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Do not request your treatment until you know a little more about us and agree to our employment policy described below.


Who we are:

We are an organization of therapists and specialists operating QUANTEC®, instrumental bio-communication equipment, which uses the principles of radionics and morphic fields to offer a serious and in-depth service focused on the well-being of human beings. Our style is practical, direct, objective, assertive and focused on providing high quality treatments.

Our differential is that, in addition to the photo scans carried out by QUANTEC®, we also take into account a detailed analysis of an anamnesis, and we make parallel measurements and checks of emanations using the classical methods of radiesthesia and kabalistic dowsing, as well as using tools other than those existing in QUANTEC® but in full harmony with it (therefore, we offer a broader service) without charging more for it, all to guarantee the quality of an alternative therapeutic procedure with a great impact on people, animals, crops, businesses, residential or business properties, in addition to specific objectives.

We are not manufacturers of QUANTEC® equipment. It is manufactured by a German industry called "QUANTEC® GmbH" which sells the equipment all over the world.


A little of history:

We were already holistic therapists (CBO number 322125) when we learned about QUANTEC® in 2008. We were impressed with the possibilities provided by the equipment. We then experience the treatment on a personal level, and with tools of frequency measurement, analytical dowsing and empirical methods already used in our holistic therapies, we see the real effectiveness of the therapy in us and for ours.

After long years of serious experiments and submission to treatments for various purposes that have always shown consistent benefits (some larger, some smaller), we made the decision to contact the manufacturer and so, we bought a piece of equipment.


From there, we started a long training process. We made all the training available, and became expert operators of QUANTEC®, joining dozens of other therapists who offer treatments with the same equipment, in Brazil and around the world.


Our role:

Thus, it is important to highlight that we are not technically responsible for the technology, engineering project or industrial secrets that the manufacturer has and that makes the systematic treatment feasible in such an efficient way. In the same way that a technician operating an MRI equipment in a hospital is not responsible for engineering the equipment, only operating it efficiently, the same happens with us: we are technical therapists specialized in operating QUANTEC® in its maximum possibilities to configure personalized treatments for people, animals, companies, crops, objectives and contexts.

We also make a point of making it clear, in a cordial and respectful, although assertive way, that our objective on this website or through our service channels is not to convince anyone that the equipment is real or works, or of proving, arguing, debating and discussing which engineering formulas are applied in the electronic design of hardware and software developed by the manufacturer, which makes QUANTEC® work by the principles of radionics and morphic fields - among other means. Likewise, we have no interest or objective to criticize, debate or discuss philosophies, techniques and methods of bio-energetics, quantum magnetic resonance, harmonic resonance or any other types of treatments among the dozens existing today, from anyone who wants whatever. Even less do we have any interest in discussing the methods and techniques used by other QUANTEC® therapists. We respect all therapies and methods, we believe that in all serious work there is benefit, and we have no unkind intention to discredit anything; but we only answer for what we were able to do.


Our role is just one: to offer instrumental bio-communication treatments within what QUANTEC® proposes, through the correct technique, according to the possibilities presented by the equipment (which are numerous and are all described in the main menus of this website) and provide them all clarifications to those assisted who hire our service, on how to take advantage of this treatment.

Also with great transparency and by absolute principle of respect for those interested in our work, we make it clear that we do not propagate our work as someone who intends to " convince people to believe in QUANTEC® ", but rather, to " provide the treatment to anyone is already convinced " that QUANTEC® can help in harmonizing individuals, animals, crops or companies through bio-instrumental resonance.

With great truthfulness and respect, we further declare that our focus is to serve people who have already understood the greater importance that a therapeutic movement of this magnitude represents, who go beyond the "customer - supplier" vision, and who are willing to change internally for real benefit maximum potential of a treatment with QUANTEC®, seeing in us, active cooperators of its harmonization, allies interested in helping, and not mere "treatment sellers". Skepticism, mockery, truculence or excessive servility can compromise the success of a treatment. We are totally faithful to the universal philosophy of harmony, and the very efficiency of our work depends on keeping to a distance from bellicose positions, even though fully receptive to each person, each story, each difficulty, each limitation, each need, each belief, without any tone of segregation or prejudice, but in a very objective and direct way, without lingering illnesses or harmful to the harmony of the whole.

