you for all your help and when this cycle is finished, let's renew it.  

I took a Quantec for exams and exams, and after 5 years studying for several exams only with failures and disappointments, I finally managed to pass. It's a municipal contest, but for those who had already tried more than 20 contests in all spheres, for me it was a very big victory. The feeling of not getting through is very bad, I felt incompetent despite studying so much, but with this treatment it really seems that my head was lighter and the information came more clearly. I studied too much, but I studied too much on everyone I failed too, but this one was quite different.

Our first contact with the BR Quantec Center took place in June 2019. In the last 10 years so far, we have had 5 major losses in our soybean crop regularly planted in just over 22,000 hectares. That year, we decided to try something different and invested in Quantec. From the beginning, the service was exquisite. We filled out a very complete form that designed our reality, sent us photos, gave us a budget that we thought was fair, and contracted the service. The first surprise was when they brought in an agronomist who spent 1 week evaluating every detail of our culture and planting methods. The second surprise was that we received more than 100 ripple packages, each for a purpose, area, sector or situation (in 2018 we had already hired a therapist who guaranteed that a package of emanations alone was enough but that we saw no change none) so a Quantec was even made for each combine. And the third surprise was the most important: the 2020 harvest was the best in the last 10 years, with a minimal incidence of pests, with a very low use of pesticides, and with an evident superiority in the quality of the grains. We had a profitability around 30% higher than our best historical crop of the last decade. Now in 2020, we re-contracted the services of the BR Center, the planting has already been done, we have fully implemented regenerative agriculture and we are very happy with the results.

I took tests and found that my glucose was high. So I decided to test Quantec to see if it would help me lower my glucose levels. It was like this: I was admitted on 10/15/2020, but I wasn't fasting, so I ended up doing another blood collection on 10/17/2020 just for blood glucose, when fasting. The result came out on 10/19/2020 and my glucose was at 118mg/dL . On 10/20/2020 I hired  treatment with Quantec. On 10/23/2020, the treatment was ready and began to emanate. With 14 days after starting the treatment, on 11/06/2020, I decided to do another exam, just to see if at least some impact had happened. On 11/09/2020 the result was released. And that's when I was surprised: the glucose had dropped to 93mg/dL . In less than 15 days, my blood glucose returned to normal without having to change ANYTHING about my eating habits. I send the exams to prove my report, but I ask that if they are going to disclose, preserve my identity. I am delighted with this treatment, and very grateful to you for the seriousness of your work.  


Resultado Exame Glicemia Cliente Núcleo

Image A: Examination done before treatment

Resultado Exame Glicemia Cliente Núcleo

Image B: Exam performed 14 days after starting treatment

My goal was to heal a hiatus hernia and move to Portugal. Then a report comes to me with the frequencies of cure but also the recommendation to wait a little longer, better analyze the scenario, reflect on decisions, a set of warnings as if moving to Portugal was not a good thing for that moment. Not even 1 month passed and this pandemic came. I followed in the newspapers that hundreds of Brazilians were leaving Portugal because of this. At that time I believed in the treatment. With about 45 days I no longer felt discomfort in my stomach because of the hiatus hernia. Those 3 months ended and I renewed, still with the idea of moving to Portugal. And again, a series of items in the report came up asking for further reflection. That was my second cycle and subtly I realized that I was happier, sleeping better, feeling better, excited, full energy. Another 3 months passed and I entered the third cycle. Then, in the treatment of moving to Portugal, it came in that  third cycle report the recommendation to open the mind. Beauty. I'm 2 months into the third cycle and last week there was a job offer in my area to live in Los Angeles. I would never imagine that I was dreaming small! I wanted to go live in Portugal to try my hand at whatever I could, and suddenly, this quantum entanglement adjusts things and puts me in front of a job in my field, legalized, in a country that needs no comment, and that's it. I move in 2 weeks and I definitely don't intend to stop this treatment. Oh, and I don't feel the hernia anymore, and I even lost 5kg doing everything that Bionik Pro recommended. The challenge is to put into practice every day what the DCR Module recommended to me, but it's working!  Thank you so much for everything.




I had already read a lot about Quantec I spent about 6 months researching, reading and in awe without completely believing it. So after that time I decided to start personal treatment. I already knew I would have to do my part but I thought it would be easy, after all, I had a force working for me, but that's not what I thought when I received the report. I was impressed with the details and the DCR module. That's when the plug hit and I understood my responsibility. Speaking of benefits, today I feel good, even though my package was more robust because the problems were many, even so today I feel light, I have never felt so alive, full and happy, I feel I can live abundantly, I just have to thank the BR Quantec team, I've already renewed my treatment as recommended by the BR Quantec team, I know there is still work to be done, but let's go ahead.


I am very pleased with the DCR module. I didn't think he could give me such important information to help me understand exactly what my sabotaging patterns were. And I can only say that it really works, because in less than 2 months of putting all the behavioral guidelines into practice, it seems that everyone around me started to treat me in a much more positive way, things flow a lot more, those conflicts just disappeared, anyway, I'm loving it. I had done a Quantec before with **************, but without the DCR. It really made a huge difference to me. Thank you!


Unemployed, with depression, financial life destroyed, marriage in chaos and zero perspective for everything. I tried 10 different therapies, including the famous "quantum physics" based on miraculous studies and theories, but nothing worked no matter how hard I tried. In this condition I started Quantec here with you 1 year ago. Look, I don't know how to detail or specify things by thing, but I can say that in these 12 months, everything has changed. I found a new and very good job, I have never earned so much money for my work even in times of pandemic, depression is no longer with me, I paid all my debts, I improved my relationship 200% and I am very excited about the future. I don't know how, I don't keep dates, I don't care much when, but my present today is much better than my past 1 year ago, and I attribute this to Quantec because I stuck it out, followed all instructions, changed behaviors, eliminated beliefs and everything worked out.


I became a much more aware, balanced, centered, emotionally stable person and managed to attract a relationship in the exact shape I wanted, and my boyfriend has the same feeling, that we fit in well in every way, saying he was looking for someone like me for years. Detail: we've lived in the same neighborhood for years and we've never even seen each other. One fine day, I was in the square on the edge of the pond doing Pilates as Quantec had guided me in the treatment, and he showed up. That day I was sure that Quantec actually promotes very powerful quantum entanglements in our lives, even though most skeptics might think it's "mere coincidence". Very happy with all the result of the treatment.


I have a 1 year and 5 month old baby. I've been making Quantec for him since the seventh day of his life. I never stopped. My son has never freaked out at night, he wakes up just to nurse and goes to sleep again (I make a bed shared by Quantec's suggestion), he never had any illness, he only developed a fever twice after two vaccinations (Pneumo13  and Penta + CWY and Meningo B), he never needed to go to the doctor, he is a happy child, humorous, playful, fun, smiling, friendly with everyone, loves animals, zero allergies even with 2 Persian cats at home, anyway, it's very healthy body, mind and spirit. Immune system like a colossus. I live a really happy maternity without any kind of stress because of it. And I am very grateful to you who have been providing me with this wonderful treatment.


I don't have a specific event to report. I just asked for more harmony in my life, without too many attachments of wanting too much. And this is clearly happening. My life started to have peace, things started to be resolved better, problems diminished, solutions appeared, everything became more peaceful. No herpes, no flu, no allergies, not anything that bothered me recurrently. I'm very calm and happy with life in these 9 months, and I'm already renewing.


My sisters and I made Quantec, one each. Only mine asked to change my diet. The three of us were fatter, but why did only mine ask me to change eating habits? I was intrigued by this and I confess that I did not take this orientation very seriously. My sisters' things went forward and mine didn't. A year passed and I insisted, and turns and moves was there that my food is what in my particular case would provide what I wanted. Until 4 months ago I decided to take it seriously and completely changed my diet. Guys, it was amazing. I lost weight, improved my intimate relationship with my husband, professional doors opened, the opportunity to move to another city arose, I live in a much better place, I feel happier, and last Friday the pregnancy exam confirmed that I will be a mother ! It seems that after I took seriously this recommendation to change my eating habits, everything flowed, as if this was a barrier that depended on me so that Quantec could do its part better. My sisters achieved their goals without having to change anything in their diet, but it was like that with me. 


I had a very wrong idea of life. You call it limiting belief, but I understand it this way: I thought life worked  one way, and it was another. I thought I could be and do anything that had no consequences. I thought that my behavior did not influence the things I received from life. The books that the treatment recommended to me opened my mind in a way that seemed like everything made sense and explained all the ***** of my life so far, because I behaved in exactly the most horrible way possible and logical than anything in the my life was worth it. This DCR module was the salvation in conjunction with these books. Today, 1 year and a half and many resistances won later, EVERYTHING I ever wanted is happening. Amazing how this law of life thing works and even more how Quantec has been fundamental in this process. The reports are impressive. Thank you so much for your patience and help.


My experience was surreal. At first, I thought that I just had to ask, someone would press a few keys and that was it, everything would come to my hands. I was even internally reluctant to have to "do my part". I didn't want to be a part of it and I even offered more money for you to activate some turbo mode so I could have everything I wanted without having to change anything, remember? But Quantec changes us. At the end of the first 3 months I already had another vision and I decided to try another cycle, getting firm. The result, you already know, which made me very motivated. Today, at the end of 1 year, I need to come here to tell you that most of the things I asked for there at the beginning and that I wanted like magic, took place in surprising ways, not like magic, but as a result of all this work of eliminating this antimatter and modifying myself internally, which without Quantec I'm sure I wouldn't have done it. Every book that a cycle review recommended I read was like a slap in the face, a lesson, an explanation, something that felt like it had been written for me. Every piece of information from the DCR Module was shocking and made perfect sense. Every meditation I did, I felt as if the ripples were getting stronger and stronger. Today I feel safe, protected, strengthened, on the way, with the feeling that everything is in place. Thank you!


I had no financial prospects after my packaging business went under. I arrived here in tatters, but with great faith. But even so, when I started treatment, I couldn't imagine that 2 years later I would no longer have any debts, and would still have achieved good stability. I can't even explain how it all happened, but it seems that a greater intelligence took over. Ok, with that DCR I understood a lot of the wrong things I was doing and I completely changed those points, but I couldn't imagine what the result would be. I just have to thank you and this fantastic tool that is Quantec.




With me the thing took a long time. But I confess that despite all my protests, it was only after I understood what the Zeno effect is that I learned to let go, and with that, things started to happen. I am very satisfied and I have recommended it to some friends, as they themselves asked me what I was doing that was so changed for the better. "It's the Quantec ripples," I'd say. Gratitude!




I did a total of 8 cycles of 3 months. But I did it, started to get better, I thought it was good, and stopped. I spent about 2 months without therapy. It came back. And that was like this 5 times: start and stop. It was only when I understood that I should apply myself more seriously to the treatment that things started to move. The last 3 cycles were very different from all the previous ones. Interesting that when I really committed, and followed the instructions to the letter, everything flowed. 




I was going to make an affidavit will, but I'll sum it up as this will likely go public. Tip I give to those who don't know what to order: ask for FUSION WITH THE WHOLE. With that, EVERYTHING falls into place. My life was all messed up, everything difficult, things impossible to resolve. I asked for this on the recommendation of a friend and that's it. I'm already in my 12th cycle and I can say with complete knowledge of the facts: everything has adjusted. Word of those who make Quantec since 2018.




3 days after the ripples started, the Herpes receded. 1 week later, the toothache disappeared. The dentist said it was emotional, and apparently it was. 3 weeks later I received a job offer. 1 month and a half later, my husband asked for forgiveness. 2 months later my son asked to come home (he was at grandma's house). With 5 days left to finish the first cycle, my father and I forgive each other. I just asked for "restoration" of my life, nothing more. I'm at the beginning of my second cycle and I don't intend to stop anytime soon.




