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Harmonizing Treatments

You fill out an anamnesis, place your order and send photos to be scanned. QUANTEC ®  then it scans for inharmonious patterns that are compromising its harmonization by comparing the analysis results with a database of normality patterns.

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Personalized and disciplined emanations

QUANTEC ® proposes a list of frequency resources to correct disharmonies in your field, and plans a package of disciplined emanations, rippling day and night to your subconscious as an ally in the harmonization process.


German technology based on quantum physics

QUANTEC ® has a white noise diode, connected to a robust computerized system powered by electrical energy without interruption, which ensures that the assisted receives the ripples at a distance anywhere in the world.



German technology developed over 30 years, based on the principles of radionicism, applied by instrumental bio-communication.

Informational ripples of more than 110,000 therapeutic resources through emitting equipment controlled by a state-of-the-art computer system capable of reading the subconscious and emanating resources for the disharmonies found in the field of a person, place, company, relationship, animal, plantation. It acts as an ally for the assisted to harmonize and thus achieve well-being in all areas of life.

How it works:

  1. You fill in an anamnesis and send a bust photograph taken by you with a good cell phone or camera, which ensures sharpness in the image, exclusively to send us for treatment;

  2. QUANTEC® scans your field and subconscious through this photograph and your anamnesis;

  3. In this scanning process, it detects what is out of harmony and lists the list of corrective resources you need, not what "someone thinks" you need;

  4. It then programs the emission day and night, for as long as you choose, through the white noise diode, the bioinformational harmonizing package, controlled by the computerized system that guarantees highly disciplined emanations for your energy field, without human failure.

  5. In up to 6 working days (can be anticipated), you will receive the report that will include all the information related to the treatment period.


It acts as an ally for the harmonization and maintenance of the physical (psychosomatic), psychic, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual field of the assisted,

It works towards the elimination of antimatter,

It works to reorganize the existential entanglement so that the assisted person starts to attract more compensating situations,

Projection of affirmations to the assisted subconscious,

Projection of books, music or movies to the viewer's subconscious,

Projection of archetypes, symbols, merkabas to the frequency and subconscious field of the assisted,

Emanation of hundreds of types of therapies to the field and subconscious of the assisted, as if the assisted were making the therapeutic interventions in person, but without actually needing to be present,

Ripple of any known harmonizing wave, according to the needs of the assisted person.

Therapy not only for people, but also as an ally for companies looking for more competitiveness and fluency in their business.

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Capture the bioinformation of a happy or harmonious moment recorded in a video, reprojecting these frequencies to the subconscious of the assisted person.

Design stories, aspects  positive personalities and places for the assisted.

Personalized undulation of "anti limiting beliefs" to help deconstruct barriers that are impeding any progress.

It accepts statements that the assisted person constructs, and works as an ally to contribute to the manifestation of what these statements describe.

Allows the projection of anything constructive (without limitations of "whatever" it is) onto the field of the assisted.

Allows recording of various healing bioinformation in a floral vehicle or in a water container for the assisted to take if desired.

We can create an additional special emergency fume pack and have it stored as a stand by resource. When you feel a more intense need, you can, through your cell phone, access our APP and start that emanation yourself as many times as you want in the programmed time interval.  

With the DCR module, it allows access to existential information so that the treatment provides valuable information linked to the search for self-knowledge that, if transmigrated to practical life, makes the being find more fluency in life. Information such as life mission, path of personal destiny, main karma, challenges, and so many other private and individual information at an existential level.



BRL 550.00

for 3 months

Animals: BRL 100.00/3 months

Harmonize yourself!


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