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Mulher admirando o pôr do sol

Do you want to harmonize on a personal level and have goals that you would like to achieve with effort and dedication? The QUANTEC® you can align and help attract the most favorable circumstances


Do you want to have an ally day and night to harmonize mentally, energetically, emotionally and spiritually?

Do you want to promote links that are favorable to your goals?

Do you want to understand your role in the world and how to use it to attract conditions that put you in the most profitable vortexes?

Are you experiencing challenging processes and want an ally 24 hours a day to help you overcome these challenges?

Do you want to return to the original configuration of your being, into what you were programmed in the most sublime and balanced way for the journey of life?

Do you want to understand where you are going wrong and how to act in a practical way to support the universal laws and what they can provide you in terms of well-being?

Do you have a target? A goal? A worthy goal? If it's for the good of the whole without harming anyone, and if it's your divine merit, QUANTEC® stimulates your subconscious and adopt postures that lead you to increase the chances of manifesting that reality through long-term emanations that will make the strategy bioinformational work for their benefit and life circumstances attract opportunities aimed at achieving goals.

It is not a question of making a request, sitting and waiting for it to manifest, even less miraculous promises of healing or instant solutions, but rather allowing therapy to assist you in your personal harmonization and encourage you to attract the conditions that favor the achievement of goals through practical movements on your part - as long as they are part of what is yours by divine right. From the moment we balance and harmonize on internal levels, we start to emanate to the Universe a frequency that attracts our achievements or their equivalents.  

The Individual Personal Harmonization treatment is the most requested because it involves you how to be in a holistic, integral, complete way, emanating harmonizing resources and attracting better opportunities for you to reach your goals - or their respective equivalents - with more harmony.

It must be understood, however, that QUANTEC® works on two levels:

- First, it adjusts what is out of harmony in a profound process of resonance by biocommunication aimed at the integral harmonization of the being;

- Then it allows the being to see life flow more harmoniously.  

Thus, it is essential to understand that the equipment does not act as a mere wish-fulfiller of the ego, as if the process was based on asking and waiting for the thing to happen without anything needing to be done. The participation of the assisted person is essential for a healthy and profitable objective to be achieved. The goals need to be coherent and usually their achievement does not precede the indispensable harmonization of being. It should never be seen, however, as "the order-filling machine", but rather as the resource that works tirelessly to deliver what will be the best for your evolutionary journey.

Furthermore, in the Individual Personal Harmonization Treatment, the DCR Module provides unique, private, personalized information, valid only for you, regarding your existential questions of life, based on "what you came to do in the world", "what should avoid in the world" and "what is your range of choices", all to guide you to a deeper understanding about your passage on Earth and how to make it more fruitful.

This treatment is one of the most welcoming and profound movements for your subconscious to free itself from limiting beliefs, reorganize itself for better choices and decisions, promote restorative resources that provide you with more clarity, invite you to a deep inner reform focused on your good be, and corroborate with the attraction of situations, circumstances or "coincidences" that allow you to achieve worthy and edifying goals.

To order yours, get ready for a deep dive into yourself to fill out an Anamnesis, without haste and without anxieties, by clicking here

Live more satisfying and harmonized relationships that lead to more affective achievements


One of the areas that most interferes with the well-being of human beings is the emotional or sentimental one. Our job in this sense is to assess the potential of a relationship, and position you with absolute clarity whether or not it is worth investing in the relationship with a quantum treatment. We can also program emanations to enable a better fluency in the affective life, as well as provide explanations for why some relationships may not be the most satisfactory - and if there are ways to reverse the situation, act accordingly.

It is not enough just to want a relationship to work: often it has no potential for restoration, other times the nature of the relationship already reveals that it is a finite connection, not to mention the many times when only one wants to harmonize the relationship and the other not. Not to mention points such as: whether the relationship has the potential to add value to your life, whether the couple's compatibility will be sustained in the long term, as well as the potential problems that the couple may experience due to different individual vital tones that together, what can quantitatively project the attraction of challenging or non-challenging experiences. There are several variables and innumerable factors that can previously provide clues as to whether or not it is worth carrying out a harmonizing treatment. Although we don't provide answers to all these questions, when evaluating the scenario, our measurements generate a percentage number of chances that the relationship will harmonize with an adequate and personalized treatment, carried out by QUANTEC®. That is, we evaluate the scenario and inform in percentage what the chances of the treatment generating results.

All this evaluation doesn't cost more. It is already included in the foundations of the schedules, so each of our treatments allows you to have a realistic expectation, without you being left in the dark with treatments that promise absolute harmonizations with no real grounds for it. So, before requesting a treatment to harmonize a relationship, request the evaluation of the percentage of chances of the auxiliary treatment in the harmonization process, free of charge, by clicking here

Remember that the couples attunement treatment has no tone of "binding work" and is intended exclusively for couples who are already in a serious relationship that is immersed in energetic negativities that can be removed. To carry out the treatment, preferably both should want to harmonize the relationship, and should not be the result of the will of just one, which would generate a more effective result. If only one wants to harmonize the relationship and still decides to undergo the treatment, we can do it normally, provided it is clear that, at no time, resources will be activated to change people's free will or will, but just invite people to reflections through the emanation to the subconscious of those involved. QUANTEC® does not interfere with anyone's free will, and the individual will is always sovereign.

We have cases of clients who requested harmonization without the affective pair knowing, and some of them even generated a positive result, but in this condition, in all successful cases, they took much longer than those in which the couple consciously chose the harmonization movement .

In any case, the most important thing, however, is that you have a clear understanding that even if a certain relationship cannot be harmonized by QUANTEC® (because it is a relationship with low compatibility by nature, or the result of a wrong choice) what matters is that you take a treatment with QUANTEC® to promote enough balance and harmony in life, in order to attract the right people and with them, develop relationships that are satisfying and truly happy .

Do you have a pet and want to keep it well, healthy, strong and happy?


Veterinarians are using QUANTEC® to keep their animals healthy, helping to treat illnesses, correct biophysical disharmonies in the animal, and prevent undesirable behavior. All through a photo of the animal that is scanned, resulting in the identification of energetic disharmonies present or that may be manifested in the future, with the frequent emanation of healing to the points found, all at a distance.  

Obviously, when it comes to preventing future disharmonies, we are referring to what may be registered in the animal's morphic field as a risk of diseases that may develop and compromise the normality of its life, but we are not referring here to natural diseases of age , therefore, do not rely on this resource if the expectation is to prevent the nature of situations relevant to an animal's natural aging from manifesting itself. There must be consistency in the expectation of an energy treatment, understanding that it is not a treatment that automatically extends the life of an animal or is comparable to a doctor: it is a distance treatment whose only final result is the greatest well-being of the animal within the possible conditions.

It is also important to make it clear that, if the animal already has a disease, it is essential that we be informed precisely what the disease is, official diagnosis of the veterinarian, exact name of the disease or anomaly resulting from examinations and other information that may be requested, as everything needs to be taken into account in a correct resource configuration process to combat some existing symptom, and nothing should be taken lightly.