With me the process was slow. I simply asked to get pregnant. The reports I initially received warned me that it was up to me to make a personal effort to change my diet and resolve issues with my father, in addition to other instructions. I did everything as Quantec asked, except change my diet and get along with my father. I didn't want to, I thought it was bullshit, I thought it had nothing to do with it. I did 7 cycles of 3 months. Until one day I woke up as if I had spent the entire night in a great hall receiving spiritual instructions, and I was firm in changing my way of eating. Detail: I'm not fat, I've never been, but Quantec hit the key of changing the power supply in every renovation. And really I just ate wrong. When I completed 1 month of new eating habits, I was in a mood, a wonderful mood, a feeling of supreme power in me. Looks like Quantec knew it was going to make my energy shift. That same day my father comes home crying because his dog was sick and asked me for help (I'm a veterinarian). That was like a missile  in  compassion reached my heart and for the first time in years I felt like taking care of him (my father) as a son. It seems that all my desire to have a child had transferred to him at that moment and from that day a lot started to change within me in relation to him. I thought it was funny that I didn't give it much credit, but in the first Quantec report there was something like "Family Constellation, seeing the child in the father to be a mother". 1 month and a half after that day, the pregnancy test was positive. I am simply on cloud nine.




With me the catharses were strong. Disappointment after disappointment. Every expectation I had even about what I asked for, crumbled. But as I had already paid for a whole year, I began to understand that I led a life of a lot of ego, stubbornness, asserting my will, too proud, selfish thinking only of me, and the treatment itself showed me with the reports and books indicated, that my way of being in the world was against all the fluidity laws of the universe. It was a painful process because I lived for, with and for attachment to everything. The apex of the pain was when the man I loved (married) broke up with me. I panicked. Rock bottom. Will to die. I didn't want to give up anything, least of all the *****. I fought with the whole world that day. I felt abandoned, helpless, useless. A few days later I went to a medium  who told me right away: "Hey daughter, it was you who asked me to clean up the mess of lies that was your life, when you start being attended to, do you think it's bad? Do you want to live in self-sabotage for how long?". Then I remembered the Quantec reports at the time, because there was a lot of that word there, and I decided to ask if a treatment I was undergoing had anything to do with it. And that's when she said: "Yes, you have a daughter, your life is being straightened out exactly because of this treatment". She didn't even know anything about Quantec, she's a 90-year-old lady, but it wasn't until that time that the plug hit. That's when I decided to read all my reports again and was amazed at how I left out so much that explained exactly what I was going through. It was such catharsis weighing heavily on my vanity, pride and arrogance. Me thinking that everything was falling apart when in fact I was being rescued from a completely destructive pattern of beliefs. From then on, I only saw good things. From the beginning I had asked to get married and start a family. But only later did I assume that deep down I wanted the *****. Like? Destroying a family to satisfy my ego? It took me a lot to realize that this was a mistake. But when I understood all these things, it seems like everything opened up. It's been 6 months since this consultation with the medium  who confirmed the Quantec helping me and since then I have taken the treatment seriously. Today my reality is different: dating a free guy who also wants family and children, total identification, not to mention everything else that is completely different. Of course, I still have a lot to resolve internally, but now I feel on the right track, and I'm grateful to you for allowing me this opportunity after years of looking for other bad things.


I became much more lucid in my studies, my grades changed completely, it seems that even my teachers' view of me changed. This is all very interesting. Thanks!


Herpes never again (every month before it exploded), I understood my role in life and I took it firmly in that direction (top this DCR), I'm calmer and calmer (unthinkable for those who knew me before), consortium drew lots, M**** is back I went home (your mirror theory was absolutely right), I got rid of at least 3 big traps and in general what I realized is that the thing was going back to the place it shouldn't have come from. I am satisfied and thank you for your help at this time.




I really liked the first contact I made in which they positioned themselves saying that it wasn't a miracle and that I had to do my part, even more in a multi-difficult case like mine. There were 8 treatments at the same time, with instructions that took me to a complete paradigm shift. One thing was connecting to the other, the so called "quantum entanglement" was happening and today I can say that this treatment helped me more than all the other things I tried before, with practical results.




I started just by starting. I followed all the recommendations, but I didn't believe in anything. Three months passed and I gave up. Then I saw that life had improved in the treatment and I hadn't even realized it before. I started again, but still a little skeptical. Another 3 months and I stopped. And again that feeling that it had made a difference without me realizing it. I started again for the third time. It was balanced, but this time I didn't care about this treatment. I just paid and let it go. After another 3 months I stopped once more. New realization that it was doing me good and I only realized it when I stopped again. I had a p*** disappointment at that time that made me very sad. So I decided to get serious. My people, what is this? I did 3 cycles without any faith, without believing, without seriously giving myself to the treatment. But in the fourth cycle I took it so firmly, with so much faith, with so much surrender, with so much self-discipline, that then I saw that the thing works at an inexplicable level. Maybe it was part of my healing process, going through the start-to, going through the darkness of skepticism and lack of faith. Maybe I needed that blow I suffered to wake up. Perhaps the treatment itself contributed to something like catharsis, no  I know, I just know that in the fourth cycle, the one in which I was really open to treatment, everything changed. What I wanted to solve was resolved, restored, everything happened. And I'm really happy about it. Thank you so much for never giving up on me!




Many things happened during this period of treatment, but in summary, I can say that my life is much more fluid, stable, calm and balanced. Congratulations on the seriousness of your proposal, always very frank, serious and available.




With me the results took a long time. I did 5 cycles and nothing. Only in the sixth cycle did it happen. But when it came, it was better than the order. I understood that it took millions of antimatter to dissolve, and I admit that I only started taking the treatment seriously with readings, films and meditations for just a few months now, but I found it very sensational when I was surprised with an offer of agreement on the other side 5 times bigger than I expected. Anyway, this therapy is really good. There were times when I thought nothing was happening because I obviously didn't see what was happening behind the scenes, but now I understand that all the subtlety with which the thing was dealt with was part of the process that I didn't see, but it happened, and it was something pretty consistent apparently. I am immensely grateful to you!



I confess that at first I was skeptical. I did it because I wanted to, but I did it without much hope that the thing actually worked. But the process was happening and yesterday my first cycle ended. What I can say is that I was surprised. It works. My goal was achieved. But it was more than that: I changed. I'm not that same person from 3 months ago. It feels like my mind has expanded. I got very impressive things with this DCR module and it all made sense. I think I became a little better person with this treatment. My professional question was resolved, but I intend to continue towards other goals that I believe are longer term. Thanks!




I believe I've already experienced a little of everything, Church, Spiritist Centers, participating in disobsession tables, where I learned a lot from what we usually call obsessors. These were remarkable learnings that delimited my existence. But on the other hand, I always felt that I had a “burden” to pay, and wandering around the world here and there, I met many people in the spiritualist environment, serious and others not so much. Until one day I came across ****************, I was attending lectures, and I decided to start the treatment, I say it was great, I did it for a year, but there was something still it didn't fit. Then I say that the hand of God appeared, with the saint ****** I found you, read the testimonies and jumped in, actually that's how I am, I started for the company, for myself, for my son and for friends. But something happened when I came across reading my report and reading ******'s report who is my son, and *****'s who is my soul love; how I cried that day, because I know that: it was for God that I came to Quantec (...) The story is simple and extraordinary: I feel that everything is going on, of course following the Father's will, but I feel more centered, focused , happy. I see those I have indicated taking a direction in life, freeing themselves from sadness, indecision, loneliness. How good it is to be able to help people and bring them a new rhythm of life, a new light, a different path. Today I do this [statement], and I ask God, as a whole, to bless them. To therapists, the person who assists me through WhatsApp, in short, to everything I have received through the dedication of each one. Gratitude. May the light be present in the lives of each one of you.


I went through a very heavy depressive process. I tried everything to get out of it. A combination of things. For 1 full year, I never thought there was any effectiveness. No medicine, no psychoanalysts, no spiritist center, nothing took that anguish out of my chest. After I started Quantec, then I felt a change. It went slowly, without stopping with the rest of things. After 5 weeks of treatment, I woke up one day in a very good mood. Since then, I haven't had any more depressive moments. On the contrary, I feel encouraged to live longer and better. I followed all the treatment guidelines to the letter, and for me it worked very well. I'm in the sixth month and I can say I'm someone else.




When I read my report in the DCR module part, it looks like my head has popped open. Where was it that in 38 years I didn't have access? My life  it would have been very different and I would have made very different choices from the ones I made, wow, no doubt about it. It seems that everything is explained now and it makes total sense, because it has everything to do with what I lived for not observing what life wanted to give me as signs. Now it's wide open. I feel like being a much better version of myself. I just have to thank you. Thank you very much from the heart.



I did Quantec with 3 other professionals, for a change and go testing the results. I've known Quantec for about 3 years. What I think sets you apart is the depth. It seems that you are not lazy to go into the treatments in depth and in a very personalized way. I identified with it and I'm enjoying it a lot, including renewing it for another 3 months. Thanks.




I am a Behavioral Coach focused on Personal Success and decided to subcontract BRQuantec to perform treatments for my mentees. I can say the difference is stark. My clients stabilize emotionally faster, an upgrade in the immune system is notorious, the vision of life is much clearer with this fantastic DCR module that even helps me to guide the consultancy in a personalized way for each one. And finally, the results my clients achieve are much more consistent. I no longer see myself without this support in my work. Thank you very much for your professionalism and objectivity.




I found the report very interesting. It hit pretty much everything, it made a lot of sense. Already in these first 10 days I am feeling a clear difference, as if some force had started to act. I have even dreamed of situations where they explain points to me in my report and put me on stretchers and give me treatments. I have found this very interesting because I wake up with a mood that I don't remember feeling before. I am very confident and satisfied in this beginning. Thanks.




In that year of 2019 I got more than half of the things I asked Quantec. Everything that didn't flow before started to flow. Even I am different. I seem to be more aware of life and myself. This treatment is very good. After years of looking for a solution in so many places, I found this method a real light at the end of the tunnel. I am grateful to you for the beautiful work.




Before the treatment I took medicine to sleep, I took medicine to lose weight, I took medicine to stop my hair from falling out, I lived with respiratory problems, I made up enemies everywhere without doing anything to provoke it, I was always being persecuted, that feeling of insecurity and a lack of peace I can't even describe. My life was too tense. After being 1 year in this BR Quantec treatment, the situation is completely different: I don't take any more sleeping pills, and I sleep 8 hours a night. It's 22 hours and I'm already dripping with sleep and I don't wake up until 6 am every day. I stopped taking slimming pills and my body started to want to eat less. My hair has stopped falling, I don't see any loose strands in my hand when I go to take a shower. I never had a rhinitis, a flu, or a respiratory problem again. I stopped attracting enemies and that feeling of persecution and tension ended. I feel safe, well, protected and stable. I just have to thank you. Thank you for the patience you have had with me.




My process was slow. I did 3 months and nothing. Then another 3 months and nothing. And time went by, and nothing. I got those final reports and it looked like nothing had changed. I confess that I didn't do any meditation, no reading, and I even understand that this may have delayed the whole thing, but in my fourth cycle, with almost 1 year of treatment and a lot of catharsis, it seems that the cosmos ended my cathartic time with the last one: a man smashed my car in a crash there on Marginal Pinheiros. That's how I met the man of my life. I almost died of fright when the thing started to evolve and he tells me that he had made a Quantec with **************** about 1 year ago with the same objective as me: find a person who added and took you out of that cycle of attracting only defeat. I thought it was all very crazy and very magical at the same time. From that traffic incident, it seems like it was the cosmic snap for everything to fall into place. I didn't realize it, but the thing had been moving towards me for many months, and I was in a hurry to see it all happen and didn't realize that the thing was really a "process" as Fernanda always said. I really did a lot of ***** in my life and now I understand that I needed time to clean up all those *****. But it did. I managed to achieve all 4 goals. 1 year of treatment and now I can say it was the best investment I have ever made.  Thanks for your patience.