Judging Value:

How can a person assess QUANTEC® to reach their own conclusions? Searching. Getting informed. Gathering information from different sources (not just ours) to make personal value judgments about QUANTEC®. There are more than 50 therapists in Brazil forming a vast network that has a vast amount of care and information that can be searched by anyone interested in the subject.

On this page, we have one of the largest Brazilian collections of information about QUANTEC® precisely so that our visitors can study the material and reach their conclusion about it. Likewise, dozens of other sites also provide a lot of information about QUANTEC® (in Brazil and worldwide), so that anyone who does serious research on the subject will be fully able to form an opinion. The manufacturer's own website offers a huge wealth of information, research and testimonials that can be accessed here

Once the interested party understands for himself that QUANTEC® can help him, then our role begins: to offer the therapeutic service through the equipment, associated with our complementary techniques, as a differential. But if, after studying the topic, the visitor understands that QUANTEC® cannot help, there is no need for any kind of embarrassment, as we should never undergo a treatment if we do not identify with it, or if we are not convinced that its possibilities add value to our beliefs and expectations.

Our compromise:

Our commitment, therefore, is solely to offer treatments with seriousness, care, detail, refined technique, quality and a lot of responsibility, since we are dealing with lives, hopes, expectations, dreams, anxieties, pains, in the immense responsibility of caring for people . Obviously, in any treatment (especially the alternative ones), we cannot control the variables of people's free will. Let's cite some examples just for an allusive comparison:

  • Hepatologists offer drugs and treatments to cure livers, but they cannot stop a patient from abusing alcohol if, of their own free will, the patient chooses to do so.

  • Oncologists offer chemotherapy and radiotherapy to fight cancer, but they cannot guarantee remission of the disease.

  • Endocrinologists offer weight-loss drugs and prescribe diets, but they cannot guarantee that the patient will not eat what he should not eat if he wishes to use his free will for this purpose.

  • Excellent teachers transmit high level knowledge to students, but they can never guarantee that they will study up to their challenges, especially when they want to use their free will for other purposes.

  • Holistic therapists can help to remove disharmonies in a treatment, but they cannot prevent the assisted from using their free will to engender themselves in degenerative habits that get them back in trouble in the future.

  • Existential Treatment Centers can perform real energetic cleansing in an individual, but they can never guarantee that the being will take the initiative to carry out his intimate reform that will keep him away from future indiscretions. 

  • Psychologists can provide deep and impactful service sessions to clients, but they can never guarantee that patients make the best choices after leaving the office and starting to deal with their reality, exercising their free will in a way contrary to what was treated.

  • Business consultants can present methods, solutions and adjustment tips in the operational, tactical and strategic direction of a company, but they cannot guarantee that entrepreneurs will do what they are recommended, especially when they decide to use their free will to ignore the expert's recommendations.

That is, in the same way that each of these fronts previously mentioned as comparative examples (which has no direct link with QUANTEC®) carry out work without guarantees or absolute promises of cure and depend on consistent attitudes of the assisted , so too do we, as modest (but serious) credentialed therapists, we cannot talk about these absolute guarantees and even less about frivolous promises of cure, because radionicism is not a miracle based on the "paid-resolved", and does not dispense with the direct assistance and dedicated commitment of the assisted person to follow. treatment guidelines regarding a healthier lifestyle or any specific specific recommendations for each treatment, whether a person or a company. And even so, it is important to highlight that QUANTEC® is an ally, that is, a resource that works for the benefit of the person day and night, but not a mere "wish-fulfiller".


