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In the Press - Quantec: Distance Holistic Alternative Therapy

Instrumental bio-communication for human well-being

Serious alternative therapies have increasingly gained space as important and effective auxiliaries for the well-being of human beings. In a simple search in search engines, it is possible to find a multitude of techniques and lines of work for the most diverse goals, but all with the purpose of contributing so that people can live a more balanced life and, based on this balance, they can better conditions to pursue its goals, taking on challenges and opportunities with higher performance and differentiated performance.

However, often a single alternative therapy cannot meet the entire multiplicity of demands that the being needs, leading him to seek several options that, when integrated, end up providing ways to balance the individual in various aspects.

For many, however, this search for multiple methods ends up bumping into logistics: difficulty in moving, lack of time, impossibility of maintaining regular visits to the therapeutic space, and all the natural barriers of modern routine that end up absorbing much of our available time .

It is already an indisputable fact that technological evolution has provided a resounding change in people's quality of life since the industrial revolution and experts predict that in the coming years, we will experience an even more progressive advance than ever seen before. But this is not restricted to industrial machines, modern means of transport, quantum computers or the very advanced devices of modern nuclear medicine.

At the forefront of technological evolution created to improve the universe of alternative therapies, Quantec emerged, a radionic device based on the principles of quantum physics and morphic fields, which aims to provide a type of innovative therapeutic approach that brings together more than 110,000 therapeutic resources (traditional and contemporary) in a single treatment, and the best, without the need for the patient to be physically present. Quantec operates based on remote instrumental bio-communication, and uses the principle of morphic information, identifying the informational field of each environment or person through photographs and information on the target to be treated.

Everything works through the so-called "white noise diode", coupled to a triangular physical structure, connected and controlled by a high-performance computer system, capable of managing the entire process and ensuring that the therapy is carried out day and night without interruption, from a distance.

In practice, when faced with a complaint or objective, the person seeking therapy with Quantec completes an anamnesis and provides one or more photos for the therapeutic procedure. The therapist then inputs the client's data into the software, and activates the system resources which, from then on, in a process of scanning the morphic field of the being, reads the photographs and data of the target assisted person, identifies the related disharmonies or possible psychosomatic causes of claimed imbalances, it selects the resources to combat those disharmonies and creates a plan to send ripples at a distance that are made day and night for as long as the person wishes, aiming to help the being to balance in that direction. In addition, a special module called Butler (Butler) performs an automatic 24-hour follow-up work for the assisted person while he/she is undergoing treatment, and if there is any need for fine-tuning, arrangements are exchanged with the operator who performs the corresponding work.

The White Noise Diode is studied especially in robotics for its ability to serve as an interface between the machine and other forms of consciousness. It talks to the target's individual or collective subconscious, enabling people, animals, spaces, plantations, companies, businesses, projects, and so on to be treated.

The White Noise Diode is studied especially in robotics for its ability to serve as an interface between the machine and other forms of consciousness. It talks to the target's individual or collective subconscious, enabling people, animals, spaces, plantations, companies, businesses, projects, and so on to be treated.

One of the main areas of action of Quantec is to help the being to balance their health, especially in the face of those diseases that do not have an apparent cause. Called somatization or somatoform disorder, psychosomatic illnesses are emotional, psychic, spiritual or metaphysical disorders that also affect the functioning of the organs of the body and, consequently, the health of the human being. Whoever activates Quantec for health problems informs the symptoms in the anamnesis, and from them, the system scans the causes, being able to identify issues of different hues, including emotional, spiritual, behavioral, beliefs and even wrong ways to deal with certain situations in life. A compendium of therapeutic bioinformation is then prepared, a submission plan created, and the recipient receives a full report of what will be emanating from their field. Quantec can even identify to which field a particular resource must be emanated, since it manages to “separate” the being into a physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual double body, using the same principles of potencies and intensities of homeopathy. When the health problem is psychosomatic, once the cause in the psychosoma is treated, the body “copies” the harmonization. In addition, information that explains the root of issues related to various diseases is made available in the report so that the assisted person has a clear vision of how to contribute with attitudes and behaviors compatible with the harmonization process, which expands the body's ability to assimilate the condition of harmony and enter a state of balance. QUANTEC®️ is even capable of anticipating the treatment of any issue even before a problem arises, being able to predict certain trends and work to avoid that issue, mentioning potential occurrences detected in the scan in the report. Naturally, in health issues, Quantec's objective is not to replace traditional medicine, but to contribute with it to expand the holistic approach that can provide great benefits to human beings.