On October 15, 2019, I had several blood tests that in short indicated that I was pre-diabetic, among several other signs of problems. I immediately sought treatment with Quantec, and strictly followed all the recommendations in the treatment report, with a discipline that I have never applied before for anything in my life. I did everything, I repeat: EVERYTHING OK. Treatment with Quantec started on October 21, 2019. Thirty days later, on November 21, I repeated the same tests in the same laboratory. Man, I'll tell you, EVERYTHING went down. I am impressed by this. I'm emailing some of the exams for you to publish, I just ask you to erase my personal data. I am no longer pre-diabetic. I have absolutely nothing out of the ordinary. Not to mention my well being and my feeling that now I can do anything! This treatment is phenomenal. Thank you very much!



In 2017 I was living a failed life. No job, just eating, getting fat, no perspective, I didn't stop in any relationship, I went through several disappointments with people who always wanted to cheat me, I took medicine to lose weight, I took medicine to sleep, when I woke up I took medicine to stay awake, everything I did. planned, went wrong. My hair was falling out, I snored a lot, I had horrible depressive episodes and no hope that anything could change. The peak of despair came when I received an apparently too good job offer and after even moving to another city because of it, I found out that it was a cold one full of lies. At that time I had kidney stones almost every week. Not counting the recurring nightmares, I could not get rid of addictions such as video games, candy, alcohol and especially emotional addictions. In short: I lived a completely messed up life with no prospects. In March 2017, I had my first treatment with Quantec. Then I continued and have been doing so until today, always renewing every 3 months. Two years and nine months later, my situation is as follows:  I work for a company abroad, I earn well, it won't make me money for anything, I have a solid relationship where I had a beautiful daughter, my diet is completely healthy, people respect me, I don't take any more medication, not even to lose weight, not to sleep, not to stay awake, no medicine at all, my hair is strong and healthy, I no longer snore, I have not had any depressive episode for almost 2 years, I never had kidney stones, nowadays I only drink socially, no I play more video games, I don't feed on blackmail anymore and I don't play the victim, I have a lot of perspective in life and I don't remember the last time I had nightmares.  Of course, all this didn't happen overnight. It was a process in which I was told from the start that my case could take a long time. It really took a while, but things happened in a subtle way, little by little, but everything started to fall into place. It seems that a force has come that has rebuilt the destroyed parts of my life. In the first months of treatment I had many catharsis and crises, but then everything calmed down and I was realizing a subtle desire to live my life in a better way. And things started to work out in such a way that the me of today is very different from the me of almost 3 years ago. It is obvious that my life is not 100% what I would like, after all, my priorities were refined and I started to aim for different things, bigger and beyond, but the achievements are coming and taking place a little every day. And I am so grateful to have discovered this path of quantum physics.



I feel lighter. It seems that things have taken on another dimension. It's as if I saw the problems from another perspective, I don't know, it seems that now I feel stronger, smarter, willing to make things happen. I'm feeling more hopeful.




After 9 months and 16 days of treatment, my exam today confirmed that I am pregnant. I am very happy and I am very grateful to you. Thank you!




My ex just texted me. For anyone who said everything he said to me, I confess that I didn't expect him to back down so quickly. I'm impressed. I always had to make the move to run after it, and for the first time he takes the initiative. I don't think I'll ever be without this therapy, lol. I'm really happy. May this restart this time be for real! Kisses!




I had already done every diet and diet imaginable. Only I didn't lose weight. I decided to make one last attempt with the egg diet associated with Quantec with the sole aim of losing weight. I lost 9.8kg in the first month, and now in the second month the loss is being slower. But I'm very satisfied with the result. I'm firm on the 14kg goal. 




I managed to sell my property. It was less than the 12 months I hired, and I really liked how the whole thing unfolded. Buyer completely different from the standard of interested so far. I found a good service. Grateful.




Really enjoying the experience. Feeling more lucid. I'm very sensitive and sensitive to the energies around me and in these first 3 months I really felt more upbeat, excited and confident. I'm renovating. Thanks.




While I was undergoing this treatment out of obligation, forced by my husband, I saw no difference whatsoever. I didn't even want to do any treatment, I thought I was fine and ready. It didn't make any difference in my life, I didn't read a book, I didn't do the meditation program, nothing. Until I went to a medium who without knowing anything asked what was this "magic" that I had ordered that was protecting me from all the blows they were sending me. Then I started to believe, because I was a simple lady who barely knew how to use a phone. I started to do everything right. Guys, you are not understanding how I started to feel the changes after I started wanting for real. I'm coming to tell you because even I was so skeptical a little while ago, I'm shocked by the results. Thanks for your patience  of you to support me in my doubts. It seems that Quantec even put this lady in my life to open my mind. Thanks!




I feel so much better. My first 90-day cycle ends today and it's amazing how life has become more optimistic for me. I don't know, I feel more motivated when I wake up. That feeling of depression, melancholy, sadness, not knowing what will be in my life, all that changed in a way that I can't explain. My best moment of the day is meditation, which I chose to do every day and it seems that it has even renewed my way of seeing life. Anyway, I'm very happy with the result and I'm going to renew it. Thank you!




What I found most interesting is that my life sucked. Then I started Quantec and the feeling was that I had peace. I started to sleep better, work better, relate better, good things started to emerge, new projects, travel opportunities that I had never imagined, and everything was good. Then after 2 cycles, I stopped. About 15 days passed and everything started to get worse, I started to feel depressed, and although I hadn't returned to the original state before the treatment, I understood that it made sense that the final emanation report recommending that I continue. I shouldn't have ignored that. I started again and about 10 days later I didn't even remember the problem. Impressive. It makes a subtle but very real difference. You can let that in this third cycle I'll do everything right :)




I never really believed in Quantec. Never. I had already heard and understood all the mechanics of operation, but you know when you don't believe? I was like that. Until December 2018, I decided to put it to the test. I did a treatment solely to be able to establish an affective relationship with a new person. I was 63 years old and had zero prospects of dating again. I was already resigned to never living any romance again. But I made Quantec just to test. I found it interesting that in the first report it came like this: "Seek to participate in more social events of a spiritualist nature". I never really cared about it. And I went through the treatment, the renewals, that all started to make me feel very good, another energy, and I went on with life, I didn't even remember the first report anymore, until a few weeks ago I was at a lecture on family constellation and I met the R. The subject just flowed. When I found myself, I was already involved. It seemed that the Universe had made me wait more than 10 years to perfect the person. It was then that I remembered the first Quantec report. That's exactly what he said. And then I realized that I had changed a lot with this treatment. I realized that without all this change, this path soon, I would never have paid attention to a nice stranger in a lecture and even less would I have attended a lecture of this type. Anyway, to give me a glove slap, the whole thing worked. It was a long process, a long internal reform, but there it is, what I asked for, it was carried out. Thanks!


I found your health treatment very interesting. The report gave me information that was very consistent with my main issues. Things only mine, reflections only mine, situations that only I know and that after reading this report everything made sense because things reached this level with all these manifestations of illness. I was amazed at how much was discovered by Quantec from all my health issues. Incredible.


I went to do 5 interviews for a american visa and got stuck in all of them. I started the treatment and after about 2 months I went again. I didn't change anything in my profile, I didn't change anything, I didn't change the style of clothing, that's all  the same, and I even got nervous just like the other times. Only this time, I passed. I was shocked by that. I had to give this testimony. Thank you so much!


What I found most interesting about this treatment is that I did it for 3 cycles of 90 days each, I stopped for 1 month, and that's when I saw the difference. It was 9 months in which my life was flowing in such a subtle way that I hadn't clearly noticed the changes, but when I stopped, then I realized that a whole series of problems I had before starting to treat, came back . Ok you informed in the final reports that my case would require more time than usual, but I decided to ignore that and in the end it was even good for me to realize that I was really going to need more time. Then I started again 2 weeks ago, after 30 days with nothing, and in the last  days I realized that everything is already flowing. Now I will do it even when the report recommends. Thanks!



It's been 14 months since I started the treatment to harmonize with my ex-husband. In the beginning it was very difficult. I went through too many catharsis to understand my role in this relationship. I did everything you recommended and after many events that it is not the case to comment here, I came to say that yesterday he contacted me asking for a new chance to start over. I just don't know if I want it anymore. I discovered in this treatment an immense strength that I didn't even know I had. Looks like I'm empowered, lol. I'll think carefully if that's what I want for  my life, but I just have to thank you.


At first, I thought it was all a waste of time. I thought nothing would come of it. I confess that I just started to test. But I did the right thing and to my surprise, my boss called me for a conversation quite unexpectedly saying that she has really enjoyed my work. He even gave me something I don't even know how to explain. And now, at this moment, I have just been informed that as of November, I will go to the sector I wanted from the beginning, and that she supported the decision. I don't know what a crazy thing you guys do, but it worked for me in a way I can't believe. Thank you very much!


After 1 year and 2 months of treatment, I managed to get pregnant. You know about my struggle, and you know how much I suffered with my desire to be a mother. But 14 months after starting, my husband and I are beaming with happiness. I cried a lot already. But out of gratitude. Thank you for giving my hope back. Back in that very difficult time of endometriosis, I could never have imagined that today I would have so many reasons to celebrate. Very grateful!


At first I didn't see big differences. In fact, I never felt anything. But I give my hand the paddle: what I wanted, what I asked for in the treatment, happened. It took a while, but it happened. I'm at the end of my third cycle, it's been almost 9 months of treatment, I did everything as directed, read the books, did the meditations, I failed a few times, I confess, but what I thought was impossible, it wasn't, and I'm fine now . The treatment worked. There was even a book, the ************************* that stuck in my head. In the beginning I found things very difficult to practice, but in the last few weeks I'm managing and even seeing sense. Then I ask: was my way of thinking and seeing life wrong and is this the limiting belief that you mentioned in the report? It might be. But it's all right.


I did a treatment with ******************** and found everything very dry, superficial, the whole thing limited to ** items, as if I wasn't concerned about treat the person fully. Ok it was cheaper, but I found a cheap one that was expensive. I even got better there, but I didn't like it very much. After 3 months I found you. I started the treatment with you and it was already a slap in the face of good surprises. My people, what is this sensational meditation? For the love...! And this wonderful report? I have two weeks of treatment and the difference for the treatment with the  ******************** is screaming! Even my mood is different. Satisfied so far.


It was a very difficult period that I went through until I met you at a reading on an air shuttle flight. In that instant I caught my eye, I felt something very different. I made the contact, started the treatment, went through the complete process, did the meditations, read the books, understood the entire wonderful report, trusted, let go, changed, and today, after 6 months, I can say that everything is in place. Thank you for this work you do.


I started to research and study a lot about harmonic resonance and by participating in some internet forums, I opted for Quantec. I confess that I had never heard of it, but inside me, I felt that it would be the necessary treatment in my case. The feeling is that God was guiding me to you. After making several quotes, I felt I should hire yours. It was the best choice. My report became huge, there was so much that needed to be worked on for me, that I didn't even know where to start. In these first three months there were so many changes, there was catharsis, fear, insecurity, but after all the cleaning, separation, moving house, I feel at peace. I needed this. I needed to clean up and get rid of everything that didn't match my new frequency anymore. Of course I'm hiring three more  months. Looking forward to everything to come. Gratitude.


