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Quantec won the top "Gold Medal" award as  best innovation in the health progress sector

2010 Best Innovation in the Health Progress Sector


QUANTEC® wins the gold medal

On May 16, 2010, QUANTEC® won as "Instrumental Biocommunication System" among several competitors the gold medal for the best innovation in the sector of health progress.

This award was granted on the occasion of the 2nd "International Authors' Salon for Innovation" held on the Crimean peninsula. The jury was composed of scientists from Russian and Ukrainian universities and included participants from private ministries and institutes, namely:

1. The president of the international jury that awarded the prize:  Professor Dr. med. BA Astafev - Russian Academy of Natural Sciences

2. The Chairperson of the Distinction Committee:  Professor Dr. psych. NW Masolva -  President of the Academy of Sciences and Noospheric Training

3. The president of the 2nd International Salon of Authors for Innovation:  Dr. phil. WB Ivanov -  Academy of Sciences and Noospheric Training


• Russian Academy of Natural Sciences
• Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
• Academy of Sciences and Noospheric Training
• Institute for Innovative Technologies and New Training, Kiev
• National University of Charkovia "Karasina", Ukraine
• State Pedagogical University "Skovoroduj"
• National training academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Altujnsarina"
• Crimean Academy of Sciences
• Institute of Integral Thought, Odessa
• Wernadskij Center, Charkov
• Center for intellectual development “EIDOS”, Sewastopol
• Fund for International Peace

This distinction was preceded by patient trials in Moscow and Odessa, the evaluation of which clearly documented the potential of the  QUANTEC® in the progress of health. These trials convinced both by the precise and causal diagnosis and by the psychosomatic evaluation (ExpertScan) and the results of the therapy.

The jury was also impressed by the way in which QUANTEC® brought new knowledge in quantum physics into practice. It was also possible to see the practical usefulness thanks to the easy handling.

It is no coincidence that QUANTEC® has received this honor in Eastern Europe.

Russia has been the world leader in the field of biocommunication and consciousness technologies for decades. The application in cosmonautics to oversee the health as well as the treatment of astronauts in space was known in Western society after the fall of the Iron Curtain. Having won a gold medal there makes us feel especially proud as the honor comes from a very competent entity.

Currently (2019) QUANTEC® is also on the test bench of Western scientists, where it gets its first successes; we will inform you here on BR QUANTEC® PRO as soon as the results of these tests are published.

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