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About Free Trials

As soon as a treatment with QUANTEC® is requested, a whole series of procedures begins:

1 - A customer form is created within QUANTEC® itself;

2 - Then, the target object of the treatment is created;

3 - Next, we measure the photographs sent to assess whether they are actually capable of being used for scanning and emanations that will be chosen;

4 - We then activate the DCR module to verify the client's existential situation, determining the nature of his path through life and which personal and specific patterns act exclusively on him in the trajectory of existence and that will more intensely influence his passage through the world;

5 - The customer's orders are analyzed, which at this stage are transformed into statements that will be the basis for the subsequent scanning. Several variables are tested until we find the combination that represents the best configuration and power in Angstroms;

6 - Afterwards, the scanning process is started in 3 phases, each of which can take from 1 to 4 hours, where, through specific and very well defined protocols, a whole scan of the physical, double, mental, emotional and spiritual fields of the client is carried out by crossing information between photos, statements and anamnesis.

7 - After the scan result, we proceed to measuring item by item, identifying whether or not there is any conflicting item, and if so, separating the items by different emanation packages, so that there are no more emanation conflicts;

8 - Next, we start the process of scanning the shipping plans: each emanation package is subjected to a verification of what frequency “dose” the customer supports. In this step, the range of emanations, the duration of each emanation and the total amount of emanations are defined. If there is more than one frequency pack that was recommended in the previous steps, the process is repeated for each of them.

9 - The final stage has an item-by-item dowsing check, to guarantee the customer that everything is within the best possible configuration for their specific case, in an individual and particular way.

10 - If there is any need for adjustment, then go back to the step corresponding to such adjustment and so it is done, repeating the subsequent steps. This is what we call “fine tuning”.

11 - Only then is the treatment released into the emanation and effectively started. Oh yes, QUANTEC® will emanate the ripples in a disciplined way to the assisted person throughout the contracted cycle.

When you receive your report, you will already have in your hands not only the set of resources that will be emanated during the treatment, but also and mainly the information at an existential level that will tell you what behavioral and interior changes need to be made for the treatment and life itself requalify themselves to more auspicious levels.

But imagine if we offered free treatments by giving this information away for free? Many would do the treatment to “test” just to get this information.

More than that: when we detail all these steps, we just want the interested party to understand that before starting the treatment, the work involved in setting it up is immense, which is why we even ask for a delivery period of up to 6 working days.

There are cases, for example, in which more than 30 hours of work are employed in making a treatment, after all, we have gone far from the pure and simple automatic methods where the operator could choose a quick, simple and superficial scan. Our working method is much more rigorous, making our treatments absolutely personalized and based on a very serious prior time investment.

All this work costs: time, energy, concentration, salaries, expenses, people, and the cost of the QUANTEC® that we had to buy and pay dearly for it. In other words, those who hire the service are not paying only for the pure and simple emanation, but mainly for the work of people committed to providing high quality treatment.

As a result, it is not plausible for us to spend all this set of efforts that take hours of work, for free.

In fact, we respectfully invite the reader to ask himself: how could we work professionally for free? Is there, in fact, anyone who is professionally willing to work for free? Would you work for free?

We go even further: we invested more than 15 thousand euros (approximately 65 thousand reais) in the purchase of each of our QUANTEC®s. It is not cheap equipment, nor did our qualification take place without heavy investments to enable us in Europe to offer high-level treatments. Therefore, the need to circulate the financial energy that justifies all this availability is paramount.

In the same way that lawyers, psychologists, massage therapists, doctors, or anyone who offers services, charges for them, so do we, and we have no means of creating free flow of assistance or based on developing all the work just for a test .

If you are looking for a free treatment, either because of the understandable difficulty in gathering the necessary financial resources, or because of the natural distrust that is engendered in the world of holistic therapies today, we recommend that you do not take a QUANTEC®. The very principle of distrust already undermines any treatment at the quantum level. The idea of “come for a free month to see how good it is” sounds like a marketing campaign for someone who is intensely interested in “sell” something as if it were a product on the market, but that is not our goal. In fact, with great transparency and by absolute principle of respect, we make it clear that we do not propagate our work as one who intends to "convince people to believe in QUANTEC®", but rather to "provide treatment available to those who are already convinced" that QUANTEC® can help in harmonizing the individual through bio-instrumental resonance.

There are a multitude of free treatment options in other areas of activity focused on solidarity aid. An example is Apometria, designed to be applied free of charge, even at a distance. But there are countless options that you can access in a good search on Google or among friends who have already benefited from therapies that do not involve any type of cost. We know that you may only be interested in first evaluating whether it “works” before paying, but unfortunately we do not have the means to mobilize our entire structure for this type of action, and it is not in our interest to create this type of demand.

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