My 6 month old baby sleeps much better after Quantec. I have 1 month of treatment. Some nights, she wakes up to feed only once and that's it. Consequently, my sleep quality has improved as well :) Thank you!




I am better. More balanced, more stable, without those bad thoughts from before, I'm a little more sociable, enjoying being with my family more, and even thinking about buying a cat. And coming from me, this is an unlikely thing, hehe. I enjoyed those first 3 months. I really thought it made a difference. and my family also noticed that I'm better. Thanks.




With great effort, my godson agreed to do Quantec there in that difficult beginning. The treatment started and we think he got too bad. It was really a super catharsis that lasted about 20 days. I was desperate, I even thought about asking to stop the treatment. But my husband held me back. We really like ******** and we always want the best for it. After that initial bad phase, he calmed down. His mom gave us feedback every night, and to our surprise, she started telling us that he started telling "those" friends that he wasn't home, wanting to be more alone. Then he started calling aa ****** to visit him again. Then he asked to go back to physical therapy. Recently he even asked to do the guided meditations. Guys, eighth month and we are seeing a  ******** very different from the beginning, and a  ******** like we could never imagine seeing. We know progress is slow in his condition, but for his mother it was a real blessing.  




I have a Quantec and I decided to do a treatment with you just to compare, I confess. I also confess that I felt uncomfortable and threatened by you when I learned of your work. It's the childhood fear of losing customers and all that nonsense about beliefs that we have and that are ingrained in us. Because I want to leave my statement here as a way to apologize. Reading your report, I understood things I was doing wrong, I learned to better serve my clients, the number of clients increased, I never had so much work, and I was still impressed with this "radius" of this DCR (lol) that only half a dozen people have. And look how beautiful: from a brawl, we became partners, and now everything is fine. Today I am able to express my honest gratitude to you for all your affection and understanding with me. I think your treatment is different because you are different people. Proud to be part of this family, albeit indirectly :) I just ask you not to publish my initials or my name. Gratitude! Namaste!





I want to share that we were able to pay all the company's debts, we came out of the red and we are excited for the opening of a new branch. It was a year of a lot of struggle and effort, but for those who thought it was going to break, I'm very satisfied with the result of this treatment. The most evident was the change in the team, each with their own Quantec was the best solution. People stopped getting sick, they stopped fighting, we followed the change recommendations to the letter, and finally, everything worked out really well. Thank you very much!




In my case, in these first 3 months, there was nothing too grandiose, too evident, like some testimonials I read. What I can say is that life has improved overall. That yes. I don't feel depressed, melancholy and down like I used to. I even started gym and swimming, which I could never imagine doing someday in my life, and I'm enjoying it. I'm going to renew because I found it very valid.




It has been exactly 1 year and 3 days since I started the treatment to restore my marital relationship with my husband. Back there, nobody thought it was good. But I kept the treatment with a lot of confidence that something would improve. And it was getting better. What impressed me the most were his changes, he even knew I had ordered a Quantec for us but let it go without much belief in it. Today, after 13 months of that tragedy that had devastated our lives, the ***** has returned home. My kids threw a party after they almost couldn't believe their dad coming through the garage with their bags. My daughter burst into tears because no one really believed that after everything had happened, we would still have a chance and we would go over everything. We pass. And I will remember for the rest of my life that Quantec helped me a lot to change what I needed to change, and to attract what needed to happen, to release beliefs, to drain all these hurts from both of them. Anyway, you must know better than me how it happens. Gratitude!




After 9 months of treatment, my advisor came to ask what happened to me that I'm different, more focused, more studious, more interested in the subjects, and I hadn't even noticed any of that. We had a great conversation and it was only through what he told me that I realized that many things were really different and I wanted to share with you. I think this time, I'll pass. And look, in the beginning I didn't even have faith in Quantec. I'm happy :) Thank you so much!


I just came to say that from everything I've seen so far in terms of therapy, this is really the most complete and profound. It's been very important for me to go through this process that only lets me see results before my eyes. In the first four or five weeks I didn't see anything happen, but for a month now, wow! Change after change is happening. I think it's because I decided to stick more firmly to the report's recommendations, then it seems that everything started to happen for real. Thank you! This strength of yours is worth too much!


In 2015, my husband and I dropped everything and moved to Australia. It was a disaster. Everything went wrong. We regret it and returned to Brazil in 2016. Now in July  2019 we were going to repeat the act and leave Brazil again, imagining that we had learned our lesson and that now we would not make the same mistakes as in the past. Then he decided to ask a Quantec to "protect us" in this process.  We ask for nothing but this: protection to leave the country.  The first surprise we had was when the report included three recommendations that moved us a lot. It started with the one in the Answer Book with the phrase "it is inappropriate at this time". Then we saw another part of the Great Book of Advice, with the recommendation "Accept the flow of events, don't want to control what's out of reach, let fate have its way." And the third was "Waiting is better than making a mistake". We went into shock. But as we were taking everything very seriously not to make mistakes again, we stopped everything and started to let things happen, continuing the treatment. An interesting thing is that we started to meet a very large number of people, very unusual. Looks like Quantec has come to help us attract the right people. One of these was **************, an astrologer who did Astrocartography. And we there, accepting the flow of events, were suddenly commissioning him to study the best place in the world to live or move, and how great was our surprise to find that such a line of mars and pluto passed right over the country. that we wanted to live. The first sensation was that of a bucket of ice water in our head, but after a few days, analyzing it calmly, we concluded that all this was a release so that we didn't make mistakes again and we are attributing all this movement to our treatment with Quantec. We found the best place to live following the treatment instructions, attracting the right people, and now the feeling seems to be that this decision to leave Brazil has become lighter. It's a shame that Quantec doesn't answer questions or confirm if that's the case, but who knows, maybe in the next renewal there won't be a tip for us? haha. Thank you so much girls, you were of an unparalleled degree of excellence, and you helped a family not to make a serious mistake. We now know where we should prepare to move. Kisses!

SEP & MAA     


It's a dazed state I find myself in after reading my initial report. What an important thing! Guys, if I had known this information years ago, I would certainly have made very different choices. This DCR base analysis is the best part of the report. We are faced with a reality that so often wanted to hide, thinking it was just a thing of the moment, but then we see that it is a trend that needs to be fought. I'm amazed. In fact, since the day I stopped everything to fill in the anamnesis, I started to feel something changing inside me. In these 7 days of treatment, I am doing the meditations to the letter and I see how much I am more open and tuned in this whole process of many changes. I'm glad I started. And confident. You guys do very interesting work. I just have to thank you, and then I'll be back to tell you about the results. Thanks!!


About 8 months ago, I was seen by a dowser who did several readings and gave me a very interesting diagnosis of various maladjusted points in my life. It was something that made a lot of sense to me because of what I was already experiencing. Just pointing out the flaws was great, but how to solve them? At that time she said that she preferred not to proceed because things were too heavy, magical things, and that she didn't have enough structure to handle a case like that. It was then that she referred you to me and together with the Anamnesis, I sent the entire diagnosis of what she raised. Today I complete 6 months of treatment with Quantec and I have never felt so good in recent years. In addition to things unfolding in life in general, I feel that all those things from her diagnosis have changed. For free, I asked another dowser who didn't even know about the subject, to do another reading of mine 1 week ago, and just today the result came: I'm great reading it. She was even surprised, asking why I thought I needed a dowsing reading, because she saw everything well. With that, I came here to share my experience because I found all this very interesting. I felt better, and someone else who doesn't even know I'm doing Quantec gave me a much better diagnosis than someone else before, before Quantec. Thank you!


I am a mother and nursing a 6 month old baby. About 10 days ago a huge lump appeared in my right breast. I was desperate thinking that I wouldn't be able to breastfeed my baby anymore and all those fears of cancer came to my head. I cried a lot until a friend recommended me to look for help with you. You were very professional in explaining to me that Quantec does not replace traditional medicine, and that the correct thing would be for me to do an exam first, and depending on the result, we can start the treatment with Quantec in parallel with the medical treatment. I took the exam and found severe mastitis. I was very relieved but at the same time the pain only increased and if it didn't improve I would have to schedule a drainage. Then I started the treatment with you with a single focus on mastitis. I was shocked by my report. He spoke of things I already knew but didn't even realize could be the psychic cause of this mastitis. Impressive. Deep reflections! About 12 hours after the swell started,  the pains stopped without me needing to take any antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs, by my own choice since I am breastfeeding. And today, exactly 6 days after starting Quantec, the lump no longer exists. I'm sending the photo of the ultrasound I took. If I have time to do a second to show the difference, I send it later to show the before and after. But I don't even feel the lump in my breast anymore. Thank you so much for your professionalism and help!



Photos sent by  MCSC customer

I did a treatment with a site called ****************************** and my friend did it with you at the same time, we both did the treatment for the same thing. I did it there because it was a little cheaper and even to compare it with what the *** was going to do here. But when we compare the reports, no, guys, seriously, you're wasted. I had already done a Quantec last year with ************* and I thought it was good, but when we read your report, there is no comparison. So much so that after comparing my report from there with the one from the *** here, I felt compelled to give you a treatment. I just read my report just now. I'm stupid. A detail, a depth, a detailed explanation, a feeling of enrichment. And this DCR module then? It's information for life! You really don't deny the fame, I'm pretty satisfied right from the start. Then I come back to report the results.




Dropping by just to comment that in the last 6 months, my life has improved a lot with this treatment. I can't explain or write beautifully, but I'm really happy. It seems that the climate is different, the vibration is different, the feeling of living has changed, it seems that things make more sense and not to mention that when there is a problem, I solve it much more easily than before. I'm liking too many people. Thanks!


I was living in a very complex situation in life, as you know. My wife convinced me to start a treatment with you and beauty, I accepted but already telling me that I was only going to be 3 months and no more days. Beauty. I delivered, forgot and trusted. It worked out. I started to feel very good, excited, motivated, I woke up happy, something I couldn't do for years since life was an endless melancholy. But, as I had asked you not to send me any kind of renewal notice, that I wouldn't renew even if Quantec instructed me to renew, the 3 months expired and I didn't even remember Quantec in my life. Only a few days ago, I woke up feeling terrible, depressed, sad, not wanting to get out of bed. I didn't understand. Next day, same thing. Third day, same thing. Then it hit me: I went to see and Quantec had won a few days before I started to feel bad again. Only then did I realize that the treatment works and the thing is serious. And look, I hadn't even done any meditations, nor read my report, I was all undisciplined and even so I felt better during the treatment. But it wasn't until the 3 months were up that I started to stagger again. Only at that moment did I believe in the treatment and understood that the problems of a lifetime are not resolved in 3 months, despite the fact that during the entire period of treatment I felt very good. I renewed it has 5 days. The new cycle started yesterday. Today I woke up too well. And this time I will do everything right, the meditations, the readings, everything. I found all this very interesting. It was good for me to see how I went without the treatment because that's the only way I believed in it. You can always send me the final reports with the recommendation to go ahead or not, as this end-of-cycle measurement you recommend there. Thank you so much for all these interesting experiences.


Quantec read my photo and found frequencies of something unbalanced that I needed to consciously balance and suggested reading 3 books saying that's what I needed to correct those sabotaging frequencies there. I bought the books and am reading. Man, I'm shocked by the amount of slap in the face I'm taking, in a good way, lol. It's been exactly the things I had the most difficulty accepting, and now I'm understanding it in a very interesting way without seeming like I'm being forced to accept. I read the thing and enthrone  very calmly, without feeling judged, but it's been a slap in the face that I start laughing to myself thinking that there's a spirit inside this device, lol. It's really interesting. In fact, everything about this treatment is interesting. Thank you so much for providing me with this knowledge!


