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Options available for hiring*



Focused exclusively on personal issues with no third party involvement and no links to companies.


Recommended Minimum: 3 months

Possibility to extend: Yes

Report submission: yes

Service: remotely

Ripple report included with Full DCR module

Price for every 3 months:

BRL 550.00

equivalent to BRL 183.33/month



(Affective relationship)

Recommended Minimum: 03  MONTHS

Possibility to extend: Yes

Report submission: yes

Service: remotely

Ripple report included.

Attention: the couple must agree with the treatment, it is not recommended to do it without the agreement of both.

Price for every 3 months:

BRL 600.00

equivalent to BRL 200.00/month

TREATMENT to stimulate/open new businesses or HARMONIZE COMPANIES

Recommended minimum: 12 MONTHS

Possibility to extend: Yes

Report submission: yes

Service: remotely

Ripple report included

It involves the business consulting module that will make suggestions for  practical implementation to the entrepreneur

1 Year Price: BRL 1,900.00

We do not perform treatments of this nature for less than 12 months


Physical health only: R$550.00/quarter

Animals:  BRL 100.00/quarter

Properties:  R$900.00 + R$15.00/m2 year

Events with Date:  BRL 100.00/single

Undated Events:  BRL 550.00/3 months

Dental Treatment:  BRL 550.00/3 months

Treatment for a single purpose:  R$290.00/3 months

Subconsciously stimulate pregnancy:  BRL 750.00/3 months

Public tender:  BRL 800.00/3 months

Irradiation of books, music or movies to the patient's subconscious:  BRL 50.00 per shipment

Recording the Quantum Treatment in a Floral:  BRL 180.00

Quantec PRO APP access:  BRL 100.00/month per HS

Agriculture: On demand

Payment Methods: Up to 3 times by Paypal for amounts above R$550.00, bank transfer in cash with an addition of R$5.00, bank transfer to an account at Banco Santander or PIX.


* HS stands for Healing Sheet, or "Healing Sheet". Each treatment that generates a report is called an HS. If you have 1 report, you have 1 HS. If you have 3 reports, you have 3 HS's. There are treatments in which the patient's situation does not allow for all things to be included in a single report, either because they are different matters, or because the number of items is too high for a single emanation package, so there are cases in which we need to divide the treatment in multiple reports, or, in multiple emanation packages, or, in multiple HSs. In conventional treatment, we do not charge for HS, but for full treatment.


In the optional BR QUANTEC® APP service  PRO is released only by HS, and the client chooses which HS he wants to release, if he has more than one, as long as he is interested in this service, which is optional (this service consists of the client itself triggering extra emanations outside the scheduled emanation times, for moments or circumstances where you experience some emotional upheaval or when you need extra help). In other words, the service APP Quantec PRO BR QUANTEC®  put the QUANTEC®  in the hands of the customer, who can activate it directly for their benefit at any time of the day or night, in an unlimited manner, regardless of the already scheduled emanation times informed in their report(s). Therefore, this extra service is charged by HS every month.


Total treatment time varies from case to case, person to person, situation to situation. There are issues that resolve themselves quickly, and others that take longer. Everything will depend on the state of the patient's morphic field: the more complex and unharmonized, the longer it tends to take to be harmonized and balanced. The minimum recommendation is given in each case above, but  if the patient wishes, he can proceed without reservations indefinitely (there are no contraindications). At the end of the minimum recommended times for each case, we will present a simple frequency evolution report for the client to decide whether or not to continue the treatment. The only thing we do not recommend is taking a treatment for a shorter time than those recommended above.  *Observe the contracting rules and scope of each treatment when filling out the Anamnesis.

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