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In any of the available services, you fill in the form at the bottom of this page, answering with as much detail as possible some questions. It's what we call "Anamnesis". In fact, this is when the treatment starts, as you open the "pandora's box" to expose what bothers you. Do not perform this filling in a hurry. Do it with time, care, dedication and a wealth of details. We will use this information to "program" the package of frequency emanations that your particular case requires. In addition, QUANTEC® itself analyzes your morphic field and chooses complementary resources, even if you have no idea about it or have not mentioned it in the anamnesis. Next, we perform the fine adjustment with dowsing measurements, and start the emanations, so that 24 hours a day, in packets of x in x minutes/hours, your subconscious receives this information and gradually reprograms your life. Once the emanation is programmed, you receive a complete report with the items that are being emanated, to accompany the treatment.


It is important to make it clear that we do not work on "autopilot", nor do we offer equal shelf treatments. Each person is a person, each need is a need, and as dowsers accredited by ABRAD, everything we program in QUANTEC®  to act in your life, you are meticulously measured and evaluated in dowsing and other unique and personalized working techniques.


Fill out the form below and send it to us. Next, you will be taken to the payment screen. The treatment will only start to be configured after payment and/or sending the photos (whichever is done last).


You can purchase by paying with one of the following options:

1 - Paypal (and all credit cards linked to Paypal)

2 - Bank slip

3 - Bank transfer

4 - PIX

Payment must be made after completing the anamnesis below.

As soon as payment is confirmed, we will start scanning and configuring your treatment. Afterwards, you will receive a complete report with all the curative frequencies that will be issued in the period. Delivery is made within 6 working days after confirmation of payment, which may be anticipated.


To make your request, start by filling in below.


Attention: the  Shipping  photography is mandatory, as without a photo, it is not possible to have a treatment with QUANTEC. You will have the opportunity to send the photos by email after completing the anamnesis. To do this, pay attention to your email inbox. Be careful if you have a Hotmail account, as this service usually sends all messages from new senders to Trash or SPAM Box.

If clicking the "next" button above nothing happens, make sure all fields have been filled in within the allowed character limit (you see the number of characters allowed in the camto  left bottom of each field) and try again. If your browser or cell phone have old versions that compromise the completion, generating an error message, request help by email to, necessarily sending a screenshot of the displayed error message so that we can identify what may have occurred and how to solve it.

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