Without a doubt the treatment is very good. It feels like I'm more creative, finding solutions faster, more clearly. I look at things and I get ideas, and I implement the ideas with great confidence, just a few days later and I already reap the rewards of these implementations. And detail: I never felt this level of security to do things, nor did I have this level of intuition with practical things, and that was exactly what sabotaged me all the time. I'm just having great ideas and creative impulses that are slowly pulling me out of this roll that I've gotten myself into these past few years. I think I understood the part that there is no cure without the patient's participation, I'm living proof of that, and I'm super participative just like that, motivated to do it, and finding ways to do it that makes me strangely satisfied. I'm seeing practical results every day. Very cool this :)


Last night I went to an Apometria house in the Concordia neighborhood to undergo the treatment I do every 3 months, and the mediums at the house asked me if I was doing any new treatments, they saw my aura cleaner and my thoughts more balanced. They said that whatever it is, for me to continue, because this is causing a certain difficulty for the obsessors to stay by my side. I talked about Quantec, no one had ever heard of it, but they said I was supposed to continue. I found this very interesting and came here to comment, especially in my case as you know it is very complicated.  Thanks.



I am at the beginning of my third cycle and he finally came to me yesterday, seven months later. As it was difficult to follow these recommendations of this report, but at the same time, seeing everything I went through and learned from myself, I think I can say that I grew up as a person and maybe that's why he realized that it's still worth trying again. Today he comes to talk to me. Me and our children are very happy.  Please keep our names confidential, just initials like the others. Thanks for helping to rescue our family.


I'm impressed. The night before last, I started to feel a very strange pain in the inner region around the waist. At the time I called Larissa on Whatsapp who guided me and I quickly hired an emergency emanation of a single event for this pain. In fact, it's too bad about having to pay more to anticipate delivery, lol. But beauty. Worth it. You guided me to look for a doctor, I thought it was an appendix, and you did the Quantec for me. I booked the doctor. Afterwards I received the report from Quantec with the wave packages and such. Guys, as soon as Quantec started, half an hour later, I started to feel uncomfortable to pee, which was crazy. Until that night I was no longer supporting the pain and I decided to get ready to go to the medical emergency. I was taking a shower and trying to pee in pain, when suddenly, look what comes out there in the email I sent now. And the pain stopped the moment it left. I made a point of taking a picture and sending it because it's crazy, unbelievable. I expelled a gigantic stone. I'm going to follow the protocol correctly and go to the doctor today, as you insist, but look, okay? You guys are really good at what you do. Of course I understand that it is not possible to know if it was only because of Quantec that I managed to expel a stone this size by myself in 1 day, but the report speaks of fears, fear that reflects in the kidneys, and everything is consistent with the situation you have already know. So I think it was Quantec yes. But ok, I'm going to the doctor now! Thank you very much!



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I started the hair loss treatment with you on 06/14. Today is 07/29 and I decided to send a photo taken under the same conditions compared to the photo I took for Quantec.  I followed all the instructions in the report, I even read books that I thought had nothing to do with hair, as you guys recommended, but made sense for emotional issues. But I think the results are being good. You can put it as a testimonial on the website, because I'm satisfied with the results so far. As you said yourself, it doesn't cure the thing, but it helps, it helps. At least for me it has already made a good difference. Thanks!



Photo submitted by the customer ASC style before and after

I come from a depression that was not resolved at all. It was 2 years of fighting this feeling of meaninglessness in doing anything. I was pushing with my stomach and watching my life wither away, friends go away, family members fill me up, get fat all the time, bad nights sleep, horrible nightmares. I started the treatment in early January at the insistence of my sister, the ******** who was already your client. Almost 8 months later, summarizing my condition: I lost 8 kg of weight, my hair grew back (it was really stressful), I made new friends of another kind, the relationship with my family is 10 times better, I sleep wonderfully without needing to take any more medications, and most importantly: whoever looks at me today, never imagines that I was a victim of depression for 2 long and difficult years. You are helping me more than you think. My sincere thanks!



I really enjoyed reading my report. It made a lot of sense to me. He gave me very interesting explanations that fit right in with what I've been living in my life. I also found it interesting that Quantec chose therapies that other people had already told me were good and that due to the pressure and rush of everyday life I had never paid much attention. I started 1 week ago and I already feel a good feeling. I wanted to come here straight away to tell about these first impressions, but later I'll come back to talk about the evolution of the treatment. Thanks.


I'm a lot better. I didn't see anything big happen, but I can't deny that I'm more balanced, but happy, more animated, with more well-being, with a sense of security, self-confidence, that weight I felt in everything has disappeared. That feeling of persecution I haven't felt for months. I haven't had those depressive crises for a long time, and I don't even know when the last time I had panic attacks or inexplicable compulsive crying was. It's a very interesting thing, all of this. I'm noticeably lighter, and I've only really realized it with so many people asking me if I've done something. There are people who say that it is even more pleasant to stay in my presence, lol. Meditation moments for me are like a super pass where I feel an energy wash inside me. I'm really enjoying it. Thanks.


My testimony is that I did 4 curling cycles and nothing happened. But beauty. On the first day of my 5th cycle, my boss called me and I collapsed. He told me that he had been watching me for months and saw in me a different gleam in his eyes. He said that I was more proactive, more interested in the work, more willing to solve everything that appeared in front of me quickly. He said I had changed. Guys, I didn't even notice any of this. But he was talking and I was getting goosebumps. He praised me as I always wished. I felt so valued at that time that the outside world stopped. At the end of the conversation, he told me that the position for coordinator of the new sector was mine, and that with it came a little gift for a salary increase. I went to heaven. I could never imagine that behind what I thought I wasn't solving anything, there was so much going on and so many people watching and evaluating my work. Got exactly what I asked for. Okay, the internal change that my report asked me to make was not easy, but if it was to spend some money, then to take it seriously, and I took it. Thank you very, very, very much!



When I asked for the broadcast of handouts and books for the contest, I had no idea what you were going to make me discover in this incredible experience. Then I asked for the full treatment for the contest. And I followed all the instructions to the letter. I don't even know how I had the courage to study like that. I felt welcomed by a different energy. Meditations brought me to such a state of ecstasy that I wanted to devour books and give oral presentations in front of the mirror and camera. It was the most intense 9 months of study of my life. And look, I thought I studied a lot before this treatment, but thanks to him, and also thanks to me (I'm not taking the credit for my effort, lol) I managed to pass. You understand what it's like to study 9 years of your life and in 9 months of treatment you feel like a different person, and pass with an ease that I can't even explain. I think this victory is 50% of you. Thank you, with all my honor and gratitude!


Initially I felt that this treatment was not working at all. I did 3 months and stopped. When I stopped, that's when I realized that I hadn't been in negative thoughts for a long time. I was so focused on wanting to get my order out of the house soon, I didn't even realize that I wasn't nervous anymore, I wasn't in that hateful vibe anymore, my immune system was as good as it ever was, that things at work were better and etc. I only realized this when I stopped the treatment even though I had the recommendation of your automatic system to continue. I spent 1 month suffering an endless anguish, that's when I asked you to restart the whole thing. It's been 3 weeks since I started again and now, comparing the two situations, I realize how much this treatment makes me better able to make my life move forward. I understand that there's no magic in buying a dream house, and now it's clear that it's a construction process. I confess that I had not read the introductory explanation material in the first cycle I did, but now I did and everything was totally clear to me. Thanks for everything, including your patience.



I had already done a Quantec last year with **************** so I already knew what it was like. But when I got your report, I realized that you go much deeper. That DCR module then was a slap in the face to my ego. It's all explained there people! Detail by detail of why my life never moves forward! And the whole thing makes a lot of sense to me, because in a way I felt that I just didn't know how to explain it or understand it well, and with the report I got, it was right on the exact spot! I'm impressed with my report. And I'm already starting to feel that something in the air is getting better. In 10 days of treatment, Raul has already called me, can you believe it? For you it must be common, but I'm excited. Thanks!


The first time I heard about Quantec, I was extremely irritated. It looked more like a quackery-looking miracle marketing advertisement. It seemed too easy a solution. I felt a revulsion that has no explanation. It was really, really strong anger. I clearly wanted everyone to go down on this treatment. Time passed and I saw more people talking about Quantec. Until a bomb dropped on my life. I went down the drain to the bottom of the well. Then a friend I hadn't seen for many years came to me, saying that her life got better with Quantec. Very reluctantly, I decided to do it, that's when I found you. But I had that feeling that it sounded too easy to be true. Treatment started and I received my report. Then I understood what the treatment was. Too easy? Only I know how difficult these 1 year and 3 months were. The effort and sacrifice I had to make to change that whole pattern that Quantec said I had and it really made a lot of sense. I had a lot of catharsis, I thought, it was the biggest inner change that anything ever stimulated me to do. That's when I understood that the treatment has nothing of easy promise. I read all the books, I did the meditation, I worked really hard to overcome my negativities, and today, at this very moment, the news arrived of what I wanted and needed. I have to give my arm to cheer. The whole thing works. Thank you to all of you who had so much patience with me at that time. I now recognize that all my anger came from the fact that I was a holistic therapist and couldn't afford to buy a quantec to be seen as the badass therapist. Then I wanted everyone to be disappointed with the treatment so I wouldn't lose my reason and my ego superiority. Even in this, the treatment helped me: I returned to my area (financial), I saw that this beach of being a therapist was not mine, and everything is in place. I'm happy. And grateful. Sorry for the length of this message but I felt like sharing it honestly. I just ask you not to publish my name like the others. Gratitude!



I always had herpes. Every 3 or 4 months for the last 10 years, it was right: the drug cold sores would break out and it hurt too much. An inconvenience. After I started the personal harmonization treatment, in March 2018, I never had a herpes again, that is, I have been free of it for 15 months. But my mother didn't do the treatment as you know, and she also always has cold sores breaking out. Recently she started to feel that it was going to be another attack and I decided to do a Quantec for her right away, I spoke to Fernanda, she told me that herpes has to be treated urgently, we did it on the same day my mother gave it the signal that was going to break out herpes was ready, and it began to emanate waves every 18 minutes. You won't believe it: it's been a week since it started and the herpes regressed before it broke out! I'm in shock. We thought it was going to hatch, bleed, but that Quantec would help to recover faster, but no: Quantec didn't even help to hatch anything. Unbelievable. Thank you so much!


I had already done a Quantec last year with a (...) therapist for baldness. My hair kept falling out. I did it for 6 months. I can say that in addition to not being of any use, the hair loss has only worsened, and a lot. I had hair covering my entire head when I started, and when I finished, there were clearings on my scalp. I thought the Quantec was huge crap. Until I met a friend who said she was doing a Quantec with you exactly for hair loss, and it had worked. Strange. I went to find out. She cheered me up. Maybe the person who had attended me before was not a specialist in alopecia, who knows? Then I decided to do it with you. Right away, the report was shot in my face. What were that my people? It doesn't have the slightest comparison to what I've done in the past. And the most interesting part: there was a caveat there that if I used the combination of laxative with anti-metabolic agents, neither Quantec nor anything would stop the hair loss. And I never mentioned in the anamnesis that I take 5 lacto purges a day and used and abused anti-metabolic drugs. Ready. Without even having started the treatment right, your report already gave me the explanation in a very complete and very logical way in my head. Impressive. Then I stopped immediately with the two medications. I've been in treatment for 8 months following all the guidelines, including kale, and my hair has never in my entire life been so beautiful and voluminous. Your work is really good. Thanks!