In relation to behavioral issues, the process is not about shaping the animal's behavior as the owner wishes, but about correcting behavioral anomalies outside the morphic nature of the breed. For example: it is not coherent to expect that animals that already have an aggressive nature, behave as docile animals, that is, Quantec does not change natural traits of an animal personality, because natural traits cannot be considered anomalies. But if that breed has a pattern of behavior and the animal behaves based on a different pattern, then there are real possibilities of correcting that anomaly, as it may have originated in some disharmonization process. We can mention the difference in the degree of aggressiveness between the black-legged wildcat and the Persian cat. One has an extreme aggressive nature, and the other has an extreme docile nature. Quantec will not make the black-legged wildcat (felis nigripes) docile, nor will it make the Persian cat become aggressive, because that is part of what is natural in the personality of these cats. In summary: the role of Quantec in behavioral terms is solely to combat those behaviors that are not natural to the breed, or that are not part of the information of the original morphic field of the animal, as in the cases of animals that have always behaved in a way natural to the race and for obscure reasons began to behave in different ways. It is also important to make it clear that already old animals, which have a specific habit throughout their lives, will hardly stop having this habit as the many years may have already encrusted patterns of slow dissolution, so, ideally, unwanted behaviors should be treated still in the first years of life.   

It is essential to make it clear that the objective of QUANTEC® is not to replace veterinary medicine, but to work together with it, so don't expect QUANTEC® to play the role of the veterinarian, who must always be consulted in cases of illness already manifest. If this is done and the official diagnosis identified by the veterinarian and any prescribed remedies are informed to QUANTEC®, it will act as an ally in order to enhance the medical treatment, in addition to working on the psychic, spiritual or energetic causes that gave rise to them, always with the sole purpose of providing greater well-being to pets.


It should be clear, however, that the role of QUANTEC® is to work on the psychosomatic causes of illness, and not directly on the symptoms. In the psychosoma's view, the illness originates in the animal's subconscious and once treated, the physical body seems to "copy" that harmonization, but only if, and only if, the issue has not yet irreversibly compromised the physical body. In very serious cases where the animal's physical field is already classified by veterinary medicine as incurable, QUANTEC® should be counted on as an ally to the animal's well-being as far as possible, and not as a method of miraculous cure. The case is that in extreme cases of very overt and aggressive diseases, the animal's own physical body may not offer conditions to reverse a disease. If there are, however, even small chances, QUANTEC® makes the most of them as much as possible and within what the physical body still manages to copy from the psychosoma harmonized by the therapy. In summary: although the physical body of the animal is not always able to copy the "cure" worked in the psychosoma, such as some tumors or for example an aggressive cancer already in metastasis, QUANTEC® will always work as an ally in the process, helping as intensively as possible.  

QUANTEC® has also been used to positively influence the behavior of animals, as well as to adjust dysfunctions or degenerative habits that are disturbing the harmony of the home where the pet lives.

QUANTEC® has harmonizing features for dogs, cats and horses. However, the BR QUANTEC® team has also developed treatments for rabbits, ramsters, chinchillas, turtles, iguanas, birds, other pets and farm animals in general.

QUANTEC® also helps in cases where an animal is lost. In conjunction with investigative dowsing, we performed a quadrant scan of a map where the animal was lost, to determine the percentage of possibilities that the animal is still in that quadrant and from there, emanate resources that help in the process of searching and locating the animal lost.

Many pets can also exhibit undesirable behavior due to their owners' behavior. In this sense, QUANTEC® can work with the whole family, from the owner, through the residents, to the animals that live in that home, to provide a better identification with the positive behavioral side.

Finally, QUANTEC® can also help non-domesticated animals, such as cattle, pigs and any others that need care, support, affection and protection.

The harmonizing resources of QUANTEC® can be directed towards all who matter to us, including animals, soul friends, children of the heart who sustain our vitality and defend us in the subtler planes of life.

Attention: we only do treatments for pets whose owners are also in treatment with us. We implemented this protocol due to the many cases of problems in pets, which actually has its origin in energy issues of the owners. We know that pets defend their owners and that, on a spiritual level, they can often interpose themselves as shields from charges emanating from the owner, which can trigger a series of illnesses on a psychosomatic level that soon transfer to the animal's body. Thus, the treatment of only the pet would not result if the essential cause of the matter had its origin in the owner. If you do not agree with this premise, there is no reason for any embarrassment, and you can choose another therapeutic center that does not adopt this protocol. If you agree with this protocol and wish to request treatment, click here

Get more satisfactory results in your company, business or enterprise


Many companies and individual consultants are using QUANTEC® successfully in harmonizing environments, improving the well-being of its occupants, and achieving success with the frequent improvement applied to business management and strategic planning of small, medium and large companies.


QUANTEC® is able to perform the energy maintenance of a company, and even treat various "diseased" fronts of a business organization, facilitating recovery processes, better brand positioning, better management, expanding the flow of prosperity and combating harmful energies that turn away customers or compromise the completion of business, always taking into account the economic factors of that branch/country/macroeconomic moment. This is not a miracle or a guarantee of success in a business, but rather to amplify and encourage the organization to expand its performance, consequently reaping better results. QUANTEC® even has a business consulting module that can suggest practical moves in an organization, all to amplify its performance in the market.


In addition to business treatments, QUANTEC® can be used individually to help a specific employee to improve their performance against their list of responsibilities, as well as stimulate the subconscious of individuals, sectors and departments to amplify the productivity of the work they perform, maintaining people with harmonized emotions and thus, extracting from them a work routine that is more efficient and coherent with the organization's objectives.

It is also possible to direct QUANTEC® to stimulate new projects, new ventures, the launch of applications, websites, services, as well as to amplify the ability to return against the efforts of entrepreneurs who wish to start operating in the market, as long as they are already supported by a well-oriented strategic planning and business plan. QUANTEC® can amplify the positive image of the new venture so that it can flow more positively.  


Thus, there are three independent fronts:


1) QUANTEC® is capable of scanning a business space (the organization's property), detecting whether there are any waveforms there that harm people's income, and radiating correction of standards to harmonize that location.


2) QUANTEC® is able to send new information to the employees' subconscious (provided they approve the therapy), gradually changing the individual's vibrational pattern, always guiding them towards better performance and productivity.


3) QUANTEC® has an investigative business consulting module, that is, it is able to detect (by logo, corporate name, trade name, date of foundation and company slogan, or APP logo, or website print) where the entrepreneur needs to make practical interventions to improve the flow of prosperity. The investigative possibilities database is extensive and capable of scanning on multiple fronts, telling the company where it needs to act to change. In practice, QUANTEC® is able to suggest a special look at areas that may represent gaps or points of failure for prosperity, such as:


  • Accounting

  • personnel management

  • Distribution

  • Ecology

  • spiritual factors

  • finance

  • Management

  • Supply and production management

  • knowledge management

  • Quality management

  • Business Management - Optimization

  • degree of innovation

  • corporate image

  • internationalization

  • Investigation and development

  • Product release

  • Location

  • marketing and distribution

  • Markets

  • e-business

  • Organization

  • customer orientation

  • Personal - Optimization

  • business principles

  • Production - Optimization

  • Products - Optimization

  • Advertising

  • networks

  • Public relations

  • customer satisfaction

  • Tendencies

  • Workers

  • Strategic Controlling

  • Operational Controlling


For example: if the company wants to evaluate a personnel director, or a manager of a certain area, it can be identified, by scanning the QUANTEC®, if this target manager is showing failures, low performance or skills in one of the following fields:


  •   arrogance

  •   lack of clear goal orientation

  •   insufficient learning ability

  •   insufficient contact ability

  •   insufficient conviction capacity

  •   insufficient ability to delegate

  •   insufficient directive capacity

  •   insufficient capacity to advise workers

  •   insufficient ability to excite

  •   insufficient ability to expose criticism

  •   insufficient ability to solve problems

  •   insufficient clarity in decision making

  •   insufficient reliability

  •   insufficient self-awareness

  •   insufficient creativity

  •   insufficient diplomacy

  •   insufficient willingness to stimulate

  •   insufficient willingness to change

  •   insufficient energy

  •   insufficient esteem

  •   lack of rhetorical skills

  •   inauthenticity

  •   lack of persuasiveness

  •   lack of ability to delegate

  •   lack of emotional competence

  •   lack of social competence

  •   lack of value awareness

  •   lack of value awareness

  •   lack of commitment

  •   lack of integrity

  •   lack of self-motivation

  •   lack of team orientation

  •   insufficient fidelity

  •   insufficient strength of conviction

  •   insufficient frankness

  •   insufficient optimism

  •   insufficient patience

  •   insufficient tact


There are hundreds of business analysis possibilities that allow the company to have an isonomic view of where the problem really is versus the strategic objective to be achieved, and the analyzes can take place at the macro level (of the organization in general) or by each employee versus their role in the organization.