What we ensure/guarantee is the effective provision of the service of scanning, measurements, configuration, recommendations and the effective day and night activation of hundreds of waves customized to each need, in a rigorously disciplined way, without interruption or failures, as well as constant monitoring of the undulations through the "buttler" module that makes several conference scans along the emanations, of all clients in treatment, adjusting frequencies, potencies and intensities according to what the client needs in his harmonization process.

All this is done through a German instrumental bio-communication equipment costing more than 15 thousand euros (so we are not talking about any equipment), which won the gold medal as the best innovation instrumental bio-communication system in the sector. from progress to health, which has more than 110,000 therapeutic resources, capable of providing more than 230,000 combinations of personalized treatments, acting as a permanent ally that, by acting at a subconscious level, works incessantly to reorganize the physical fields (psychosome of being , not in the symptoms), energetic, psychic, emotional and spiritual of the assisted person, as well as to help them to obtain resources for a better fluency in life and to harmonize situations that compromise their balance. In the case of companies, it identifies mismatches, works on adjustments of inharmonious frequencies, emanates corrective waves and provides recommendations identified as necessary for the business to have more fluidity.


All this work is described in a report that contains a complete description of the emanations, whether simple or complex (after all, this is not a superficial work) as well as any recommendations for attitudes or movements that the client himself needs to modify, if it is the case. In addition, the client will receive a complete explanatory material that will give him a complete overview of how to make the most of the treatment's potential.


To find out how this treatment has impacted our customers, see our testimonials section  and note that the treatment offers different kinds of perspectives and empirical opinions about outcomes. If you do not identify with the statements or believe that this work methodology does not meet your expectations, do not request your treatment.


QUANTEC® has no contraindications, but it should not be done:

  • Without the authorization and/or clear agreement of the assisted person;

  • No expectation of catharsis (cleansing or the equivalent of "dust or mess from renovation" that can cause temporary emotional distress depending on the case being treated - the more problematic the issue, the greater the chances of catharsis);

  • Without reading and understanding all the material in the menus available on our website or the manufacturer , so that the assisted person has a real awareness of how the treatment works;

  • If the expectation is for healing promises or magical/miraculous solutions (read our clients' testimonials to understand the working dynamics and potential)

Our Service Channels:

We take this opportunity to inform you that in order to make our treatments more accessible, we do not have a telephone service structure. Our only service channels are: this website , our Whatsapp and our email ( ), all available from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm (Brasilia time, Brazil). Requests for clarification of doubts through any of these channels are answered in order of arrival, on average within 1 business day, and may be delayed in case of high demands or unforeseen events. The delivery period for contracted treatments is 6 working days , with the exception of business services, which are 15 working days, and Agriculture services, whose delivery time is to be agreed.

About our service channels:

  • Whatsapp: Recommended for basic questions where we respond with possible transfers of links to access complete information. Response time varies according to work demand, but on average is 1 business day. It is mostly used by clients already in treatment, but it is available for anyone interested to approach us with basic questions whenever they wish. We ask interested parties only to avoid creating the expectation of immediate responses, as responses are given according to availability.

  • Official form on our website through the link : Any type of doubt. When you send a message through this channel, you will immediately receive an automatic response with general information about our work, while you wait for the specific response to your questions.

  • E-mail Any questions, no preliminary automatic response. Response time varies depending on the volume of emails received

We emphasize: as this is a distance treatment and to make the price of therapy more accessible, we do not offer face-to-face or telephone (voice) assistance .

Facebook groups: We inform you that we do not have and do not participate in any type of group on this social network or any other, and there is no authorized person to speak for us in any type of group. We are completely oblivious to any type of disclosure that mentions us in groups, and we recommend that any and all information about our work be obtained exclusively through the channels described above so that there is no distortion of our performance and pertinent details. Avoid obtaining information about us outside of our official disclosure or service channels.

Cordial greetings,


BR (Bio Ressonance) Nucleus Quantec PRO

Advanced Harmonization Therapy by Instrumental Biocommunication

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