Look, I don't know if I'm lucky, but everything I asked for, even the most impossible things, I got. Maybe I plunged headlong into this treatment and followed everything to the letter, more than other people, I don't know. All I know is that my entire wish list has been fulfilled. And from the beginning I didn't let any doubts enter my head: I was going to make it and that's it. And everything, everything I asked for, came. All orders in full. And you know that there were not a few. Some things came faster, others took a long time, but they did. And I did my part with such perfection that I can't hide how proud I am of myself :) It's my fourth cycle, and I'm pretty pleased with the results. Thanks.



I thought things would work out faster when I started, but I soon saw that a lot needed to get worse to start getting better. And look, I'll tell you Fernanda, it got too bad. Moved everything out of place. It made me crazy! But today I understand and I'm grateful for this change in my life, because now everything makes sense and I understand that I would continue in the stage of trash of person if Quantec hadn't pulled me out of that vicious situation that I myself didn't want to leave behind. I asked to harmonize my affective life thinking that it was with Cláudio that I had to spend the rest of my life, but in that attachment I didn't see that there is no dignity in being raped. It all ended, as you know, and I met someone else. I have NEVER been loved as much as I am now. How much difference! Well resolved person, confident, real man! My request was not fulfilled exactly as I wanted, but much better than I could imagine or even thought I deserved. I'm going to live in London with the person I always asked God for! Thank you for your excellent work!



I come here to leave my testimony with a very happy heart. We had a serious legal problem, and everything pointed to defeat, which would be very unfair. When we came to you, I remember the words well: "Quantec only helps if your husband is innocent, because he works only for the truth". Well, at that time I trusted. Today, 15 months later, the sentence of acquittal came out on an issue that we didn't see the slightest light at the end of the tunnel. The truth appeared. Justice was really fair. Those responsible for the setup were caught. I do not know how to thank you. There were 5 cycles of 3 months, and just before the renewal for the 6th cycle, we received this news that brought tears to my eyes. Thank you very much for your help and I count on your usual discretion.



I started a treatment in October 2018 discredited. I no longer trusted anything. This field of alternative therapies has fallen into disrepute to me. With great insistence from my husband, I did it. A month passed, and nothing. Two months, and nothing. Until the third month, what I asked for just happened. I almost didn't believe it. Six years of my life creating expectations in everything that was treatment and nothing, and suddenly, I managed to resolve what was tormenting me. At the end of the first cycle of 3 months, I renewed, and I can say that for my goals it worked very well and has been working to keep things better and better. I'm already in my third cycle of undulations and I recommend it mainly for those who are tired of not seeing results in anything else.


I went through a depressive process for 18 months. My unemployed husband, my children living in very basic conditions, we could barely leave the house on the weekend for even a moment of leisure. Our situation was very critical, and just remembering makes your heart sink. We met Quantec in a lecture here in Rio Grande do Sul, and we were amazed. That Saturday afternoon, our eyes lit up and we started looking for someone who could help us. The RS speaker charged a lot, so we went looking for better prices. In our research, we arrived here at BR Quantec and Fernanda assisted us, giving all the explanations carefully. As the price was more affordable, we made it for my husband. I'll never forget the Sunday we were sitting at the table having lunch, about 15 days after the treatment started, and Pedro's cell phone rings. The person on the other side says that he had been looking for a résumé like his for months and that he didn't know because he had never seen his résumé there, since it was in the database for almost 1 year. They talked the next day, and a week later my husband was already working. It was the only thing we asked Quantec for: a job, a livelihood, a source of income that would restore our dignity, and it happened. We've been doing treatment now for the four of us for 1 year, and our quality of life has changed from water to wine. I just have to thank you. Another time I write Juliana's testimony, our daughter.


My husband left home and went to live another love experience with a person in another state. All of this panicked me. Bills, too many expenses, my children to take care of, self-esteem in the garbage, feeling of impotence, my depression that I tried to hide, feeling of a destroyed and defeated life. I started doing Quantec kind of at the insistence of a cousin, and I was realizing that little by little things were starting to adjust. I got a better job, the depression lessened, my self-esteem changed a lot for the better, my relationship with my two children strengthened, but my heart's great desire still hadn't come true. Today I come here, surrendered to Quantec. After 1 year and 7 months, my husband returned home, and we reconciled. I, who had heard from him that he no longer had the slightest interest in me and would never go back on the decision, today I have him by my side and we are living what we have never experienced before, including in terms of libido. And I want to continue receiving the benefits of Quantec, because honestly, this long treatment changed my life in general a lot. Thank you!

I started to feel an unbearable toothache. I went to the dentist and found internal cavities, those that do not appear because of the lack of oral hygiene. They removed the cavities. Less than a month later, another pain attack, more internal caries in other teeth. That's when the dentist said that it could only have an emotional cause. So I went to Quantec therapy and the therapist scanned my teeth. I almost fell back when Quantec detected that the cause of all those internal cavities that had been arising was a pain in my knee that I had been feeling and had not given much importance. I started getting the healing fumes for my teeth and knees, and I never had any oral problems again. Even dental cleaning became more peaceful. It really worked and surprised me and my dentist.

I am 61 years old. I am a scholar for ten years of dowsing and I apply it a lot. I met Quantec 5 years ago and, as a researcher that I am, I came to understand the radionics process, through the actions of Quantec. My first Quantec treatment experience was 9 months ago. I was surprised with very accurate diagnoses and I received coherent information of sick energies in my emotional, mental and even spiritual fields, in addition to illness already installed in the physical that detected some by dowsing, but without having reached such an interesting deepening as the scan by Quantity In the first week, I felt like something was knocking at my door comfortably. It felt safe but transparent in front of my eyes. The days went by, sometimes I remembered the treatment, skimmed the report and noticed that something subtle was starting to change. After three months, the treatment ended and life continued. But something changed in my body way, in my essence, in my feeling. Two months ago, I felt the need to repeat the treatment and authorized a new intervention. The new report surprised me even more, with a range of new frequencies to be addressed. There I perceived a new “look”, more comprehensive, more subtle, narrowing more, without many concrete surprises, but deep in the evaluative essence. A month ago, I was surprised with an inflammation in my knees that made me uncomfortable and I decided to treat them with Quantec. What was my surprise, when he points out to me issues rooted in my emotional behavior, in addition to marking episodes that I knew had already been resolved and had NOT, as they were installed and hidden in my psycho-emotional and spiritual aspects. Within a week, with the help of ice, arnica and the fabulous Quantec my knees were active! And the main thing, my hidden memories were in my hands to be worked on and re-evaluated. With the help of Ho-hoponopono I made the adjustments commanded by Quantec more flexible. I was amazed! I wanted more!!! I was about to take a trip and decided to direct the money for a trip inside me, in the wonderful Quantec vehicle. I hired the personalized, face-to-face and complete service. From there, I found myself deeply and scanning my entire physical, emotional, mental and spiritual system that generated 8 wonderful and complete reports that are processing a magic in my life. The technical support of the BRQuantec team, all the monitoring I have been receiving is providing me with reviewing, re-editing, receiving the subtle and concrete changes that are being processed in my life. I am grateful to everything and everyone who allowed me to get here and reedit my life, my safe path, consistent with my mission, is completely healthy.

My company was about to go bankrupt, when I decided, as a last attempt, to treat it with Quantec. Less than 3 months later, I couldn't believe it: customers from unimaginable sources started to appear. I had to start rehiring the people I had fired, because instead of 1 order a week, I had to deal with the challenge of more than 20 orders a day. Of course, not everything was magic, as I continued to work a lot according to Quantec's guidelines, but it was impressive how my business and my brand started to be sought after. I had to adjust my customer service structure, change my telephone system, redo the website, and I kept up with the increase in demand, but to this day I stop and think about where these customers came from. When we entrepreneurs think about winning in a company, we think about earning more. With the increase in sales, there are a series of other problems that we have to adjust to be able to meet everyone's needs, but the real truth is that I'm no longer without Quantec. It's been 8 months now and I'm very satisfied, with the conviction that I can improve even more!

After I started using Quantec I felt my questions unlocked. Within the first week a family issue was resolved. The others are walking, and I am very confident and satisfied. On top of that, I've improved my relationship with my bosses a lot, and that fear of being fired no longer exists. I became aware of things I had never imagined when I read the reports they sent me and I understood things that I had been looking for explanation for a long time. I thought the service was very good, and I already see very positive practical results. Thanks!

I had already had a Quantec treatment last year with another therapist, but to my surprise, when I met the BRQuantec team I was surprised. The degree of depth of treatment is unprecedented. I didn't know Quantec was able to delve so deeply into our issues. Even things that I didn't report in the anamnesis were detected. I found the service very complete. Not to mention that what I didn't even have much confidence would be resolved was the first thing that had a solution: my girlfriend came back with me. From then on, I already have 3 months in which I see everything moving towards a solution in the requests I made. Before it seemed to be such an impossible thing, and now so close to being achieved. I don't know what magic you do, but it's undeniable that it works. Thanks a lot!

I was unemployed for 3 years. I did everything I could to get myself back on, but unfortunately, nothing worked. All my friends getting jobs, but something was holding me back. I looked for help at Quantec and asked for the doors to be opened for my professional relocation. I found that a lot of things I had no idea about were interfering with my professional life, even crashing my previous job, and that there was a lot to be put in place. I'm in the fourth month of treatment and a few days ago I started working in São Paulo in a completely different environment than I used to work, where the level is different. Incredible

I met Quantec on a trip to Spain, but I started my treatment some time later, here in Brazil. I've been doing quantum therapy for 9 months and I can't stop being amazed by the results. As I am a more anxious person, this treatment has made a lot of difference for me, from the small details, such as having more courage to say no or tranquility to manage everyday problems. My immunity has also improved a lot, I imagine as a result of that. It got so much better that it caught the attention of my mother and my husband, who also recently joined the therapy lol

What impressed me most was the diagnostic report. When I read the cause of some pain I felt, I fell back. It was my psychological description without taking it out or putting it on. I was also worried at first, as some illnesses appeared in my spiritual field that still didn't manifest, but that were very consistent with my emotional profile. What reassured me was the possibility of treating the emotions that fuel this disorder before it occurs in the physical. I'm still in the process, but having support like this is comforting.

With Quantec, you get used to living at a cool frequency, where everything flows, and you only realize how much more difficult life could be when you lose this support. I did a few months and even with the suggestion of treatment for a longer time, I thought I didn't need it anymore. Do you know what we only value what we lose? I needed to lose to feel the difference in my skin and take Quantec as a serious relationship. LOL

I was very upset. I felt a mixture of fear, anger and did not value myself. After two weeks at Quantec I feel a lot of improvement.

A few months ago I felt extremely tired and not knowing what to do with my life. I looked for a lot of help and ended up arriving at Quantec. I started without too many expectations but I was incredibly surprised. The feeling is as if the energy was slowly rising, the mood settling throughout my being. I returned to having positive thoughts and being more proactive. My relationship has improved, my work performance has gone up, my sleep has returned to normal. When I got the report so well explained with that amount of information that some, only I had, I was really impressed. I loved. I don't stop with the treatment anymore!!!!