It is possible, for example, to detect if the company needs to do some kind of optimization, for example:


  • Customer Service Optimization

  • Optimization of cost allocation

  • Optimization of the contribution margin calculation

  • Planning Calculation Optimization

  • Optimization of the investment moment

  • Optimization of amortization time

  • Accounting Center Calculation Optimization


And so many other types of optimization.


It is possible to identify, for example, if there is something that needs attention in the company's division centers, for example:


  • General Accounting Centers

  • administration centers

  • Distribution centers

  • material centers

  • production centers

  • Auxiliary Accounting Centers

  • Main Accounting Centers

  • Secondary Accounting Centers


Or identify whether it is necessary to optimize any process, for example within an accounting center:


  • Post calculation optimization

  • Optimization of cost planning

  • Accounting Center Calculation Optimization

  • Optimization of the cost carrier calculation

  • Optimization of cost recording

  • Optimization of cost types

  • benefit planning

  • Optimization of profit and loss positions

  • Optimization of balance sheet positions

  • Optimizing a representative business valuation

  • Optimization of the monthly report

  • Optimization of benefit planning

  • Cost control system

  • Optimization of cost control (debit-credit comparison)


These are only superficial examples of the radiesthetic/radionic investigation potential of QUANTEC® aimed at business performance. In addition to these examples, there are hundreds of practical point identification feature to be addressed.

QUANTEC® is a tool that, combined with a management front interested in optimizing the performance of an organization, focusing on greater efficiency, can provide numerous benefits from the macro to the micro, helping the entrepreneur to see opportunities for improvement and a Once improvement actions are implemented, QUANTEC® itself can issue frequencies that help these implementations achieve the best performance.


BR QUANTEC®'s business consulting service serves from small to large businesses, where, in the case of medium or large companies, there is a need for a face-to-face meeting or via Skype with one of our specialists focused on the business service sector. and strategic planning.

Depending on the degree of depth of work to be done, this service cannot be automatically contracted by the Website. Make a request for clarification before sending us the context of your need, company and size, so that we can measure the work more profitably against your wishes.

Boost your performance in college entrance exams, public competitions, exams or tests.


If you are facing the challenge of studying for an entrance exam , an exam , getting a driver's license or preparing well for exams in public competitions , QUANTEC® can help you to amplify your ability to concentrate.

Through a set of specific resources, it can facilitate and stimulate the process of absorption and retention of information.

In addition, on the day and time of the test, a single emanation can be made with a short time to help in the mental organization of the information studied, so as to make it easier to access important information stored in the subconscious.

QUANTEC® has proven to be an important ally for those who want to win in knowledge disputes.

This is not a sleight of hand where one does not need to study, rather the opposite: everything that is properly learned and understood, once stored in the subconscious, can be encouraged to return to consciousness in times of pressure.

QUANTEC® does not change people's IQ, but it allows that whatever the individual's IQ may be, it can be better exploited, in order to maximize the being's intellectual capacity.

Note: we only serve this type of service if the objective involves a programmatic content defined by the body, school or university, in order to configure the treatment in full alignment with the subject to be studied. Specifically for public tenders, it is imperative to send the notice so that all information is properly linked.

Do you have the latent desire to be a mother? Treatment with Quantec can actively assist in the process


On a spiritual level, the basic condition for this desire to be fulfilled is that there is a reincarnating being available and willing to be born through its womb.


But why can there not be a being willing to enter the world through your womb? For many reasons, including limiting beliefs that can transform that mother or that father, in beings that can obstruct the progress of that being interested in living specific experiences in the world.


The way of thinking, acting, the predictions of the future and the way that parents understand to be the best way to raise a child, may not correspond to what the future needs to experience in the sphere of human struggles.

For example: if parents tend to be overprotective with the future child they yearn to receive, and at that point in life the reincarnating beings available in their ecosphere of sympathies need parents who adopt less protective behavior, more freedom of action, pregnancy will not happen, as the sperm is only magnetized when there is full congruence of evolutionary interests between the reincarnating being and what the possible future parents can offer.

Thus, QUANTEC® can better equalize the parents' subconscious so that, by changing the understanding of what the future potential motherhood represents, they become closer in psychic terms than what the reincarnating being needs to experience.

Naturally, every pregnancy process must obey the biological and medical ascendants of the context, so that under no circumstances should traditional medicine resources be given up, but QUANTEC® can indeed represent an important support point for the fulfillment of the wish. of having children, as long as, obviously, there is coherence between desire and possibility.

Intellectual development problems, autism or syndromes in children? Quantec helps


If someone tells you that QUANTEC® or Quantum Physics can cure an autistic person, beware. That does not exist. But QUANTEC® can greatly improve the quality of life for those with the disorder, and for those around them.  

But how? Let's explain:

Autism is not a disease, but a disorder that affects neurodevelopment and causes difficulties related to social interaction and communication.


For an autistic person, it can be difficult to master language, to follow patterns of behavior and social rules.


There are different degrees of autism, ranging from mild to severe, in which there can be mental retardation and total inability to interact socially.


Science still cannot explain the cause of autism. Studies link the disorder to a genetic predisposition that is still little known, in addition to environmental factors. However, for those who deeply study scientific spiritism, the understanding that Autism is nothing more than an ordeal for the patient, who would be recovering from crimes committed in past existences, as well as their family members, especially the country.

Through the limitations experienced and the pertinent sufferings, the indebted spirit recovers and frees itself from the afflictive burden to which it is attached, becoming, in this way, a true blessing.

Also, it can be an illuminating experience requested by the spirit itself, in order to contribute in favor of scientific studies that will benefit others, at the same time a personal effort for greater socio-psychological growth.

In the first case, obsessive disorders can occur, produced by victims of a previous existence, who take pleasure in worsening the suffering, leading the patient to aggressiveness, muteness and states of apparent schizophrenia.

In short: autism is a condition foreseen for the spirit long before it incarnates, contemplated even in the plan of preparations for future reincarnation, and it would be stupid of us to believe that we could interfere in the determinations of a reincarnation contract and simply reverse an autistic state .

The proposal here is another: to give more quality of life to the autistic.

In scientific terms, Autism is based on the alteration in a gene, responsible for the clinical picture and the symptoms that the patient will present.

Traditional science does not yet know the full genetics of autism, but it has been studied extensively over the past 10 years. Today there are about 800 genes described that can show changes and cause symptoms related to autism. Every individual is genetically unique.

