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Intellectual development problems, autism or syndromes in children? Quantec helps


If someone tells you that QUANTEC® or Quantum Physics can cure an autistic person, beware. That does not exist. But QUANTEC® can greatly improve the quality of life for those with the disorder, and for those around them.  

But how? Let's explain:

Autism is not a disease, but a disorder that affects neurodevelopment and causes difficulties related to social interaction and communication.


For an autistic person, it can be difficult to master language, to follow patterns of behavior and social rules.


There are different degrees of autism, ranging from mild to severe, in which there can be mental retardation and total inability to interact socially.


Science still cannot explain the cause of autism. Studies link the disorder to a genetic predisposition that is still little known, in addition to environmental factors. However, for those who deeply study scientific spiritism, the understanding that Autism is nothing more than an ordeal for the patient, who would be recovering from crimes committed in past existences, as well as their family members, especially the country.

Through the limitations experienced and the pertinent sufferings, the indebted spirit recovers and frees itself from the afflictive burden to which it is attached, becoming, in this way, a true blessing.

Also, it can be an illuminating experience requested by the spirit itself, in order to contribute in favor of scientific studies that will benefit others, at the same time a personal effort for greater socio-psychological growth.

In the first case, obsessive disorders can occur, produced by victims of a previous existence, who take pleasure in worsening the suffering, leading the patient to aggressiveness, muteness and states of apparent schizophrenia.

In short: autism is a condition foreseen for the spirit long before it incarnates, contemplated even in the plan of preparations for future reincarnation, and it would be stupid of us to believe that we could interfere in the determinations of a reincarnation contract and simply reverse an autistic state .

The proposal here is another: to give more quality of life to the autistic.

In scientific terms, Autism is based on the alteration in a gene, responsible for the clinical picture and the symptoms that the patient will present.

Traditional science does not yet know the full genetics of autism, but it has been studied extensively over the past 10 years. Today there are about 800 genes described that can show changes and cause symptoms related to autism. Every individual is genetically unique.

Returning to the spiritual issue, we know that any genetic manifestation in the human body was carefully planned on the spiritual plane, in the so-called "Reincarnation Planning Center". Times will come when traditional science will understand the problem more clearly.


In São Paulo, a group of scientists linked to USP and the A Fada do Dente Project, an NGO focused on scientific research, took another important step in the search for a definitive treatment for autism.

From the baby teeth of children with or without autism, donated to the NGO, the researchers generate, in the laboratory, a series of mini-brains that are used to study the biological mechanisms of autism and test remedies that can help improve the function of autistic brain cells.

The most recent discovery concerns astrocytes , a type of star-shaped neurological cell that exists in large numbers in the brain. In autistic people, these cells are inflamed and therefore overproduce a substance that damages neurons.

The first step in the research was the reprogramming of the cells present in the baby tooth, a non-invasive method for research that requires the analysis of delicate parts, such as the cells of the nervous system.

“All the cells in our body have all the genes from when we were an embryo”, explains Fabiele Russo, the main author of the article published in Biological Psychiatry, and the result of her doctorate. “What will differentiate these cells from each other are the genes that are being expressed in them at that moment or not. Some are asleep and others are awake”, he compares.

Reprogramming makes cells express genes that make them return to the embryonic stage, characterized by pluripotency, that is, the ability to form any cell in the human body. In this way, the researchers were able to develop neurons and astrocytes to carry out the research.

With the cells at their disposal, the scientists combined neurons and astrocytes from autistic and non-autistic individuals. This is how they observed that when healthy neurons were combined with autistic astrocytes, its branches shrank, whereas when the autistic neuron was combined with a healthy astrocyte, it regained its branches.

“This shows that the role of the healthy astrocyte is to rescue the healthy phenotype of a neuron”, explains Patrícia Beltrão Braga, a professor at USP, Fabiele's advisor and coordinator of the Tooth Fairy project.

With that, the researchers were able to verify an inflammation that had already been mentioned in previous researches, but that until then had not been related to astrocytes. Scientists finally confirmed that autistic astrocytes had a high production of the protein interleukin 6 , compromising the activities of the nervous system.

Thus, QUANTEC®, far from curing autism, manages to emanate specific resources to stimulate the patient's subconscious to regulate the production of interleukin 6, designing the simulation of combinations of the assisted neurons with frequencies of healthy astrocytes, thus stimulating the recovery of their branches.  

In addition, QUANTEC® uses the emanation of frequencies from certain animals, such as dolphins, which, in face-to-face treatments, have shown great efficacy, which can be simulated by QUANTEC® itself, but at a low cost compared to conventional treatments with these animals.