So far it's like this from the things I asked Quantec: Being able to travel ok, getting a place in the course ok, getting through the selection process ok, improving cholesterol and blood pressure exams ok, but I still haven't managed to lose the 25kg I I wanted. I only lost 4kg in 4 months and found it little. I understood that Quantec doesn't lose weight if we don't stop eating, but what I want is to eat without getting fat. So many people get it their whole lives! So almost everything worked out. But I found it valid. Until January, I'll be back to tell you if the new orders were successful. smacks

I got here at rock bottom. I had no hope of being able to reverse the mess my life had become. In fact, I only started this treatment at my grandmother's insistence. It took me some time to start seeing results, but for some time now, it's amazing how things started to happen. It feels like I was buried in the mud and you guys went to a lot of trouble to get me out of there, but little by little I felt lighter, stronger, more confident, and the things that were holding me back began to take a turn for the better. If I go into detail, give a book, but what I want to register here is that today, 7 months after starting this treatment, I can say that I am living proof that you pulled me out of the certainty of suicide and gave me a new life expectancy. Even the court case had an inexplicable twist. Thank you for your affection and professionalism. I want to continue steadfastly in this new cycle. Gratitude!

When I arrived here, I had very little hope of regaining my relationship. When Fernanda told me that the chances of Quantec helping me with this were at most 39%, I was devastated, but I still needed to try. Started. The first surprise was the content of the report. At that moment I saw that the thing was serious because the resources were the most varied and hit the sick part of our relationship in full. But my biggest surprise was that little by little things really got different: less fighting, less jealousy, less willingness to take offense, even the sex improved a lot, and for a man who always said I was just a temporary girlfriend even after 1 year of relationship, I was surprised when he started talking about future plans and even engagement. In these 4 months that I have been undergoing this treatment, I can't explain how all this happened, the points where things were opening up, I just know that it happened and I swore to myself that I would only give any positive testimony here if Lucas gave me security . Today he told me that he realized that I am the person he really wants to build a stable relationship with. I don't know what the future holds, but today I was sure that this treatment has been really worth it, because you are not understanding how this seemed to be impossible 4 months ago. Thanks. You are the main responsible for me having opened my eyes to many things that I didn't even think it mattered to have a happy relationship. And it worked. Today I can say that I have a real boyfriend. Today my self-esteem is like I never thought possible with this man. Today anyway, I'm very happy. Gratitude from all my heart!


I started the treatment and saw some interesting changes. At work and in the family, it seemed like things were falling into place. But it was such a subtle thing that I couldn't convince myself that the good things were because of the treatment, I confess. I thought it was luck, I don't know. The end of the 3 months has arrived. I decided not to continue. It was only then that I realized how much difference the treatment had made: it stopped and everything from before came back. Fernanda had explained to me that there are things that need more than 3 months, and I come here sincerely to say that I thought this was just a conversation for me to do more time. It was just unbelievable how everything started to fall apart after I stopped. It seemed like the things that were falling into place started to recede. Both at work and at home, I started to feel those same depressing feelings I had before the treatment. It was then that I decided to give a vote of confidence and request the restart of treatment. I confess that I wanted to test to see if things were going to continue bad, and to my surprise, things were calming down again. I'm already in my sixth month of treatment within this phase 2, and I don't intend to interrupt this time, letting Quantec itself inform you when it's time to stop. Today I had my long-awaited raise and I was so happy that I had to come here to share my experience. A person like me with all the signs of dismissal, now I became responsible for sales for the entire Southeast region of my company, my children have adjusted, my husband is much more understanding and present, and things are going very well. I just have to thank you for the support and seriousness of your work. Thank you!


When I started this treatment for my relationship, I was desperate, shooting everywhere and trying everything. I spent about 2 months doubting. You asked to be honest then to be. In the third month he came to me. I shivered seeing the phone ring. Do you know when we really want something to happen but have no faith that it's possible? That was me until that day. The funniest thing is that everything that came out in my statements went right! It was amazing to see us recover each other with so much affection from him. I'm very happy. Little kisses.

I got pregnant!!! I tried calling on WhatsApp but as they didn't answer I decided to come here soon! It worked out!!! My God, I'm feeling full! You guys are awesome! I no longer have any doubts that Quantec really works! See the result of the exam I sent through WhatsApp? Is it possible to prepare something to emanate the protection of pregnancy to go through without complications? Our people, I'm very happy! Please guide me about owner conducting the pregnancy energetically speaking. There must be some emanation for this right? Thanks!!!

This catharsis thing made me very bad. Until I understood that this was the antimatter that I myself accumulated with my truculent, impatient and impulsive way, it took a moment... I don't even know how you were patient with me. But I think all this cleaning just made me see how wrong I was in my thinking and wanting a lot of things. My relationship is different. It was too difficult to abandon my ego and give it to the universe without being on top of the thing dying of anxiety to see it happen soon, but when I let go, after so much headbutt to the wall, I saw that the best way was to trust and let things go happen in your time. And today, 8 months later, I'm here in the United States fulfilling my dream that began to be drawn with you. I still have a lot to sort out, but I really appreciate you guys for helping me so much! Kiss beloveds!

I've done several quantecs with various therapists, but they were infinitely simpler things, dear, I was offered it. When I received your report I was amazed! This has nothing to do with those unintelligible 3-page reports I received in other treatments: it is a profound document, which even speaks of our personality and the challenges we have to overcome, and it all made so much sense to me that you won me over in the excellence and quality of you compared to so many others. The work really is different. It shouldn't be for nothing that my blood pressure is great, my son passed, I managed to buy the ticket, but what impressed me the most was my spirituality: I've never had such a sharp intuition. But I'm following the recommendation correctly to overcome my karma. Thank you for your depth!

I didn't really mind this thing about having to read the report and the treatment instructions. I thought that just plugging the whole thing into Quantec was enough and that was it. But when I noticed the evolution of Camila (my twin sister who undergoes treatment with me) and nothing happened to me, I was intrigued and decided to talk to her and you to understand why two practically identical people with the same goals had so different results. That's when I found out that Camila followed the treatment instructions every day. It was the 10 minutes she took of her time to just read the whole thing, which I didn't even feel like doing. But I started to see if it would make a difference. It was amazing how on day 4 I got a call for an interview. And from then on, a succession of somewhat unbelievable things, small, simple, but that I wasn't used to seeing, convinced me that the treatment done following the instructions correctly was really worth it. I'm really enjoying it. And Camila will also send an account of her experience when she returns from the fair. Looks like she's making great sales there! Thank you so much Fê, Gui, Mary and Má, you are great!


I started the treatment approximately 3 months ago, for me and my son who was at risk of school failure due to spiritual influences, at the end of the last week I received the news that he went straight through, without even recovering (something unheard of in his school life) in my case, many things have changed in a positive way, I was very lost about how to get on with my life, without courage, hope, etc., well I'm starting my own business, I went to a clairvoyant and she saw quantec, why not knowing what it was, as I had never seen it acting on anyone, I explained and she stated with all the lyrics "of everything you are doing, this is the treatment that is bringing the most results"... I feel immensely grateful, no there are miracles, things that I need to experience karmatically, it doesn't eliminate, but I feel totally different in my reactions...besides that it considerably reduces the violence of learning. This is being the best money invested in my family, after he saw the results, even my husband asked to do it for him too.

My 1 month old kitten fell from a height of 1 meter and was limping. He left on time and went to the vet. Diagnosis: fracture. Only it was 10 pm and they couldn't do the surgery at that time. They put on a small splint. I immediately sent a distress call to Fernanda and she advised me to try Quantec to speed up the bone glue. It was a Friday night. She did Quantec almost at the same time. The fumes started at 1 am. On Saturday morning, the puppy himself had already torn off the splint. He still had a limp. Surgery was scheduled for Monday. Saturday passed. Sunday passed. Monday morning the puppy was walking without a limp. Surgery scheduled for 3 pm, I arrived at the clinic and asked for an X-ray to confirm the fracture. Result: the bone was already sticking and the recommendation for surgery was suspended, somewhat postponed to follow the evolution. 1 week later I come here to leave my statement saying that Lucky is running around the house as if nothing had happened! Impressive how Quantec made such a real difference. I have no doubts about turning to him again if I need to. Congratulations on the work you!


We had a big fight and I thought she would never look me in the face again. But I couldn't stop thinking about her. I looked, asked for forgiveness, improvised, but for 4 months she blocked me in every way. That's when my cousin recommended this treatment for couple harmonization. Started. At first I was in disbelief. A month passed and nothing. Two months and nothing. Three months and nothing. No sign of her. But as I was feeling better, I decided to continue with the treatment. Today it was 5 months and 3 days, and I just got a message from her. I almost didn't believe it when I read it. In short, she says that for weeks she's been reluctant to avoid me, but that a stronger force than she made her surrender and come to me asking to see me. Impressive. Looks like someone else. It took a while but it was worth it. And the funniest thing of all is that she told me things I didn't expect from her on the message even when we were dating. I don't want to stop this treatment anytime soon :) You guys are very good at what you do. Thank you very much!


When I started the treatment, my life was just destroyed. It was too much of a dead end. I had nothing to do. Through Rafaela's recommendation, I decided to treat myself on a global level: for me, for my husband, for our family, for my parents, for the lawsuits that made us sleepless, for a daughter who lived in unexplained trouble. Less than 1 year later, I can't explain what happened, I can't say what event marked the change, because everything changed, everything got on track, and for the first time in 5 years, we're going to have a truly peaceful Christmas. We started to live with well-being, spontaneous things happened, other things were resolved, people changed their attitude towards us, opportunities started to appear, and when I realized, all that mess was being arranged in a way that I can't explain . All I know is that it was the best investment I've ever made in my life, and I would do it all over again if necessary. This quantum science with this equipment really did me a lot of good. Highly recommend.


Simply amazing how I gained more quality of life with this treatment. I've never gone so long without fighting with my husband, I don't remember a time in my life where I spent so much time without having a headache, things at work fell into place in a way I couldn't believe when my boss praised me recently. Not to mention my emotional balance that even people around me ask me what's happening that I'm changing. Wow, a lot has changed, but I came here today to thank you. For 5 years my life has been a struggle, and in the last 8 months it has become a nice and smooth life. Without explanation. Thank you!


I've been trying to sell my property for 5 years, 17 real estate agents, countless potential buyers, and nothing. In August I arrived here in disbelief, but in despair, because I needed to make money by selling the property. They did an incredible job, with a report that showed on the plan where the diseased spots of the property were, and it made total sense. I had not said anything about what had happened at the property, but the place where my daughter was depressed, the place where my mother died, the place where I had ugly fights with my husband, and even a point that spoke of a violence that only later did we discover the fight between the masons at the construction site when the house was being built, where they were badly injured. I could NEVER imagine that there is a science to detect this and even less that it could cause a problem when selling the property. Today I come here to say that after 5 months and 10 days of treatment, I sold the property yesterday, and without having to lower the price. Impressive result this Quantec had in my life. Very good work, highly recommend! Thanks!


I only have one thing to say about you BR Quantec team and about the treatment: impressive. I'm shocked at the leap my life has taken in less than 3 months. Thank you, thank you and thank you so much!


My emotions really are much healthier. I have a feeling I haven't had in years, that everything is falling into place. I don't have those depressing moments anymore. It seems that some force sustains me as it didn't happen before, even with everything I tried to do in holistic therapy. Thank you!


The first time I had a treatment with a Quantec was with a therapist from São Paulo. Did not like. I only did it with you because my daughter advertised her results a lot. So I decided to try it out. I don't know what you guys do differently, but I know I'm more self-confident and self-assured. This is noticeable. That part of my mission in life then, was right. I understood my karma and started to make decisions always remembering the recommendations that came from dealing with this karmic part. I found the report more complete, more comprehensive and I really enjoyed your work. After these initial 3 months, this is my testimony, and on Monday I will renew it. Thank you very much!