Returning to the spiritual issue, we know that any genetic manifestation in the human body was carefully planned on the spiritual plane, in the so-called "Reincarnation Planning Center". Times will come when traditional science will understand the problem more clearly.


In São Paulo, a group of scientists linked to USP and the A Fada do Dente Project, an NGO focused on scientific research, took another important step in the search for a definitive treatment for autism.

From the baby teeth of children with or without autism, donated to the NGO, the researchers generate, in the laboratory, a series of mini-brains that are used to study the biological mechanisms of autism and test remedies that can help improve the function of autistic brain cells.

The most recent discovery concerns astrocytes , a type of star-shaped neurological cell that exists in large numbers in the brain. In autistic people, these cells are inflamed and therefore overproduce a substance that damages neurons.

The first step in the research was the reprogramming of the cells present in the baby tooth, a non-invasive method for research that requires the analysis of delicate parts, such as the cells of the nervous system.

“All the cells in our body have all the genes from when we were an embryo”, explains Fabiele Russo, the main author of the article published in Biological Psychiatry, and the result of her doctorate. “What will differentiate these cells from each other are the genes that are being expressed in them at that moment or not. Some are asleep and others are awake”, he compares.

Reprogramming makes cells express genes that make them return to the embryonic stage, characterized by pluripotency, that is, the ability to form any cell in the human body. In this way, the researchers were able to develop neurons and astrocytes to carry out the research.

With the cells at their disposal, the scientists combined neurons and astrocytes from autistic and non-autistic individuals. This is how they observed that when healthy neurons were combined with autistic astrocytes, its branches shrank, whereas when the autistic neuron was combined with a healthy astrocyte, it regained its branches.

“This shows that the role of the healthy astrocyte is to rescue the healthy phenotype of a neuron”, explains Patrícia Beltrão Braga, a professor at USP, Fabiele's advisor and coordinator of the Tooth Fairy project.

With that, the researchers were able to verify an inflammation that had already been mentioned in previous researches, but that until then had not been related to astrocytes. Scientists finally confirmed that autistic astrocytes had a high production of the protein interleukin 6 , compromising the activities of the nervous system.

Thus, QUANTEC®, far from curing autism, manages to emanate specific resources to stimulate the patient's subconscious to regulate the production of interleukin 6, designing the simulation of combinations of the assisted neurons with frequencies of healthy astrocytes, thus stimulating the recovery of their branches.  

In addition, QUANTEC® uses the emanation of frequencies from certain animals, such as dolphins, which, in face-to-face treatments, have shown great efficacy, which can be simulated by QUANTEC® itself, but at a low cost compared to conventional treatments with these animals.


See the article below about Dolphin Therapy:


São Paulo, 04/08/1998

Norton Godoy

Humans have had a very special relationship with dolphins for centuries. The generosity of these intelligent mammals that live in the warm waters of the oceans is popularly recognized. Stories of sailors saved by dolphins date back to Greek Civilization. It's not hard to remember the success of the TV series Flipper. Today, however, they are receiving special attention from medicine because they are helping children who suffer from ailments such as deafness, Down syndrome (congenital mental deficiency) and autism (disengagement from external reality). The most recent case is that of an eight-year-old British boy, Nikki Brice, who had never uttered a word because he was born deaf.

Last week, after three days of special dolphin therapy, he started talking. Nikki's story adds to that of hundreds of cases of amazing improvement achieved with the help of these passionate animals. The success is so great that to receive this treatment in some American and European research centers there is a waiting list of up to seven years.

For the doctors and psychologists at the Dolphin-Human Therapy Center in Miami, there is still no clear explanation for this phenomenon. One of the theories being studied, according to Dr. David Nathanson, who directs the center, is that dolphins use their unique sonar ability to identify neurological disorders in people. It is known that these animals have the ability to emit sounds that, when reflected on objects, come back to them and are picked up by their lower jaw, which transmits sound information to the brain.

Thus, the dolphin is able to form sound images based on the different densities of materials reached by the sound of its biological sonar. For neurologist David Cole, who works on Nathanson's team, the energy contained in these sounds emitted by dolphins would also have the ability to heal. "It's enough energy to make holes in the molecular structure of fluids and soft tissues," he explains. "So, a hypothesis that is starting to take shape shows that these sounds alter the cellular metabolism of the human body, causing the release of hormones and endorphins, or even stimulating the production of T-cells (immunological defense)."

For the parents of Josh Schmidt and Kirsty Brown, children with autism, a few days of dolphin therapy has yielded more results than years of conventional treatment. Kirsty didn't speak. Now you can assemble several sentences. Psychologist Nathanson has been working with dolphins and children for 20 years.

He explains that in many cases, just giving the child the chance to swim and play with the dolphins is enough for him to improve. In others, being with the dolphins serves as a reward for the child's dedication to sessions with a child therapist. With the help of new technologies developed by the center itself, his colleague Cole managed to record the neurological changes that take place in the brains of children who interact with dolphins. "In the tests that we are doing now, we are working with patients who suffer from cancer. In several of them, there was a spontaneous and inexplicable regression of the disease", says Cole.

Some more skeptical doctors believe that the therapeutic effects of dolphins are due only to the relaxation provided by the playful presence of these animals. Relaxation, as is well known, helps to stimulate the human body's immune system.

In any case, what matters to the scientists in downtown Miami is that they are achieving positive results in 97% of the hundreds of cases they have treated. For Nathanson, children show a deep sense of love for dolphins, music and water.

"For this reason, I use what they love most to increase their attention, to reach the areas of their brain that are affected, which is to say that I use their own strength to reach their weaknesses."



Dogs show a lot of affection and affection for humans. They don't have to say anything to let us know that they love us, that they need us, or that they feel wanted. The child's exposure to the frequencies of specific dogs stimulates the feeling, affection and the ability to be free from dependence on someone to feel that a being depends on him. Of course, the dogs chosen for this purpose must be balanced and need to be trained for therapy. We have, in our QUANTEC® database, frequencies of 40 dogs specifically trained to support the autistic, especially Labradors, golden retrievers and German shepherds.


Although they are generally used with people with balance and mobility problems, they also directly influence communication and behavior. This is because the horse is a very intelligent animal, able to understand a human being when it wants to communicate with him. We have a database with frequencies of 18 horses specially prepared to deal with the autistic, in order to allow the child to develop their capacity for empathy, which will favor their social integration and their ability to adapt to different circumstances.


They are the smartest animals in the world. In addition, they are very cheerful and fun, something that will brighten the patient's life. The studies that have been done with these animals have shown that interacting with dolphins improves concentration and communication skills. We have in our database the frequency of 5 dolphins specially trained to deal with autistic children.

These three animals are most commonly used with children who have Autistic Spectrum Disorder. We used them before QUANTEC®, but we have noticed that with QUANTEC®, the emanations are more efficient compared to conventional Radionic irradiations.

Depending on the patient's energy frequencies, we also use sea lions, fish, rabbits, cats and other animals prepared to deal with the autistic. It is not “any” animal, but specific and prepared.

In principle, treatment with QUANTEC®  for autistics,  it does not mean a cure for autism, but rather the chance to alleviate symptoms such as irritability, difficulty in social interaction and others. Most importantly, however, there are autistic people who don't expect to be cured, but rather expect to be understood and understood as someone who has a different way of dealing with the world.

Do you want to sell that house or office that has been in real estate for a long time, buy or harmonize real estate? Quantec can assist in the process


QUANTEC® can help you to encourage the sale of a property that has been standing for a long time, for sale, without buyers.