See the article below about Dolphin Therapy:


São Paulo, 04/08/1998

Norton Godoy

Humans have had a very special relationship with dolphins for centuries. The generosity of these intelligent mammals that live in the warm waters of the oceans is popularly recognized. Stories of sailors saved by dolphins date back to Greek Civilization. It's not hard to remember the success of the TV series Flipper. Today, however, they are receiving special attention from medicine because they are helping children who suffer from ailments such as deafness, Down syndrome (congenital mental deficiency) and autism (disengagement from external reality). The most recent case is that of an eight-year-old British boy, Nikki Brice, who had never uttered a word because he was born deaf.

Last week, after three days of special dolphin therapy, he started talking. Nikki's story adds to that of hundreds of cases of amazing improvement achieved with the help of these passionate animals. The success is so great that to receive this treatment in some American and European research centers there is a waiting list of up to seven years.

For the doctors and psychologists at the Dolphin-Human Therapy Center in Miami, there is still no clear explanation for this phenomenon. One of the theories being studied, according to Dr. David Nathanson, who directs the center, is that dolphins use their unique sonar ability to identify neurological disorders in people. It is known that these animals have the ability to emit sounds that, when reflected on objects, come back to them and are picked up by their lower jaw, which transmits sound information to the brain.

Thus, the dolphin is able to form sound images based on the different densities of materials reached by the sound of its biological sonar. For neurologist David Cole, who works on Nathanson's team, the energy contained in these sounds emitted by dolphins would also have the ability to heal. "It's enough energy to make holes in the molecular structure of fluids and soft tissues," he explains. "So, a hypothesis that is starting to take shape shows that these sounds alter the cellular metabolism of the human body, causing the release of hormones and endorphins, or even stimulating the production of T-cells (immunological defense)."

For the parents of Josh Schmidt and Kirsty Brown, children with autism, a few days of dolphin therapy has yielded more results than years of conventional treatment. Kirsty didn't speak. Now you can assemble several sentences. Psychologist Nathanson has been working with dolphins and children for 20 years.

He explains that in many cases, just giving the child the chance to swim and play with the dolphins is enough for him to improve. In others, being with the dolphins serves as a reward for the child's dedication to sessions with a child therapist. With the help of new technologies developed by the center itself, his colleague Cole managed to record the neurological changes that take place in the brains of children who interact with dolphins. "In the tests that we are doing now, we are working with patients who suffer from cancer. In several of them, there was a spontaneous and inexplicable regression of the disease", says Cole.

Some more skeptical doctors believe that the therapeutic effects of dolphins are due only to the relaxation provided by the playful presence of these animals. Relaxation, as is well known, helps to stimulate the human body's immune system.

In any case, what matters to the scientists in downtown Miami is that they are achieving positive results in 97% of the hundreds of cases they have treated. For Nathanson, children show a deep sense of love for dolphins, music and water.

"For this reason, I use what they love most to increase their attention, to reach the areas of their brain that are affected, which is to say that I use their own strength to reach their weaknesses."



Dogs show a lot of affection and affection for humans. They don't have to say anything to let us know that they love us, that they need us, or that they feel wanted. The child's exposure to the frequencies of specific dogs stimulates the feeling, affection and the ability to be free from dependence on someone to feel that a being depends on him. Of course, the dogs chosen for this purpose must be balanced and need to be trained for therapy. We have, in our QUANTEC® database, frequencies of 40 dogs specifically trained to support the autistic, especially Labradors, golden retrievers and German shepherds.


Although they are generally used with people with balance and mobility problems, they also directly influence communication and behavior. This is because the horse is a very intelligent animal, able to understand a human being when it wants to communicate with him. We have a database with frequencies of 18 horses specially prepared to deal with the autistic, in order to allow the child to develop their capacity for empathy, which will favor their social integration and their ability to adapt to different circumstances.


They are the smartest animals in the world. In addition, they are very cheerful and fun, something that will brighten the patient's life. The studies that have been done with these animals have shown that interacting with dolphins improves concentration and communication skills. We have in our database the frequency of 5 dolphins specially trained to deal with autistic children.

These three animals are most commonly used with children who have Autistic Spectrum Disorder. We used them before QUANTEC®, but we have noticed that with QUANTEC®, the emanations are more efficient compared to conventional Radionic irradiations.

Depending on the patient's energy frequencies, we also use sea lions, fish, rabbits, cats and other animals prepared to deal with the autistic. It is not “any” animal, but specific and prepared.

In principle, treatment with QUANTEC®  for autistics,  it does not mean a cure for autism, but rather the chance to alleviate symptoms such as irritability, difficulty in social interaction and others. Most importantly, however, there are autistic people who don't expect to be cured, but rather expect to be understood and understood as someone who has a different way of dealing with the world.

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