I just refreshed my Quantec and found it simply amazing what the new report detected. A few days ago I felt strong changes and when identified by quantec I was impressed. It's really worth it. A broad and holistic look at all our issues, anxieties and discomforts, bringing solutions and help that we feel on a daily basis.


After 8 months of treatment, what I can say is that a lot has fallen into place in my life. Soon I, skeptical about these things, saw things being solved that I didn't even think had a solution. At the beginning, it took me a while to understand that I had to do my part by stopping going to houses at night, stopping being with 1 different woman a day, stopping wanting to pull the rug from under others, stopping talking lies (I was a very liar, and I didn't think it had anything to do), stopping manipulating others, stopping talking bad about people, and a few more moves there. I stopped all this just out of anger to see if Quantec really worked. Then it worked! But I thought: “damn, it's working because I changed, so I can stop Quantec, since I'm changed, I don't need Quantec”. I didn't do it for 1 month. Oh my people, it was a fiasco. I always had my mania for thinking I was a badass, I saw that I was a real patient, a social patient, and that this Quantec was being a medicine for me. It was back to doing that everything was balancing again. I don't know, it seems like we feel better. It took me 8 months to understand and realize a lot, but I give my hand to the paddle: for me this treatment was one of the best things.


I had a hard time believing this treatment. But as my friends talk so much in my head, I decided to give it a try. What can I say? Looks like a breath of life has arrived! A breath I can't explain. I'm with 42 days of treatment and unlike the brainwashes they've tried to do with me stuffing myself with books to read, I'm just doing the meditations that the report recommended and I'm feeling a continuous and impressive well being, with no one trying to brainwash me. It's a will to live that I don't even know where it comes from, but it comes, I'm enjoying it and then I'll come back to tell you at the end. Thank you Fernanda!


With me everything was slow. Beeem slow. Maybe because I'm very rational with things and for a long time I've been trying to find a logical explanation of how this could work, if the things that bothered me apparently had no way out. But some strange things were happening. I would call it coincidences, but there were so many "coincidences", and they all connected one thing to another and they all took me to what I needed. Today, the sentence came out in favour. I cried like a child. Justice was done. I look back and connect the dots: I don't think they were coincidences anymore, because everything was so perfect. Right people started appearing, new information came up, people offered me help out of nowhere, obstacles appeared for the other party, and everything spontaneously! All the experts had already made it clear to me: the chances were slim, almost nil, but it was all I had, the only reason to keep fighting so I wouldn't have the feeling that I didn't even try to earn my dignity back. And the result left everyone open-mouthed. Justice was done gloriously. Of course, we can't be sure that a movement here and there was specifically because of Quantec, but when time goes by and we see the result after so long of fighting and when we read the sentence, it seems that something inside us makes us make sure that the rational logics of the world are not very interesting. There were simply movements that for 10 years never happened. On the contrary: my opponents only humiliated me, their lies only gained credence. It was starting Quantec, that the game started to change. And changed. And it's almost unbelievable. But it happened and I'm very happy. I do attribute this unexpected and unbelievable result to this technology of quantum physics, and I really appreciate you giving me a vote of confidence and believing in me. Thank you very much!


I am a resident of the interior of Rio Grande do Sul. We live in a house in a rural area. In May 2018, I started treatment for my son Guilherme, who was 11 at the time, who has Autism. Today he is 12 years old. We had been attending APAE for many years, but he was a very agitated, restless child, he had the urge to jump anywhere that had water, and it was a constant concern to take care of him. He required full-time surveillance. In these 9 months, I can't even explain what happened, I just know it's a wonderful thing. My son is communicating more clearly, is MUCH calmer, but MUCH REALLY, he hasn't run towards the water for months, on the contrary: he sits in front of a lake and admires the water without entering it again. He's expressing himself better, and most impressively, he's interacting better with people. Even the APAE teachers noticed the difference. I'm a simple and humble person, and I don't know what science you use, but I ask God to give you a lot of health to continue doing this work with Quantec. Keep helping my son, that's all I ask. Thank you!

When I stopped the treatment, I realized that all the good things that had happened only happened after I started the treatment. My life was rubbish. A total mess in everything. Then I started treatment in March 2018. Things started to improve but I had no idea it was because of Quantec. I thought she was lucky, God, the angels, or because my time in life had come. I didn't create a direct association, you know? So I didn't think things were coming into place because of Quantec. It's just that he doesn't warn you right? He doesn't go there and say "your marriage fixed because of me" or "you managed to pay your debts because I helped you." Things were happening and I was there, paying for the treatment every 3 months but without making this association. In late November, I decided to stop. Ah, but why... The months of December and January were like this, very bad. I don't know, I felt bad. It seems that those sensations and traps of life were approaching again and problems started to pop up and so on. Until a week ago I started the treatment again and only then did I realize: it really works, it makes me stable, things start to work. Now I understood what Fernanda had told me at the beginning, that I would need about 2 years of treatment, but only now I'm sure that I really need it, and it's really good, and it really makes a difference, and I need to stop at halfway to see in practice the difference between how it is with Quantec and without Quantec. I don't run out of it anymore. Impressive as it has taken effect just starting over. You guys are really good, and it really works. Before I thought, now I'm sure. Thank you for your serious work!


I got almost everything I asked for from Quantec. Health has improved, emotions are more balanced, I'm less caring about silly things (now I know they were silly), doors opening, they called me to write a book, that relationship I thought would be the end if I broke up has already happened place to another relationship, much more satisfactory, things were happening, more lectures, more movement, my doubt about a good future ended. In summary that's it. I'm stronger and more owner of myself. I have 11 months of treatment. Of course there are things that we don't know if it was because of Quantec or not, but if my life was stuck, I tried everything that exists and nothing solved, and after Quantec everything started to move, so I have no other explanation . I just know it's too good at this pace. Thanks!!!

He just sent me a message! I almost didn't believe it. I swore to myself that I would only give a statement here if there was any rapprochement, and it just happened. It was 7 months of a lot of anguish, fear, reflection, regret, but all the signs showed that something good was happening in me and around me. I didn't associate any of this with Quantec, but before renewing the treatment for the second time, I went to a Floral Therapist who is sensitive, who asked me “what is this force that was changing my mind”. I remembered the emanation report right away, and everything I read in it. Of all the things I needed to change and take over to see my heart's desire come true. I talked to her about Quantec, she didn't know, she got crazy, after a week she called me saying that she did research and that it was serious and that she confirmed that it was thanks to him that I was different and that things around me were different. Then I decided to really stick to the instructions in the report, I did the meditations, I started trying to put my mission into practice, solve my behaviors and everything else, and doesn't it really work? The most unlikely thing in the world would be for him to text me, let alone what he wrote! It was obvious that he was also going through a process of profound change without even knowing that there was a Quantec working for our harmonization. I'm impressed. I surrendered the conversation and he's coming here tomorrow. You really want to talk to me. You are to be congratulated. Far from the magic that I thought Quantec was at the beginning, now, after having persevered in this treatment and already being in my third cycle, I understood that it really makes a difference when we do our part. Thanks a thousand times for that. You know how much this is all so important to my sanity as a person. Thank you, thank you and thank you!

We have a newborn child at home. We are first-time parents. Arthur did not sleep. Every day, he just cried, wanting to be held all the time, and no matter how hard we tried, we reached such a level of weariness that we despaired. We slept 2 hours a night. We looked for several pediatricians for several weeks, but nothing worked. A friend then referred us to the BR Quantec here and as a last resort, we tried, asking him to calm down, sleep and let us sleep. One day after starting the treatment, we were shocked. Arthur woke up only once at night to nurse. We don't believe this was because of Quantec and we waited for the second night. Surprise again: Arthur slept! Third, fourth, fifth day later, and in an unbelievable way for us, his sleep stabilized. We are with 10 days of treatment and now we are able to rest. The most impressive thing is that Arthur is calmer, cries less and is sleeping about 19 hours a day. Fernanda explained to us that the babies' subconscious is easier to harmonize, but we were really impressed with such a quick result. We even hoped that Quantec could help, but it was more than that: it solved the problem! We don't know what it will be like when the swell ends, but one thing is certain: if he gets out of this calm state, we'll renew. Thank you very much for all your professionalism, affection and care for us and our son. We are really grateful.

You are to be congratulated. For obvious reasons (for those of you who know about my case) I can't publicly detail my case here, but I came to thank you. I didn't really believe in the beginning, I can only say that I saw everything organized to fulfill my wish. I had to change a lot my concepts and vision about how life works, but even in that you were perfect with the reading suggestions. I am very happy. You guys are really good at what you do. Thanks.

I started this treatment because my eye pressure was very high and my ophthalmologist had recommended constant use of eye drops. After 1 year strictly following Quantec's guidelines, renewed every 3 months, and following everything that this wonderful BR Quantec team instructed me to do, I went to the doctor for my annual checkup. If I wasn't sitting down, I would fall to the ground. Not only did my eye pressure go down to 13, my ocular grade, which was 2.5 and 2.0, dropped to 1.25 for each eye. I, who hadn't changed my glasses for years, and had even stopped wearing them because they weren't serving me anymore, I thought the situation would be worse when, to our surprise, the overall picture improved a lot! You don't understand how happy I am about this, because I didn't even expect such a big improvement. When I started Quantec, I just asked that the pressure not increase, because I have a lot of glaucoma in my family. It's true that in the exam it doesn't appear written that my grade decreased and that my blood pressure dropped because of Quantec. But I cannot attribute this surprising improvement to something else, and I am quite satisfied with this treatment. Now people in the family believe in Quantec and want to undergo treatment after seeing the test results. Get ready that the queue of interested parties will be long, lol. Thank you for doing such a serious job. I am very satisfied and worth every penny. And above all, this treatment revealed to me things that were very important for me to understand my life. Every report was a gift. Thank you from the heart! You gained a fan full of gratitude! Namaste!

I did exactly what the treatment recommended. It was difficult behavioral changes, but I did it. I didn't fail the meditations. I read the reports religiously every week. I read the recommended books. I did my part very well. I delivered and trusted. And when I least expected it, after 13 months of a lot of struggle with myself and at least a hundred catharsis, my husband appears out of nowhere asking me for forgiveness, wanting to return home to be a family again. Well, I thought it was out of nowhere, but now I know that a lot of things changed about him during this treatment. Only then did I surrender and understand that this treatment did a lot more for me than I thought it could. Roberto asked to come back was just to confirm things, because being honest a lot has improved, mainly I've improved as a person, and apparently so has he. I can't explain and maybe not even understand what happened, but I know you guys are amazing. A thousand thanks!

I've done Quantec with 5 different therapists. I've never seen a treatment like yours. Complete. No saving on what was needed. Features that never came out to me in any other quantist report. What impressed me the most was the wealth of things that went right into my life's mission, destiny, karmas and everything else that made the penny and everything made sense. You guys must be Virgos for how much you care about every detail that ended up making a huge difference to me. I, who already had experience with other Quantec quantum therapists, discovered another level of knowledge in you. But it's that thing, I was interested in the results. And they happened. The coolest thing was that you told me that my issue wouldn't be resolved in 3 months, and no one else told me that, everyone promised a solution in 3 months. It's only with you guys that I understood that 3 months is just to keep things going better, but that it could take longer. that's right, it took a lot more than 3 months, but I beat this monster of this disease. My family and I are immensely grateful for your high level professional work. Anyone who has ever done Quantec with others should do it with you just to experience the reporting level of putting a lot of people to shame. And I speak with my mouth full knowingly because I've been a client of several. Anyway, thanks for your patience and all the help. A special thank you to Fernanda who put up with me for almost 1 year in my crises. Thanks too many people!
Andrew W.D.

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