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Get more satisfactory results in your company, business or enterprise



Many companies and individual consultants are using QUANTEC® successfully in harmonizing environments, improving the well-being of its occupants, and achieving success with the frequent improvement applied to business management and strategic planning of small, medium and large companies.


QUANTEC® is able to perform the energy maintenance of a company, and even treat various "diseased" fronts of a business organization, facilitating recovery processes, better brand positioning, better management, expanding the flow of prosperity and combating harmful energies that turn away customers or compromise the completion of business, always taking into account the economic factors of that branch/country/macroeconomic moment. This is not a miracle or a guarantee of success in a business, but rather to amplify and encourage the organization to expand its performance, consequently reaping better results. QUANTEC® even has a business consulting module that can suggest practical moves in an organization, all to amplify its performance in the market.


In addition to business treatments, QUANTEC® can be used individually to help a specific employee to improve their performance against their list of responsibilities, as well as stimulate the subconscious of individuals, sectors and departments to amplify the productivity of the work they perform, maintaining people with harmonized emotions and thus, extracting from them a work routine that is more efficient and coherent with the organization's objectives.

It is also possible to direct QUANTEC® to stimulate new projects, new ventures, the launch of applications, websites, services, as well as to amplify the ability to return against the efforts of entrepreneurs who wish to start operating in the market, as long as they are already supported by a well-oriented strategic planning and business plan. QUANTEC® can amplify the positive image of the new venture so that it can flow more positively.  


Thus, there are three independent fronts:


1) QUANTEC® is capable of scanning a business space (the organization's property), detecting whether there are any waveforms there that harm people's income, and radiating correction of standards to harmonize that location.


2) QUANTEC® is able to send new information to the employees' subconscious (provided they approve the therapy), gradually changing the individual's vibrational pattern, always guiding them towards better performance and productivity.


3) QUANTEC® has an investigative business consulting module, that is, it is able to detect (by logo, corporate name, trade name, date of foundation and company slogan, or APP logo, or website print) where the entrepreneur needs to make practical interventions to improve the flow of prosperity. The investigative possibilities database is extensive and capable of scanning on multiple fronts, telling the company where it needs to act to change. In practice, QUANTEC® is able to suggest a special look at areas that may represent gaps or points of failure for prosperity, such as:


  • Accounting

  • personnel management

  • Distribution

  • Ecology

  • spiritual factors

  • finance

  • Management

  • Supply and production management

  • knowledge management

  • Quality management

  • Business Management - Optimization

  • degree of innovation

  • corporate image

  • internationalization

  • Investigation and development

  • Product release

  • Location

  • marketing and distribution

  • Markets

  • e-business

  • Organization

  • customer orientation

  • Personal - Optimization

  • business principles

  • Production - Optimization

  • Products - Optimization

  • Advertising

  • networks

  • Public relations

  • customer satisfaction

  • Tendencies

  • Workers

  • Strategic Controlling

  • Operational Controlling


For example: if the company wants to evaluate a personnel director, or a manager of a certain area, it can be identified, by scanning the QUANTEC®, if this target manager is showing failures, low performance or skills in one of the following fields:


  •   arrogance

  •   lack of clear goal orientation

  •   insufficient learning ability

  •   insufficient contact ability

  •   insufficient conviction capacity

  •   insufficient ability to delegate

  •   insufficient directive capacity

  •   insufficient capacity to advise workers

  •   insufficient ability to excite

  •   insufficient ability to expose criticism

  •   insufficient ability to solve problems

  •   insufficient clarity in decision making

  •   insufficient reliability

  •   insufficient self-awareness

  •   insufficient creativity

  •   insufficient diplomacy

  •   insufficient willingness to stimulate

  •   insufficient willingness to change

  •   insufficient energy

  •   insufficient esteem

  •   lack of rhetorical skills

  •   inauthenticity

  •   lack of persuasiveness

  •   lack of ability to delegate

  •   lack of emotional competence

  •   lack of social competence

  •   lack of value awareness

  •   lack of value awareness

  •   lack of commitment

  •   lack of integrity

  •   lack of self-motivation

  •   lack of team orientation

  •   insufficient fidelity

  •   insufficient strength of conviction

  •   insufficient frankness

  •   insufficient optimism

  •   insufficient patience

  •   insufficient tact


There are hundreds of business analysis possibilities that allow the company to have an isonomic view of where the problem really is versus the strategic objective to be achieved, and the analyzes can take place at the macro level (of the organization in general) or by each employee versus their role in the organization.


It is possible, for example, to detect if the company needs to do some kind of optimization, for example:


  • Customer Service Optimization

  • Optimization of cost allocation

  • Optimization of the contribution margin calculation

  • Planning Calculation Optimization

  • Optimization of the investment moment

  • Optimization of amortization time

  • Accounting Center Calculation Optimization


And so many other types of optimization.


It is possible to identify, for example, if there is something that needs attention in the company's division centers, for example:


  • General Accounting Centers

  • administration centers

  • Distribution centers

  • material centers

  • production centers

  • Auxiliary Accounting Centers

  • Main Accounting Centers

  • Secondary Accounting Centers


Or identify whether it is necessary to optimize any process, for example within an accounting center:


  • Post calculation optimization

  • Optimization of cost planning

  • Accounting Center Calculation Optimization

  • Optimization of the cost carrier calculation

  • Optimization of cost recording

  • Optimization of cost types

  • benefit planning

  • Optimization of profit and loss positions

  • Optimization of balance sheet positions

  • Optimizing a representative business valuation

  • Optimization of the monthly report

  • Optimization of benefit planning

  • Cost control system

  • Optimization of cost control (debit-credit comparison)


These are only superficial examples of the radiesthetic/radionic investigation potential of QUANTEC® aimed at business performance. In addition to these examples, there are hundreds of practical point identification feature to be addressed.

QUANTEC® is a tool that, combined with a management front interested in optimizing the performance of an organization, focusing on greater efficiency, can provide numerous benefits from the macro to the micro, helping the entrepreneur to see opportunities for improvement and a Once improvement actions are implemented, QUANTEC® itself can issue frequencies that help these implementations achieve the best performance.


BR QUANTEC®'s business consulting service serves from small to large businesses, where, in the case of medium or large companies, there is a need for a face-to-face meeting or via Skype with one of our specialists focused on the business service sector. and strategic planning.

Depending on the degree of depth of work to be done, this service cannot be automatically contracted by the Website. Make a request for clarification before sending us the context of your need, company and size, so that we can measure the work more profitably against your wishes.

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