It can also help you to raise funds for the purchase of that property you want, be it a residential or business property.

It also harmonises your home, eliminating harmful effects that you may not even know exist.

In this aspect, we perform not only the diagnosis of buildings, but also the domotherapy, concepts of dowsing that, once applied to QUANTEC®, can accelerate the process of harmonizing that location.

Often a potential buyer sees your property and loses interest in buying it because he is ill. In practice, we assess each property to identify whether it has geopathies, shape waves, electromagnetic pollution, negative spirituality or destructive magic, impregnated memories that are causing discomfort, construction materials that may compromise the well-being of people, as well as the water quality, air quality, humility, the weather situation, noise pollution or radon gas are affecting the emotions of people linked to that place, or potential buyers.  

We identify with the property plan, the physical origin of the precise location where the problems are, we measure the types of geopathies potentially existing in the place, we check for harmful waves, we detect if there is influence of shape waves, harmful electromagnetic radiation from artificial sources , and several other aspects, setting up a domotherapy plan (property therapy) fully adhering to what he needs.  

Once the plan has been created, QUANTEC® carries out corrective emanations towards the property, releasing or neutralizing it from harmful loads that may be causing obstacles in various directions.


First of all, it is important to make it clear that in the view of holistic therapies, most illnesses are just symptoms of energetic, psychic, emotional, subconscious, thought or spiritual imbalances.


Some examples:

  • Allergies can be the result of a predisposition to nervousness;

  • Anemias can be the result of a lack of self-confidence;

  • Respiratory diseases are born from the low immune caused by despair;

  • Arthritis can arise from an obsession with perfection;

  • Back problems can be caused by an overly individualistic attitude;

  • Digestive problems can arise from stubbornness or rigidity in accepting the new;

  • The cause of kidney problems can be the accumulation of hurts, sadness or deep moral pain;

  • Viruses can originate from the weakening of the immune system, which, in turn, can originate from excessive anxiety, or fear, or anger, or hatred;

  • Obesity can be the result of the need for protection, or problems specifically with the father;

  • And so many other possible cases.

Based on this principle, if a certain disease has a CAUSE outside the physical, once the CAUSE is treated, the symptom resolves. However, it is essential to clarify that the purpose of QUANTEC® is not to replace traditional medicine, but to cooperate with it to accelerate healing processes where the CAUSES may not be just organic factors. Thus, the role of QUANTEC® is not to cure illnesses, but to resolve the psychosomatic CAUSES that may have triggered them.


Through a scan of the morphic field of the person assisted by its photography, QUANTEC® identifies possible maladjustments that are feeding physical illnesses. The treatment is intended to assist in the recovery of the vibrational field, enhancing the positive effects of other therapies, including conventional ones.  


QUANTEC® cleans the information contained in the Morphic Fields* of each of the multidimensional bodies of the human being. Starting from this harmonization mechanism, it corrects and prevents states of physical maladjustments originated in mental, emotional, energetic, psychic and spiritual maladjustments.

Thus, it treats all psychosomatic causes (and not physical symptoms) of all the more than 10,000 diseases listed in the ICD 10 (International Classification of Diseases). As it would be impossible to describe the entire list in ICD 10 here, we cite below the diseases or disorders that most afflict contemporaneity:

  • Down's syndrome

  • Autism

  • Bournout Syndrome (burnout at work)‎

  • Depressions‎

  • Fear of exams/tests/tests‎

  • Scenic fear (fear of public speaking)‎

  • Fears in general‎

  • existential fear‎

  • Agoraphobia‎

  • Claustrophobia‎

  • Fear of Height‎

  • Fear of Flying‎

  • Fear of Dentist‎

  • Fear of Deep Water‎

  • Fear of Dogs‎

  • Fear of Serpents‎

  • Fear of Spiders‎

  • Other fears‎

  • Dependence on Work‎

  • Dependence on Chocolate/Sweets‎

  • Food Dependence‎

  • Alcohol Dependence‎

  • Tobacco Dependence‎

  • Trigeminal neuralgia‎

  • Nervus Medianus - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome‎

  • Sciatica (Lumbago)‎

  • Multiple Sclerosis‎

  • Male and Female Hormonal System

  • Parkinson's (Absence of dopamine)‎

  • Problems with Thyroid Hormone (T3 and T4 - hyperthyroidism)‎

  • Problems with Thyroid Hormone (T3 and T4 - hypothyroidism)‎

  • Type I diabetes (insulin)

  • Type II diabetes (insulin)‎

  • Cushing's Syndrome (Type I / Hypercortisolism)‎

  • Climacteric (absence of estrogens) with children‎

  • Climacteric (absence of estrogens) without children‎

  • Causes of anaphylactic reactions‎

  • Skin allergies‎

  • Allergic conjunctivitis‎

  • Hay fever‎

  • Allergic Rhinitis‎

  • Allergic Asthma‎

  • Allergic mucous membrane swelling in the lips‎

  • Allergic mucous membrane swelling in the cavity‎

  • allergic mucous membrane swelling in the neck‎

  • Diarrhea‎

  • Vomiting‎

  • unwell‎

  • Celiac disease / sprue‎

  • Allergy to grasses and/or pollen‎

  • Lactose intolerance‎

  • Allergy to chicken proteins‎

  • Allergy to Crustaceans‎

  • Allergy to Spices‎

  • Nut Allergy‎

  • Allergy to Strawberry‎

  • Gluten intolerance‎

  • Allergy to other foods not mentioned here‎

  • Allergy to bee stings‎

  • Allergy to wasp stings‎

  • Allergy to mosquito and/or horseflies bites‎

  • Allergy to animal hair‎

  • Allergy to Gold‎

  • Nickel Allergy‎

  • Allergy to Silver‎

  • Allergy to other metals‎

  • Recurring colds‎

  • Recurring Cough‎

  • Recurring Hoarseness‎

  • Sore throat/swallowing problems‎

  • Recurrent fever‎

  • Tonsillitis‎

  • Viruses in general (all types of known viruses catalogued)