The greatest contribution of instrumental bio-communication therapy is precisely the possibility of treating the individual directly attacking the cause of their problems, with the advantage of being a safe and effective process even at a distance (for radionicism, Morphic Fields and principles of quantum physics, there are no distances) and not limited only in balance of the body and vitality. He is able to go much deeper, even managing to perpetrate on issues of ancestors, limiting beliefs, family disharmonies, psychic influences, degenerative spiritual or metaphysical situations.

Malaise, nervousness, difficult relationships, negative thoughts, attraction of problematic situations, fights without reason, complexities in different fields of life, frequent clashes, depressive feelings, anxieties, compulsions, psychosomatic illnesses and destructive mental connections are examples of realities that many people experience today, and that can be alleviated or resolved with the help of Quantec therapy. The field of possibilities is immense, even enabling the emanation of images, books, videos or music to the subconscious of the assisted person.

There is no link with mysticism. Instrumental bio-communication is supported by several scientific researches and empirical experiments, having even been the target of an important formal scientific study in Brazil conducted at UNESP, which proved the effectiveness of the equipment for health. The research was published in the scientific journal COGNITIONIS. This study was conducted by José Alfredo Ordenes Mora, Giovanna Ferreira Camilo, Prof. PhD. Eduardo Federighi Baisi Chagas, Prof. PhD. Robison José Quitério, which involved 10 individuals aged between 52 and 67 years, diagnosed with dyslipidemia, arterial hypertension and/or diabetes mellitus. According to the authors of the research that followed all scientific protocols recommendations, treatment with Quantec was effective in effectively reducing metabolic imbalances, reducing blood pressure, blood glucose, triglycerides and cholesterol. They called Quantec "a new treatment method with encouraging results for people with cardiovascular risk factors."

In addition, Quantec won the Gold Medal for best innovation in the health advancement sector for its patient trials in Moscow and Odessa, the assessment of which clearly documented the potential of instrumental bio-communication in the advancement of health. It has also been tested (and approved) at Princeton University in the United States and has been field tested by the University of Freiburg, Germany.

Developed by German researcher Peter Raphael Von Buengner, QUANTEC®️ has been shown to be an excellent resource to help the being to rebalance in several aspects, with advanced technological resources capable of providing an excellent holistic therapy.

Quantec PRO officially comes from the factory with the possibility for any qualified therapist to create their additional databases, adding them to the original features of the software, amplifying the effectiveness of the emanations. The DCR Module, for example, is a success story of a database created to offer the recipient a compendium of unique and particular existential information, valid only for that person. The point is that many people who seek holistic treatments feel great during therapy, but as soon as the process is over, they revert to the same patterns as before. Why does it happen? Because the therapeutic help comes, does the work, but the person remains the same, without any interior reform. The problem is that the “recipes” or “formulas” for intimate reform are always very generic, so that there is a great lack of knowing “what is valid exclusively for me”. After all, we are individual beings, with unique histories, and, consequently, with unique needs regarding our personal evolution. The DCR Module represents a very important contribution in this regard.

Nucleo BR [Bio Ressonance] Quantec PRO has a broad and rich history of thousands of services performed and has several testimonials from clients who benefited from the therapy. Our differential is that, in addition to the photo scans performed by Quantec, we also take into account a detailed and careful analysis of an anamnesis, and make parallel measurements and conferences of emanations using the classical methods of dowsing and kabalistic dowsing, as well as we use other tools in addition to those existing in Quantec, but in full harmony with it (therefore, we offer a broader service) without charging more for it, all to guarantee the quality of an alternative therapeutic procedure with a great impact on people, animals, crops , businesses, residential or business properties, in addition to specific objectives. In addition, we make extensive use of all the features of Quantec, including the advanced ones, all to surround the assisted person with all care for the greatest efficiency of therapy.

Nucleous BR [Bio Ressonance] Quantec PRO

Responsible Owner Therapist: Marusca Cardoso, Dowsing, Radionicist, Holistic Therapist, Stellar Quantum Healing Therapist, Alchemist, Reikian, Numerologist, Qualified in DCR, Diagnostic Desk, Therapeutic Tarot (several lines) and Kabbalah for CR Decoding. Graduated as Quantec 6.0, Quantec PRO (7.0) and Quantec MED Therapist in Europe. Affiliated to ABRATH (national and international) and ABRAD.

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