  • Lymphadenitis (inflammation of the lymph nodes)‎

  • Lymphangitis (inflammation of the lymphatic ducts)‎

  • Lymphogranulomatosis (Morbus Hodgkin)‎

  • Problem with teeth‎

  • Osteoporosis‎

  • Causes of fractures in the toes‎

  • Causes of leg fractures‎

  • Causes of fracture in the pelvis‎

  • Causes of rib fractures‎

  • Causes of fractures in the arms‎

  • Causes of fractured fingers‎

  • Disc herniation‎

  • Scheuermann's Disease

  • Causes of trauma due to sudden braking in traffic‎

  • Scoliosis‎

  • Torticollis‎

  • Bechterew's disease (ankylosing spondylitis with HLA-B27)‎

  • Bechterew's disease (ankylosing spondylitis without HLA-B27)‎

  • Other spinal diseases‎

  • Muscles and Skin

  • Fibromyalgia‎

  • Wart(s)‎

  • Recurring Athlete's Foot‎

  • Skin allergies‎

  • Cold sores‎

  • Genital herpes‎

  • Skin cancer‎

  • Melanoma‎

  • Neurodermatitis‎

  • psoriasis‎

  • Acne‎

  • Itching (itching)‎

  • Brain

  • Headache (headache)‎

  • Migraine‎

  • Epilepsy‎

  • From lack of memory to Alzheimer's‎

  • From tremors and tics to Parkinson's‎

  • meningitis‎

  • encephalitis‎

  • Benign brain tumor‎

  • Malignant brain tumor‎

  • brain abscess‎

  • cerebral edema‎

  • Brain commotion‎

  • Skull fracture‎

  • Left apoplexy‎

  • Right apoplexy‎

  • eyes, nose and ears

  • Myopia‎

  • Hyperopia‎

  • Eye Dryness‎

  • Eye injuries‎

  • Iritis (disease of the eyes and eyelid edges)‎

  • Conjunctivitis (disease of the eyes and eyelid edges)‎

  • Blepharitis (disease of the eyes and eyelid edges)‎

  • Exophthalmos (disease of the eyes and eyelid edges)‎

  • cataract‎

  • Glaucoma‎

  • Eye macula‎

  • Blindness‎

  • Strabismus (double vision)‎

  • Sinusitis‎

  • Nasal Polyp‎

  • Nasal Bone Fracture‎

  • Nasal hemorrhage (epistaxis)‎

  • Nasal Septum Curvature‎

  • Anosmia (disorders of the sense of smell)‎

  • Cacosmia (disorders of the sense of smell)‎

  • Ocena (disorders of the sense of smell)‎

  • Otitis Media‎

  • Ringing in the ear (tinnitus)‎

  • Sudden Ear Loss‎

  • Hearing Difficulty/Deafness‎

  • Vertigo‎

  • Thyroids

  • Hyperthyroidism‎

  • Basedow‎

  • Hypothyroidism‎

  • goiter‎

  • cold nodule‎

  • Hot nodule‎

  • Thyroid inflammation‎

  • Thyroid tumor or cancer‎

  • Heart

  • Cardiophobia (neurosis)‎

  • Heart pain, heart oppression‎

  • Cardiac asthma‎

  • Adipose degeneration of the heart‎

  • Angina in the chest - Circulatory disorders‎

  • Myocardial Infarction - Circulatory Disorders‎

  • Myocarditis‎

  • endocarditis‎

  • Pericarditis‎

  • Left coronary insufficiency‎

  • Right coronary insufficiency‎

  • Insufficiency of the heart valves‎

  • Tachycardia‎

  • Bradycardia‎

  • Extrasystole‎

  • Atrium ventricular block‎

  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)‎

  • Hypotension (low blood pressure)‎

  • Arteriosclerosis‎

  • Coronary Sclerosis‎

  • Coronary arthritis‎

  • Thrombophlebitis‎

  • Varicose veins‎

  • Other Organs, Systems and Fields

  • Lung - Asthma‎

  • Lung - Bronchitis‎

  • Lung - Pneumonia‎

  • Lung - Lung cancer‎

  • Lung - Tobacco and nicotine use‎

  • Lung - exposure to asbestos residues‎

  • Lung - Exposure to flour (baker)‎

  • Exposure to sawdust (carpentry)‎

  • Exposure to chemicals‎

  • Exposure to construction products‎

  • Bird exposure‎

  • Stomach - Stomach pain, gastritis‎

  • Stomach - Stomach ulcer‎

  • Stomach - Stomach cancer‎

  • Stomach - Stomach burning

  • Stomach - Burping‎

  • Stomach - Feeling of constant fullness (too full) after eating‎

  • Stomach - Feeling sick without vomiting‎

  • Stomach - Feeling sick with vomiting‎

  • Pancreas - Type I Diabetes

  • Pancreas - Type II Diabetes‎

  • Pancreas - Pancreatic insufficiency‎

  • Pancreas - Inflammation of the pancreas‎

  • Pancreas - Pancreatic Cancer‎

  • Liver - Adipose liver (hepatic steatosis)‎

  • Liver - Hypercholesterolemia‎

  • Liver - Liver Cirrhosis‎

  • Liver - Liver Cancer‎

  • Liver - Hepatitis A‎

  • Liver - Hepatitis B‎

  • Liver - Hepatitis C‎

  • Liver - Hepatitis D‎

  • Liver - Hepatitis E‎

  • Liver - Hepatitis F‎

  • Liver - Hepatitis G‎

  • Gallbladder - Cholecystitis‎

  • Gallbladder - Vesicular Calculus‎

  • Gallbladder - Colic‎

  • Gallbladder - Gallbladder Cancer‎

  • Gallbladder - The gallbladder was removed‎

  • Small Intestine - Inflammation‎

  • Small Intestine - Ulcer‎

  • Small Intestine - Ileum‎

  • Small Intestine - Hernias‎

  • Small Intestine - Diarrhea‎

  • Small Intestine - Morbus Crohn

  • Small Intestine - Celiac Disease - sprue‎

  • Small Intestine - Small Intestine Cancer‎

  • Large Intestine - Constant Flatulence‎

  • Large intestine - Hemorrhoids‎

  • Large intestine - Appendicitis after other surgeries‎

  • Large intestine - Appendicitis without other previous surgeries‎

  • Large Intestine - Ulcerative Colitis‎

  • Large intestine - Morbus Crohn‎

  • Large intestine - Diarrhea‎

  • Large Intestine - Constipation‎

  • Large Intestine - Hernias‎

  • Large Intestine - Ileum‎

  • Large Intestine - Polyp‎

  • Large intestine - Megacolon‎

  • Large Intestine - Anal Eczema‎

  • Large intestine - anal fissure‎

  • Large intestine - Abscess in the anus‎

  • Large intestine - Anal prolapse‎

  • Large Intestine - Colon Cancer‎

  • Large intestine - Cancer of the rectum‎

  • Kidneys - Pains‎

  • Kidneys - Inflammations‎

  • Kidneys - Kidney stones‎

  • Kidneys - Chronic pain‎

  • Kidneys - Acute pains‎

  • Kidneys - Cancer or Tumors‎

  • Prostate - prostatic hyperplasia (prostate enlarging)‎

  • Prostate - inflammation (prostatitis)‎

  • Prostate - Tumor‎

  • Bladder - Night urination (nocturia)‎

  • Bladder - Cystitis‎

  • Bladder - Bladder Cancer‎

  • Bladder - Incontinence (daytime enuresis)‎

  • Bladder - Incontinence (nocturnal enuresis)‎

  • Groin - Inguinal Hernia‎

  • Female Chest - Mastitis during lactation‎

  • Female Breast - Breast Cancer‎

  • Uterus -  fibroids in the uterus

  • Uterus - Assistance to those who have had a miscarriage or abortion


Other problems not described in the list above can be treated through specific programming according to the precise official medical diagnosis.

For treatment of serious illnesses (such as cancer, for example), a contract must be made only for the issue presented, and it is not possible to "mix" the highly serious issue with other health issues.

Important note: QUANTEC® does not reverse physical birth processes (such as birth without a limb) nor is it able to resolve purely physical illnesses that have nothing to do with the psychosoma. For medically incurable diseases, there is no consistency in expecting a healing movement from QUANTEC®, as the process is not based on a miracle, but on optimizing the health of the assisted person within what physical limitations allow. Diseases whose causes are in the psychosoma and have not yet definitively settled in the physical (although they cause physical symptoms) can be adequately treated, but in cases where the disease has already been definitively transferred from the psychosoma to the physical, QUANTEC® can at most help to alleviate or manage the issue by minimizing the symptoms. In any case, no treatment for physical illnesses should dispense with traditional medicine, since there are issues that are in the psychosoma (and this part can be treated) but at the same time already rooted in the physical (which lacks conventional medical treatment). As there is no method to measure whether a disease is more physical or more psychosoma, the ideal is that both fronts are treated for greater efficiency of results. After all, there are cases that for years the assisted person may try to solve only through traditional medicine and not succeed (the typical diseases that doctors do not discover the causes), as well as cases where the person has been trying to solve for years only with alternative treatments and cannot (the cases in which the disease has already been transferred to the physical). Therefore, the most efficient is to deal with both fronts: both the physical and the psychosomatic. Finally, it is imperative to make it clear that QUANTEC® does not rebuild parts of the body damaged from birth or by the effects of trauma and/or surgery, such as amputated limbs, unsuccessful surgeries or purely physical limitations not associated with the psychosoma. If you have any doubts about whether your case can be dealt with, before contracting the service, contact us by clicking here and explain your question.  




It has been used successfully helping to obtain positive results in several treatments. The patient has identified the causes that led him to contract the oral disease, and they are treated with personalized fumes, in order to provide a faster recovery and eliminate the risk of recurrence.

However, please note: the role of QUANTEC® is not to replace dental medicine. Anyone who has dental caries or any other dental disease must look for a dental professional. The role of QUANTEC® is to combine with conventional dental treatment (with or without the participation of the dentist) to facilitate the regeneration process, helping so that that problem does not persist or does not recur.

QUANTEC® does not treat physical oral disease, but the psychosomatic CAUSES that gave rise to it, and then yes, this reflects on the physical. But this does not exempt the patient from having to seek dental help in cases where the physique is already severely impacted.

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Colheitadeira no campo

Find out how the  QUANTEC® can help  Agriculture


We are specialized in treatments aimed at Agriculture and Livestock. Our customized and robust working dynamic with QUANTEC® is geared towards farmers who want to replace:

  • Low and stagnant productivity and increasing sustainable productivity;

  • Growing increase in production costs due to a constant increase in profitability per area;

  • Increased incidence of pests and diseases due to increased resistance and plant health;

  • Need for complex administration of face- to- face interventions through distance work without increasing on-site workload

the work of the  QUANTEC® consists of making a complete scan of the entire cultivation context (seeds, soil, people involved, fertilizers, herbicides, places, machinery, plants, pests, etc.), and after this scanning, determining the harmonization resources that will be emanated 24 hours a day, aiming to interfere in the collective subconscious of the crop and thus enhance its best performance, its best natural defenses and its highest level of performance. The work involves a thorough, highly efficient protocol and constant rigorous monitoring, where, in some cases, we employ more than one QUANTEC® in the process.  

In addition, our differential is the performance of evaluations, measurements, radiesthetic probes, morphic scans and eventual presence of the professional on site (if necessary), for the personalized fine adjustment to expand the plant's vitality, ward off pests, identify and treat any nodes magnetic, fractured rocks in the subsoil, east-west fractures, groundwater, geological faults, shape waves, electromagnetic pollution, spirituality/magic, eventual impregnated memory or interference of constructive material in storage sheds, barns and the like, as well as other factors biological products within the whole universe of possibilities, always with the focus of promoting a treatment with the highest level of quality .

Optional Extra Service:   

For areas over 20 thousand Hectares , we also have the option of offering the full service of  Specialized Advice on Implementation of Productive Models of Organic Agriculture in Large Crops , for those who also need or wish to carry out local physical interventions that aim to replace:

  • Ostensible use of harmful chemicals by minimal use based on rational decision;

  • Lifeless soils with low fertility due to restoration of soil biological activity;

  • Inefficiency of control chemicals for more effectiveness of biological and homeopathic products;

  • Risks to human health and the environment from low or no risk inputs.

In this modality, we offer a highly professional service, which involves:

Results-oriented management: Strategic advice for the implementation of large-scale organic farming, including:


  • Reorganization of information flows;

  • Adequacy of operational processes and monitoring indicators;

  • Employee engagement;

  • Change of organizational culture;

  • Integrated communication program;

  • Articulation with specialized partners.

Sustainable use of nutrients: Solutions to restore the mineral base and soil fertility through:

  • Optimization of the use of agrominerals;

  • Optimization of the use of soluble sources;

  • Replacement of organic matter and essential primary minerals;

  • Promoting, in a natural and continuous way, increased water retention, biological activity and nutrient cycling.

Biological inputs: Implementation and management of an “on farm” unit for the production of beneficial microorganisms with personalized recommendations for the control of pests and diseases of plants and soil, increasing the efficiency of cycling and the use of nutrients.

Agrohomeopathy: Technical guidance for the adoption of systemic and specific physical homeopathic preparations (together with QUANTEC), which would appear as more intensive activators of the immune systems of plants and repellents of pathogens, resulting in a faster increase in the resistance of crops to diseases and pests and more intensive improvements in production performance.

Extra Possibilities:  Optional on demand to provide the best in loss reduction and increased productivity, namely:

  • Technical studies and recommendations;

  • People and process management;

  • managerial technical support;

  • Operational technical support;

  • Team training;

  • Agronomic validation;

  • Possibility of a consultant (Agricultural Engineer) spending a whole week per month, every month, on the farm;

  • Implementation and management of laboratory and biofactory of biological inputs;

  • Selection of input suppliers with agronomic criteria and synergy with the proposal of regenerative agriculture.

All of the above items are covered by the  QUANTEC® for better work efficiency.  

In this modality, the availability of individual personal treatment is provided for each of the farmer's employees (all labor), and not just the area, soil, seeds, machinery, chemistry, fertilizers and so on. The entire context involving planting, directly or indirectly, would be ensured by the day and night emanations of QUANTEC® , in a personalized process that can exceed hundreds of specific schedules/adequate treatment for each person/target object - as long as there is agreement with that extra dynamic.


We are also available to send Agronomist Engineers specializing in regenerative culture for a prior global assessment of the farmer's scenario, in order to provide a more adequate survey of local physical needs, in a work that, together with QUANTEC®, aims to promote a deeper impact . The visit has a cost (daily + displacement) and is only eligible for planting areas greater than 20,000 hectares.

Here are some success stories of the  QUANTEC®.  To request a customized quote for your plantation, fill out and submit the form by clicking here

What is Quantec, after all, and how can you take advantage of this quantum therapy to be more fluent in all areas of your life?


A very high-tech German system (hardware and software) that has been developed for over 30 years and is fully consolidated in Europe as one of the most advanced therapies today, having received millions of euros in investment to reach the current version, known as QUANTEC® PRO.

It has no link with mysticism: it is instrumental bio communication supported by several scientific researches and empirical experiments , having even been the target of an important recent scientific research in Brazil that proved the effectiveness of the equipment for health, research published in the scientific journal COGNITIONIS (See the publication in English, here ).

Furthermore,  the QUANTEC® won the Gold Medal for best innovation in the progress of industry to health by trials in patients in Moscow and Odessa, whose evaluation clearly documented the potential of QUANTEC® in the progress of health. In addition, it has been tested (and approved) at Princeton University in the United States, in addition to being field tested by the University of Freiburg, Germany.


D esenvolvido by German researcher Peter Raphael Von Buengner the QUANTEC®  uses the white noise diode and highly intelligent software for comparative analysis of customer information with a database of various types of bioinformational treatments.

The white noise diode has the function of accessing information from the client's unconscious and performing an analysis of frequencies that are out of balance in the  physical, behavioral, environmental, emotional and spiritual aspects.

A treatment with QUANTEC® has no link with easy promises and even less guarantees of miraculous cures: it is a serious treatment, which requires a lot of conscious commitment of the assisted person in the behavioral sense and the willingness to act in a manner consistent with what the treatment claims for particular and individual way. As a principle of honesty, it is essential to make it clear that there are cases that present excellent results, and others that do not.

O  QUANTEC® is able to program the scan of your photograph, identify disharmonies in your field, select the matching features you need, and disciplinedly emanate/wave from a distance, day and night, all the resources necessary for complete well-being : human beings, animals, land, real estate, plantations and business organizations.

QUANTEC® is a  an ally that helps to resolve problems from the causes, at a much deeper level than the usual treatments that only combat the symptoms.  


It deals with physical (psychosomatic causes of illness), psychic and energetic issues, even helping to reconfigure the intertwining of the assisted field to help attract the manifestation of better realities , but all with coherence,  without miraculous promises and without any relation to fulfilling the ego's desires (see our clients' testimonials here ).  


Harmonize people, relationships, beloved pets, businesses, real estate sales, projects, crops, places, events and much more.  


There are 110 thousand therapeutic resources with more than 230 thousand combinations for personalized treatments according to what each person needs in the highest degree of specificity.  

Basically, QUANTEC® has 3 fronts, which work together day and night:

1) It puts new information in the assisted subconscious;

2) Eliminates antimatter (negativities) accumulated over the life of the assisted person;

3) Reorganizes the intertwining of the assisted field, allowing the attraction of new, more profitable opportunities and the removal of those that can be harmful - as long as they are not part of the being's original plan of life (what a person has to go through, she will pass, but much can be mitigated in this regard. As for what can be avoided, QUANTEC® is an interesting ally to help in this movement .

In addition, when you undergo treatment with the BR QUANTEC ® PRO Nucleus, you have access to the DCR module, which reveals precious existential information for guidance so that you can understand points such as:


- what is your life mission,

- to which destination you should point your personal compass,

- what is the motivation in which you should create expectations,

- any karmic commitments and how to solve them realistically and objectively,

- which challenges are part of your co-creation plan that is being lived in this lifetime,

- your talents to be developed

- and even indicative indication of which professions can provide more satisfaction, if that is your search.


The DCR module reveals a compendium of relevant, personalized (only valid for you) and highly impactful information, with general instructions about life that, if taken seriously by the assisted, provide a much greater fluency in the trajectory of existence.


- Intelligent and harmonizing intervention in the subtle fields of the target;

- Scan of the morphic field of the target through photo and data;

- Issuance and adjustment of inharmonious bioinformation for the scenario found 24 hours a day (each delivery plan is personal and individual);

- Maintenance of the physical (psychosome), psychic, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual field of the patient or target.


- Project affirmations to your subconscious;

- Project books, music or movies to your subconscious;

- Projects new information that combats limiting beliefs;

- Design archetypes, symbols and merkabas for your frequencial field;

- Project hundreds of types of bioinformation therapies for your field, as if you had gone there and done the therapeutic interventions in practice, but without you actually needing to do them in person;

- Waves any and all known harmonizing wave, according to the needs of the assisted person;

- Captures memories of a happy moment recorded in a video with your cell phone and re-projects them to your subconscious;

- Projects stories, positive aspects of personalities and places for the assisted;

- Waves in a personalized way, "anti limiting beliefs" to help deconstruct barriers that are preventing any progress;

- Automatically scans a person's entire morphic field and determines what the person actually needs for that moment or circumstance in life, without guesswork or guesswork;

- Accepts statements that the patient constructs himself, and works as an ally to accomplish what these statements describe;

- Allows the frequencial projection of anything constructive (without limitations of "whatever" to the patient's field;

- It even allows the recording of various healing bioinformation in a floral vehicle for the patient to take if desired (resource available only in person, or by remote consultation).


- The prevention and combat of physical, emotional and mental illnesses (treating the psychosomatic cause of illness, not the symptoms - these must be treated by traditional medicine);

- Combat the psychosomatic causes of physical illnesses;

- Correction of psychosomatic causes of disorders such as blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, blood glucose;

- Contributes effectively with dental treatments, attacking the psychosomatic cause that gave rise to them;

- Treats the most varied spinal problems in all possibilities, as long as they have a psychosomatic cause;

- Acts as an emergency in any situation or critical case in which the person needs help, as an ally;

- Prevents and combats psychosomatic illnesses in animals of all sizes;

- Prevents and combats pests in plantations;

- Harmonizes home and business environments for more harmonious flows of energy and prosperity;

- Acts as a therapy to combat altitude sickness, cancer, and other diseases;

- Provides well-being to the human being;

- Interferes with physical, mental, emotional, professional, family issues, in addition to helping with projects, travel, business prosperity, increasing the chances of success in competitions, exams, goals, personal goals and adjusting life in general to make things happen have more fluidity.


Equipment based on instrumental bio-communication uses the principle of morphic information, identifying the informational field of each environment or person. In QUANTEC®, an electronic component of quantum technology is responsible for making this reading. Called White Noise Diode , this element is particularly studied in robotics for its ability to serve as an interface between the machine and other forms of consciousness. the noise diode  White talks to the target's individual or collective subconscious.


After scanning the patient, the analysis is processed and interpreted by a modern, state-of-the-art computerized system that compares the results with a database with values corresponding to the “normality” pattern. Identifying the difference between these patterns and their origin, a treatment consisting of sending specific bio-information is proposed.  to the cells, organs, systems or emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual fields, so that they return to the level of healthy information.


The treatment acts on the most diverse types of human imbalances and is also effective in pets, plantations , companies and even children and babies who do not yet express themselves verbally, because the interface is through the White Noise Diode does not result from direct communication with the conscious, and yes, with the subconscious, as we see in the experiments carried out by the French researcher René Peoc'h in the sleep laboratory (see here) . René's doctoral thesis in French can be accessed here .


The greatest contribution of instrumental bio-communication therapy is precisely the possibility of treating the individual by directly attacking the cause of their problems, with the advantage of being a safe and effective process even at a distance (for radionicism, there are no distances) and not limited to just body balance and vitality. He is able to go much deeper, managing to perpetrate even past life issues, limiting beliefs, or intense spiritual situations.


QUANTEC® is even capable of anticipating the solution even before a problem arises, being able to predict certain trends and work to avoid that issue.  


The result? We gain a powerful ally to amplify our mental, emotional and even spiritual vitality, preventing the free radicals of human ailments from becoming serious barriers that compromise our well-being, in addition to achieving more success and satisfaction by aligning ourselves with what is rightfully ours divine.



Never. QUANTEC® is not intended to replace traditional medicine and treatments. The radionic instrumental bio-information therapy must be seen as a complementary therapeutic tool that acts on the energetic disturbances that trigger the symptoms, whether they are related to our thoughts, feelings or even our spiritual situation. Naturally, when the cause is resolved, the result tends to be reflected in the physical or practical life of the being, as in its projects, goals or existential goals of life. But it should never be considered as a treatment that should replace traditional medicine in all respects. QUANTEC® is a radionic device approved by the Brazilian Association of Radiesthesia and Radionics (ABRAD) and is not intended to replace traditional medicine, but to play the role of an electronic radionic emanator in a disciplined and regular way, without the dependence on human intervention for each emanation.

At the BR QUANTEC® Nucleus, however, you have the guarantee that our therapists accredited directly with the manufacturer's representative, keep daily monitoring of all treatments through the "butler" resource (Butler), which constantly monitors whether the client needs it or not of any bioinformational alteration, enabling a more constant fine adjustment in each emanation package, always within what QUANTEC® recommends as appropriate.

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